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Stephen M. Barnes

Journeyman Operator/ Facility Operations Lead formerly with SNC-Lavalin


 Journeyman Operator with 10 years Operating experience working in the Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Industry. Projects include radioactive fuel and debris removal operations at the 105K West Reactor Basin on the Hanford Site and VPU Waste Retrieval Testing at the 618-10 Burial Grounds, formerly with Atkins Global as a Facility Operations Lead conducting Mixing Tests and Process System Operations for Bechtel/AECOM  and WTP (Waste Treatment Plant) for Component Operating Systems and Mixing Vessels, primarily Pulse Jet Mixer Operations designed for use in the Pretreatment Facility for processing of Low Level and High Level Waste at Hanfords Vit Plant.

Work experience

Sep 2011Oct 2017

Journeyman Operator/ Facility Operations Lead

Atkins Nuclear US/ SNC-Lavalin

Scope included:

Oversight of Operations on the Large Scale Testing Platform including Operation of Compressed Air Systems, Flushwater Systems and Pumps as well as General Maintenance and Ensuring proper Valve Orientation. 

Setting and Adjusting pressure regulators on the PJM manifold to achieve targeted individual PJM suction and drive pressures.

Installation and Removal of inline system components such as flowmeters and coreolis meters as well as pumps for visual inspections.

Crane and Hoist operations assisting Iron workers and Pipe fitters with materials during platform additions or modifications as well as Demag operations for removal and installation of drexelbrook level sensing equipment.

Ensures simulant batch makeup and Performance of slurry transfers from storage tanks to the Full Scale Testing Vessel which housed the Pulse Jet Mixers- PJMs.

Data Logging in QL-3 and NQA-1 Test Binders as well as Reviewing and Completion for accuracy to be sent to Bechtel/AECOM and DOE.  

Recording of Process Data thru the use of the Data Acquisition System to capture information in real time, data such as pump discharge and suction pressures, flowrates, air-link line and vessel head space pressures, temperatures, density, bubbler/sparger flowrates and other valuable data determining system effectiveness. 

Performing double verification of PLC and BNI Controller parameters.

Rheometer Setup and Operation as well as Sampling of simulant to determine Density and Viscosity of material which are routinely sent for further Analysis to PNNL.

Performed multiple Confined Space Entries and served as the Attendant to Vessel Entries for test vessel cleanouts, inspections and assisted craft in modifications.


Nuclear Chemical Operator- NCO


NCO at 105K West Reactor Basin

Scope uncluded:

Serveillance of the reactor basin through use of underwater camera systems and recording software and Identification of all remaining suspect fuel debris and sludge and the Isolation or Removal of materials from different sections of the basin.

Setup and Positioning the Network of underwater vacuum systems.

TSB hoist and rigging Operations for movement of debris canisters and placement into segregated staging areas.

Operation of grapple tools and hook mechanisms for direct handling and movement of fuel.

Radwaste removal operations included the removal of High and Low Level Waste from the reactor basin into the Annex and proper Transitioning and Loading into the lined ERDF Transport Containers. 

Performing Water Change Outs/Flushing of the Ion Exchange Module (IXM Module) as the primary source of ensuring premium water quality in the basin.

Assisted RCT activities when performing asbestos abatement and beryllium assessments of the annex portions of the reactor.


Ceramic Operator

System One/ Areva NP

Scope included:

Operation of the Grinder line for production of Uranium Fuel Pellets used in Fuel Bundle Assemblies for powering PWR-Pressurized Water Reactors and BWR- Boiling Water Reactors. 

Receiving sintered pellets from the furnace and Loading pellets into the Vibrator.

Feeding pellets through a Dual Diamondwheel Grinder to be ground down to a specified diameter.

Operating a Laser Micrometer and PLC to measure the pellets and Verify the diameter was consistent with customer specifications.

Ensuring the proper function of the Auto Loading System to place pellets onto sheets.

Performance of Visual Inspection. 

Additionally performed Operations in the Fabrication Facility, scope of work included:

Fabrication of the Fuel Bundle Assemblies. 

Performed Visual Inspection of Assemblies.

Identifying foreign materials and Conducting a high pressure wash to Remove and foreign objects left behind after Machining Process. 



Boise Cascade

Conducting Operations on the No. 3 Papermachine to produce high quality printing paper.

Scope included:

Routinely Operating the scrap conveyor and Feeding the pulper with scrapped rolls and bundles of paper Ensuring a steady supply of pulp is fed to the papermachine on the Wet End Process.

Operation of a skid steer in the event of a sheet break upstairs. 

Consolidating the paper in the basement and returning it to the pulper.

Assisting crew with re threading of paper into the machine to Ensure continuous operation.

Controlling 20 ton crane to Load and Unload spools as paper Exited the dryer section and Ensured movement down the line for Positioning into the winder.


Material Handler

System One/ Areva NP

Scope included:

Operating Industrial Power Equipment to move 45 Gallon drums of enriched uranium powder from the Dry Conversion Facility.

Placing drums into the tumbler after Adding Aluminum Disterate per customer specifications. 

Movement of tumbled drums to the Dry Storage Facility and Operation of the Nuclear Inventory Management System and Assigning tracking and labeling information to each drum of material.

Relocating drums from dry storage and Staging at the press to be pressed into fuel pellets. 

Additionally performed Operations in the Lagoon Closure Project, scope of work included:

Draining of Lagoons containing contaminated process water and chemicals.

Removal of Lagoon lining material and Excavation of concrete bedding through use of Heavy Equipment.

Sampling of soil beneath Lagoons for radioactive contamination.

Inventory Management of samples collected and proper disposal of material. 



High School Diploma


Received my Diploma - Class of '01


*Hazardous Materials Operations Qualified *Radiological Worker I/II Operations Qualified which include Fissile Materials Handling and HAZWOPER Training (Hanford Site).
*Lock and Tag (LOTO) Qualified for tagging out Equipment for maintenance or modifications.
*Respiratory Protection Training and experience wearing Full Face, Half Face, PAPR and SCBA Respirators.

Extensive knowledge working with:
*Various Pump Systems and Associated Instrumentation such as Pressure Gauges, Flowmeters and Coreolis Meters.
*Compressed Air Systems and Complex Water Systems.
*Crane and Hoist Certifications and Qualifications.
*Industrial Powered Equipment such as Forklifts, Powerlifts and Pallet Jacks.
*Heavy Equipment such as Excavators and Skid Steers.
*Sampling Equipment and Sample Measuring Device Experience (Rheo3000 Rheometer).
*SOPs, SWIs, UOIs, WIs and other Proceduralized Documents required for DOE.
*NQA-1 and Quality Level-3 Testing.
*Experience working with Nuclear Inventory Management System- NIMS.
*Interfaces with Client Rep and Test Director to provide testing data and observations to reach test objectives.
*Performing System walkdowns to identify potential job hazards.
*Proficient with Instrument Diagrams and Interpretation of System Drawings.
*Training Operations Personnel.

Power Plant Operator Selection System Qualified. - Boardman, OR (2014)