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Stephanie Redcross is Managing Director of Vegan Mainstream, a San Diego-based marketing solutions company that serves small-to-medium-sized vegan companies seeking to expand their customer reach. Passionate about a vegan lifestyle for health, environmental and ethical reasons, Stephanie Redcross`s long experience in global strategic planning in highly competitive markets informs her activities on behalf of companies she supports. A 1998 graduate of the University of Michigan, with a B.A. in Japanese and Political Science, Stephanie Redcross transitioned into account-based sales and marketing as Corporate Account Manager at CDW Computers. In servicing over 200 corporate accounts, Stephanie Redcross learned how to maintain existing sales channels while aggressively seeking out new clients in untapped government, education, and business markets. Stephanie Redcross served in various capacities at General Electric from 2000-2009, starting out as Senior Marketing Manager in the Consumer Services division. In this position, Stephanie Redcross managed several multimillion-dollar partner and client marketing campaigns across direct marketing, telemarketing, and internet platforms. Stephanie Redcross`s attention to teamwork, accountability, and execution allowed her to diversify her skill set with the GE Corporate Audit Staff for Consumer and Commercial Products. In this capacity, Stephanie Redcross audited financial and compliance controls across GE sectors worldwide, enabling inter-company reconciliation between international corporate entities and accounts. As Strategic Marketing Leader in Technology & Commercial Finance from 2007-2009, Stephanie Redcross excelled in identifying and prioritizing high-growth strategies. In particular, Stephanie Redcross spearheaded an innovative triage marketing approach, integrating marketing collateral, sales calling, and e-marketing techniques. Stephanie Redcross uses this knowledge today in enabling vegan businesses to market and brand on an international scale. For more information on how Stephanie Redcross and Vegan Mainstream can assist businesses in achieving sustainable growth, visit the company website at 

Work experience

Apr 2009Present

Managing Director

Vegan Mainstream, LLC


Sep 1994May 1998

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

University Of Michigan