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  • Provide strategic solutions to customers of small and mid size businesses,  IT Temporary Staffing  Firms and  Federal/State government.
  • Help organizations improve their performance through the analysis of existing business challenges with a focus on the IT infrastructure to include the development of plans for improvement.


Stephanie Quick is an accomplished IT professional, her knowledge is extensive in the Information Technology field and her experience has been with various companies to include non-profit organizations and federal government.  Stephanie has been the Principal of iqu, llc and Consultant since 2001. Below is a summary of Stephanie's consulting engagements for your review.

  • Senior Analyst/Lead, the Department of Treasury Enterprise Architect (EA) contract for process modeling and for “getting to green” on the Federal Office of Management and Budget EA assessment, the team achieved a self assessment score of 4.06, the highest score is 5.
  • Business Process Analyst, process innovation success has been documented in a Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Chief of Staff Instruction;
  • Business Process Analyst & Consultant, facilitated a working group of senior DoD officials in the development of a DoD Information Assurance/Security Program Instruction.
  • IT Management Consult, developed a DoD Program and budget that was approved for funding of $164 million dollars.
  • Program/Project Manager for the migration and rewrite of a Legacy Oracle application, the team was able to deliver a quality product to the specifications of the customer.


Business Intelligence
Strategic Alignment and Business Intelligence/Business Process Re-engineering.

Work experience

Feb 2006Present


iqu, llc
  • Consulting with small businesses on jump-starting and maintaining the businesses
  • Working with small businesses on responding to federal and state opportunities; Preparing and drafting proposals, project plans and team development
  • Conducting market research for trends in business and information technologies
  • Preparing Power Point presentations for small businesses
  • Database design and development
Jan 2008Apr 2008


Islamic Post, Inc.
Strategic planning, process improvement/development for a marketing and advertising department.
Jun 2005Oct 2005

Senior Business Process Analyst, Contractor

US Department of the Treasury
  • Provided "as is" process analysis and modeling of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) with a focus on five (5) financial business areas and their interfaces with information technology components.
  • Drafted mappings using Business Process Modeling Notation, which incorporated swim-lane formatting, mechanisms, constraints and in/out puts...
  • Conducted interviews of each of the business sponsors, stakeholders and functional proponents of latter areas on how information is gathered, shared, stored and processed and how they interface with the systems.
  • Modeled each process using BPMN methodology in VISIO that was migrated into third party vendor application for showing detailed relationships.
  • Drafted the "to be" architect based on the latter information that included feasible improvements and innovations that will support the goals and objectives of a Service Oriented EA.
  • Developed Enterprise Architect Consolidated Data Reference Models: Business, Service, and Technical, Data and Performance.
  • Drafted Implementation Plan based on the above models.
  • Provided support to other contracting companies in preparing their Reference Models.
  • Attended and participated in briefings/presentations on the subject matter to Treasury Executives and Senior Architects from various Treasury bureaus.
Jun 2005Jun 2005

Business Process Analyst/IT Consultant

DoD United States Army Personnel Command
  • Worked with the Business Process Improvement program manager in the analysis and evaluation of business to include quality assurance processes; identifying performance issues and making recommendations based on the goal and objective of getting the customer to level 3 of CMM-I.
  • Worked with management in developing integrated project teams as a means to improving processes, improve communications, reducing re-work and delaying deployment of applications.
  • Participated in requirements gathering sessions with functional proponents and stakeholders in identifying requirements and understanding complex business rules; working with developers in translating requirements into functional/system specifications.
  • Advised developers and management on methods to improve system life cycle processes with a focus on requirement analysis.
  • Prepared documentation such as Standard Operating Procedures, Requirements Specifications, Change Management templates, etc.
  • Worked with and mentored junior staff, both contractors and civilian employees.
  • Attended and participated in client staff/project meetings.
  • Worked with the Quality Reporting team in redefining and improving reporting processes.
Jun 2003Dec 2004

Information Technology Consultant

DoD United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
  • Provided technical consultation to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management in the area of writing draft policy and guidance in accordance with the governing regulations of the DoD and US Army,provided support to in realizing IT goals and objectives.
  • Provided Program Management for the conversion of a legacy application with re-engineering to include technical recommendations and testing, management of risks, communications, issues, scope, quality, the work plan, etc.;
  • Provided oversight and guidance for the development of the Department of Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process & System Security Authorization Agreement for the latter information system.
  • Provided oversight in the development and implementation of the web based Electronic Evaluation System.
  • Technical consultant/program manager in the development and implementation of the standard resource management and logistics system, Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support system .
  • Facilitated the development of a business case analysis for the consolidation of servers through building an integrated team of IT, Security and management personnel that include contractors, senior military and civilian personnel.
  • Drafted the business case analysis report to be presented to the Command General. Represented the DCSIM at various technical and business meetings.
  • Drafted policies and procedures.
  • Facilitated meetings, video television conferences, etc.
Jun 2002Nov 2002

Business Process Analyst/ Sr. Functional IA Analyst, Contractor

DoD National Security Agency (NSA), iqu, llc
  • Assisted the Program Manager in the strategic planning for a new Program Management Office, developed inputs for the FY04 Program Build, which included writing a Program Objectives Memorandum Paper, writing a program statement to be included in the DoD Information Assurance/Security Consolidated Issue Paper, and developed an eight year one hundred sixty-four (164) million dollar budget.
  • Identified goals and objectives of the new Program Management Office.
  • Identified business and programmatic strategies that would support the responsibilities of Director of NSA in establishing the Program Management Office.
  • Wrote a Program Management Plan that captured the latter strategies as well as identifying strategic partners, time lines and resources to support the goals and objectives.
  • Worked with other professionals within the IA, IT and research community to identify and build operational components of the Program.
  • Provided discovery and refinement of requirements and detailed examination of methods to accelerate transition of advanced technologies into DoD operational capabilities.
  • Developed project management plans to identify tasks, timelines and track milestones.
  • Worked with developers to identify major research and technology databases that exist with design and implementation of a database that leverages these disparate repositories to support the goals and objectives of the program.
  • Prepared slides for briefing the Director, Branch Chiefs and Heads of Defense Components.
Jun 2001May 2002

Business Process Analyst/Sr Functional Information Security Analyst, Contractor

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
  • Conducted gaps analysis for obstacles and redundancy of efforts that delayed and hinder the attainment of goals and objectives, conducted interviews with government IA personnel, DoD customers and executive management.
  • Prepared graphical model of "as is " processes and utilization of current resources that would be of value for operational improvement purposes using IDEFO/Air Force modeling methodology.
  • Analyzed and presented "to be" recommendations that would have significant near term impact on operability practices and interdependencies.
  • Drafted an analysis report detailing the above findings.
  • Worked with the customer in strategically identifying goals and objectives.
  • Modified existing processes to remove redundancy and developed new repeatable processes in support of new task and closing of gaps.
  • Drafted an Implementation Plan that included role and responsibilities, goals and objectives, time-lines and resources.
  • Facilitated and coordinated a working group session for the development of a DoD Instruction.
  • Assisted the customer with writing instructions/policy and procedures for inclusion in  the above Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction.
  • Facilitated client process development meetings.



Additional Education:

  • Clark College : Atlanta Georgia Education 1979
  • University of Maryland University College : College Park, MD Computer Science Studies 1991-1994