Stefan Koziol

January 6, 2009

“Stephanie is an incredibly talented, hard working and very motivated individual. She has a fantastic energy that can motivate almost any group or individual. Stephanie is also really well organised. She really helped me in regards to my workload and my schedule. She taught me how to become more efficient during my work day.. I would highly recommend Stephanie to any company wanting to hire a motivated, incredibly organized and highly creative individual.” 

Stefan Koziol , Graphic Designer , reported to Stephanie.

Jason Tremellen

Sales & Marketing Representative

Molson Breweries Canada

April 9, 2009

“I have known Stephanie Cizmar for over 10 yrs and 5 of which were professional. I was responsible for her employment at Molson Canada and recommended her as I felt that her positive attitude and fresh ideas would complement the Youth Market team, and it did. I had the opportunity to hire Stephanie on a contract basis at a later date for my own company where she was responsible to work independently with a promotional team on the road over a summer period. She again proved that I had made the right decision and her hard work and dedication provided a winning solution for the customers. She is a very outgoing individual that if I had the chance would hire her again, she is a pleasure to work with and is a very dedicated employee and I would recommend her for any challenge that she may take professionally.”

Jason Tremellen, Sales & Marketing Rep, worked with Stephanie at Molson Canada