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An enthusiastic and extroverted community member who thrives in independent and team-oriented settings. Inspired by horizontal learning experiences that focus on collaboration, community building, and critical thinking. Dedicated to both teaching and learning through various educational contexts. Experienced in creating curricula and teaching both children and adults from various cultures and backgrounds. Skillful and knowledgeable in creating scaffolded learning experiences for diverse classroom and workplace communities. Interested in continued professional development through engagement with the TESOL International Association and affiliates like NNETESOL and MATSOL.

Upcoming Spotlights: 

  • The 2018-2019 Holyoke Community College MCCC Union Chapter President!
  • The 2017-2018 NNETESOL President and Conference Committee Chair!
  • Speaking lesson to be published in "New Ways of Teaching Speaking, Second Edition" from TESOLPress. This publication was published during the F2018 semester.  
  • Creative Writing lesson to be published in "New Ways of Teaching Creative Writing" from TESOLPress. This publication should be out sometime during the summer of 2018!

Areas of Expertise

TESOL Instruction 

Work with English Language Learners in a variety of different teaching, learning and linguistic contexts. Classroom populations range in citizenship status, nationality, and identity. Support students, so they may gain fluency and accuracy across all academic and social English skills.

Student Support

Actively seek ways to activate schema and provide student scaffolding. Dedicated to supporting students with test taking, content development, and study skills needed to be successful in their field of interest. 

Curricula Development 

Create mindful curricula dedicated to addressing student needs, abilities, interests, and goals. Use technology and authentic materials to best allow  for collaboration, cognitive load management, and English development. Experienced in creating learning materials for ESOL students and future TESOL professionals.

TESOL Teacher Training

Develop a plethora of TESOL teacher training workshops and certificate programs to support developing teachers across disciplines. Engage with the newest academic literature, collaborative frameworks, and supervised teaching opportunities. 

Professional Development 

Regularly present workshops at annual regional and national conferences. Hold multiple professional positions in TESOL affiliate organizations. Use these positions and professional development opportunities to develop a growing network of TESOL professionals.

Social Media & Technology

Use social media to support student learning, social justice organizations, and professional development. Quick to discover, use, and share technology within all social and professional circles, as well as with language learners. Adapt discourse in authentic ways to promote accessibility. 

Professional Portfolio



Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership

University of New England Online

Currently attending UNE as a member of their Ed.D in Educational Leadership online program. This program focuses on Transformational Leadership as it applies to various leadership situations and positions. Coursework specializes in higher education which is completed over two years prior to dissertation.

Courses Taken: preparation for transformational leadership, qualitative research methods, interpreting empirical data, technology and education transformation, managing change, policy analysis, enacting transformative leadership through research, using theory to guide research, and conceptualizing applied research.

Dissertation Focus: perspectives of leadership within the field of TESOL


Master of Arts in TESOL

School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute

Required and optional graduate courses highlighted many facets of TESOL. All academic assignments were viewed through the lens of student, teacher, and linguist. Personal coursework focused on gender-neutral inclusive language as a part of language teaching and mindful education. The highlights of the program included a two-month internship teaching in Westfield, MA at the Ascentria Care Alliance and the concluding reflective Graduate Portfolio.

Example courses included: second language acquisition, language analysis, intercultural communication, teacher training, and curriculum design/assessment among other courses

  • (April 2017- Present) SIT TESOL Mentor supporting a current off-campus TESOL student per academic year. 
  • (April 2017) SIT TESOL Advertisement Video Interviewee 
  • (March 2017) SIT Alumni Panel Participant and interviewed for an SIT marketing campaign 
  • (May 2015) Sandanona Conference Workshop Presentation: "Gender-Neutral Pronouns: An Exploration of Language as Power"
  • (2014-2015) Elected TESOL Representative and Communications Officer for the SIT Graduate Student Association (SITSA). Represented colleagues and academic program within the larger institutional arena on campus.
  • (2014-2015) Student mentor for Big Brother, Big Sister in Brattleboro, Vermont, through a program offered on the SIT Graduate Campus.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

Hampshire College

Concentrated in education, TESOL, professional development, and health. Completed a Division III Thesis entitled, "Teaching as Learners & Learning as Teachers: A Collection of Professional Development Workshop for the Field of TESOL." This project included multiple professional conference presentations across North America.

Coursework was taken at Hampshire College and Mount Holyoke College. Example courses included: critical psychology, TESOL, statistics, cultural studies, educational psychology, developmental psychology, and racism/inequality among other courses. The majority of the education based courses had corresponding pre-practicum teaching placements across Hampshire County. 

Extracurricular Activities:

  • (2011-2014) Participated in an intentional housing space on campus for female identified students. Worked as a leader to build and develop the community.
  • (2014 & 2015) Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP) annual conference childcare volunteer.
  • (2014) Citizenship clinic volunteer though the Center for New Americans in Northampton, MA. 
  • (2013-2014) Mixed Nuts co-op volunteer and student member on campus.
  • (2012-2013) Critical Studies of Childhood, Youth & Learning student group leader and student group signer.

Certificate in Culture, Health & Science 

Five College Culture, Health & Science Program

This certificate required a minimum of seven college courses within the following areas: bio-cultural approaches; mechanisms for disease transmission; population health and disease; ethics, policy and practice; and research design and analysis. Coursework combined the humanities and science.

Example courses included: women's health in America, statistics, plants/human health, and cultural anthropology among other courses.

A highlight of this certificate program was traveling, living, and working  in El Salvador during  January of 2013. This opportunity was in conjunction with a course about global women's health. Participation in this program was sponsored by Hampshire College and Basic Health International. Time was spent participating in lectures, discussing academic literature, gathering data for a qualitative study, and aiding in public health screenings and treatments (cervical cancer screenings and contraceptive outreach).

To see the trip geographically, please visit

For more information about Basic Health International: 

  • (2012) Denice O'Neill Scholarship Recipient
  • (2012) Fluenz Spanish Scholarship Recipient

High School Diploma 

Champlain Valley Union High School

This public high school offered a plethora of unique learning opprotunities. High school classes focused on physics, environmental studies, and business. 

  • (2010) National Society of High School Scholars Honoree
  • (2009) Journalism Award Recipient
  • (2009) School Newspaper Layout Co-Chair
  • (2006-2010) Women's Acappela Singing Group Member
  • (2006-2010) Mixed Gender Acapella Singing Group Member 
  • (2006-2010) Mixed Gender Chorus Member 

TESOL Certificates

JulyAugust 2016

English Language Teaching Leadership Management Certificate

International TESOL Association

This online certificate focused on improving leadership within the field of TESOL and across a variety of positions and responsibilities. Participant outcomes addressed qualities of effective leadership, strategic planning, leading teacher development, and managing time/meetings effectively. Takeaways included material, networking, and reflective practice within professional development. 

JulyAugust 2015

TESOL Leadership Development Certificate

International TESOL Association

Participated in the 4-week (40 hour) online interactive certificate program. This certificate provided professional development and leadership training for people within the field of TESOL. Participant outcomes addressed current developments within the field, leadership concepts, and leadership issues. This information was especially important in supporting the goals and mission of TESOL and its affiliates. 

June 2013

TESOL Teaching Assistant Certificate

Hampshire College

The TESOL Teaching Assistant certificate was presented in celebration of the successful completion of Hampshire's first summer TESOL certificate program. Responsibilities ranged from supporting the teacher-trainer and learning community. 


Certificate in TESOL

Hampshire College

The TESOL certificate was completed through two semester of rigorous study and peer tutoring. The 2011 semester focused on TESOL teaching fundamentals and methodology, and the 2012 semester  provided the opportunity to tutor a Buddhist monk on campus.

  • (February- May 2012) English Tutor: Tutored a Buddhist Monk studying cognitive science at Hampshire College. Tutoring sessions happened once-a-week for a semester in order to meet the teaching requirements of the Hampshire College TESOL Certificate Program. Worked with this student to provide academic assistance, cognitive science related vocabulary, conversation, and other social skills. Materials were collected from various academic and online resources to provide real-world language learning opportunities. Much of the lessons and tutoring sessions were content based. 

Professional Work History

July 2018August 2018

Interim Nursing Success Coordinator

Holyoke Community College

Supported students applying to the HCC Nursing Program though the facilitation of multiple information sessions. The information session presentation was also updated to match program changes (BORN & ACEN) and increase accessibility to participants. This position also included the planning and facilitation of the 2018 STAT day, an optional orientation day for incoming students. Lastly, work included assisting with website updates for the Nursing Program at Holyoke Community College to best meet requirements from BORN and ACEN.

September 2017May 2018

Mini Grant Funded Diversity Workshop Facilitator 

Holyoke Community College

Provided targeted support and diversity training to nursing faculty and staff at Holyoke Community College. These workshops addressed various topics related to student support and professional development. Outside of workshop facilitation, responsibilities included observing teachers, providing feedback, and reviewing exam questions. This position also included reviewing exam questions from interested faculty members and collecting student feedback. Reports containing feedback and data were submitted for both the workshops and the student feedback survey. 

  • (May 2018) Workshop #4: Creating Culturally Inclusive Classrooms  
  • (January 2018) Training #3: Targeted ESL Support & Teaching Methodology   
  • (December 2017) Training #2: Equity vs. Equality  
  • (September 2017) Training #1: Power & Privilege 
  • (2017) Holyoke Community College Mini Grant Recipient
January 2017Present

Supplemental Instructor

Holyoke Community College

Provided weekly in-class support and out-of-class tutoring session for ESL students at Holyoke Community College. Responsibilities included working with the course instructor and classroom community to best support students individually and as a collective. The SI in the classroom provides additional instruction and clarification outside of the class. The SI is responsible for homework help and additional supports. Student participation was documented and submitted for analysis. 

  • (Spring 2019) ESL Reading & Writing 4 (Day Sections 1 & 2)
  • (Fall 2018) ESL Reading & Writing 4 (Day Section 2)
  • (Spring 2018) ESL Reading & Writing 5 Learning Community Course (Day Section 1)
  • (Fall 2017) ESL Reading & Writing 4 Course (Day Sections 1 & 2) 
  • (Spring 2017) ESL Reading & Writing 4 Course (Day Sections 1 & 2)
January 2016Present

ESL Conversation Group Facilitator

Holyoke Community College

Provided a non-threatening environment for non-native English speakers to improve and build their confidence, fluency, vocabulary, grammar, use of idiomatic expressions, and understanding of spoken American English and U.S. culture. Each weekly conversation group runs for 1-hour with approximately 10-12 ESL students. Different topics and themes were identified by students and analysis of the ESL course objectives. There are no tests or grades, and attendance is always optional. Students thrive in this flexible and informal setting.

  • (Fall 2018) Weekly Conversation Groups
  • (Spring 2018) Weekly Conversation Groups 
  • (Fall 2017) Weekly Conversation Groups
  • (June 2017) Free Conversation Groups run in collaboration with Hampshire College TESOL certificate course students. 
  • (June 2016) MATSOL Currents Publication: “Three After-School Study and Conversation Groups: A Bi-weekly Conversation Group at Holyoke Community College”— Vol. 39, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2016
  • (2016) Holyoke Community College Mini Grant Recipient
October 2015Present

ESL Educational Planning Staff

Holyoke Community College

Assisted in the ESL biannual Educational Planning process at Holyoke Community College alongside other professional staff. Planning specifically involved communicating  supporting and placing ESL students in appropriately leveled credit-bearing ESL courses. This process is very interactive and inclusive aiming to 1) get to know the students, 2) identify their English ability across the 4-skills (reading, writing, speaking & listening), and 3) place them in appropriate majors and courses. This is especially powerful as it brings together staff and faculty within the department to assure this process is successful for each new ESL student. 

September 2015Present

ESL Adjunct Professor

Holyoke Community College

Taught English as a Second Language to refugee, immigrant and international students of all identities, ages, and cultures at Holyoke Community College. This position requires the creation of course curricula (with the option of aligning with campus themes), the construction of a course Moodle pages, and ongoing student scaffolding/grading. Course requirements focus on supporting students, skill development and management, collaboration, technology, and community development. Lesson planning and practitioner reflection are key to the success of the classroom learning community. 

  • (Spring 2019)  ESL Reading & Writing 5, Speaking & Listening 5, and Grammar 3
  • (Fall 2018) ESL Grammar 1, Reading & Writing 5, and Pronunciation 
  • (Summer 2018) ESL Grammar 4
  • (May 2018) ESL Norming Facilitator and Participant 
  • (March 2018) ESL Field Trip Planning Committee Member
  • (March 2018) Library Book Club Co-Faclitator
  • (Spring 2018) ESL Grammar 1, Reading & Writing 4, and Reading & Writing 5
  • (Fall 2017) Course Observation by Elms College Student: Supported an Elms College students participating in a TESOL methods course. 
  • (Fall 2017) ESL Grammar 1, Reading & Writing 3, and Reading & Writing 5
  • (Spring 2017) ESL Reading & Writing 5 and ESL Grammar 4
  • (2016) West Springfield Mosque Initiative: Over few months, a group of ESL Faculty members from HCC worked to establish free beginning ESL classes at the local Mosque. Work included outreach, student intake, finding teachers, mentoring volunteer teachers, and selecting text. English classes run for six weeks with the hope of transferring students to HCC for continued academic English development. 
  • (May-October 2016) ESL 30th Anniversary Committee: Worked along side other ESL faculty and staff to develop a community event to celebrate the accomplishments of the credit-bearing ESL program. This event was well received and attended by notable community members including Representative Aaron Vega and Mayor Alex Morse. For news coverage: 
  • (Fall 2016) ESL Reading & Writing 5 and Speaking & Listening 4
  • (June 3-9, 2016) Holyoke Sun Publication: “Reflecting on Credit ESL College Classes”— Holyoke Sun Newspaper, pg. 6 
  • (April 2016) Pakistani Delegate Presentation: Selected to co-present about "Teaching Mixed Age, Mixed-Ability Classrooms." This workshops was well received and lead to an invitation to attend the Pakistani cultural night of dinner and dancing.
  • (Spring 2016) ESL Reading & Writing 5 and Reading & Writing 4
  • (November 2015- March 2016) Moodle Repository Staff: Co-constructed a Moodle Repository of English  test and discussion questions for HCC ESL departmental use. This Moodle site is a resource for ESL faculty to use, share, and contribute to, in order to provide interactive class activities and homework assignments. 
  • (October 2015) Technology Objectives Committee: Co-created technology objectives for each ESL level in the HCC ESL program. These technology objectives are highly encouraged for course use to enhance ESL classes and provide students with needed technological skills. 
  • (Fall 2015) ESL Reading & Writing 5 and Reading & Writing 2
June2017 & 2018

TESOL Certificate Teacher-Trainer

Hampshire College

Offered the opportunity to create and run a unique 180hr TESOL certificate course for Hampshire College. Hampshire College is an alternative institution of higher learning that does not provide majors, grades, or tests. The TESOL certificate course uses experiential learning to view the field from the perspective of teacher, learner, and linguist. Upon completion of this course, students received a TESOL certificate. After the course, some were offered to work for local summer ESL programs, volunteered to teach ESL locally, were accepted into graduate programs focused on teaching and learning, offered jobs in China, presented at local conferences, and joined local TESOL affiliate boards. 

  • (December 2017) Hampshire TESOL Advertisement Video Interviewee

  • (June 2017) TESOL Certificate Course Teacher-Trainer & Program Developer 

  • (April 2017) Hampshire TESOL Advertisement Video Interviewee 

  • (2017) Hampshire College Certified Defensive Driver

  • (April 2017) Linkedin Workshop Facilitator: Worked with CORC, the career advisement center, to provide a Linkedin in workshop for Hampshire College students. 
JanuaryOctober 2017

ONSA Scholarship Advisor

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Worked alongside the Office of National Scholarship Advisement (ONSA) director and staff to support students interested in applying National Scholarship programs. Specifically worked as the Fulbright advisor and was responsible for supporting 50 applicants. A total of 30 students officially applied and 21 were semi-finalists (70%). Tasks and responsibilities included mentoring and assisting students, supporting essay and application development, advertising for ONSA-related events, and other office work. 

  • (September 2017) UMASS ONSA Campus Fulbright Interviewer 
  • (April 2017) Fulbright Info Session Assistant: Supporting staff and interested UMass students. 
  • (March 2017) Fulbright Info Session Assistant: Supporting staff and interested UMass students.  
  • (September 2016) UMASS ONSA Campus Fulbright Interviewer : Volunteered to work along side other volunteer staff and faculty to interview Fulbright candidates from UMass. We provided students with comments and suggestions on their application materials. 
  • (September 2016) UMASS ONSA Fulbright Info Session Facilitator 
JulyAugust 2017

EDUSA ESL Instructor

University of Massachusetts

Offered to teach a TOEFL/SAT preparation course to a group of high school ESL international students. A theme-based curriculum was used to ensure student interest/motivation, relevant material, study skills, English development, and cultural exchange. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) at UMass offered this US State Department sponsored EducationUSA High School Academy.  The course ran for 4-weeks.  All students successfully completed the course. The highlight of the course was planning, facilitating, and leading a field trip taking all of the international high school students on an academic and cultural trip in Boston, MA. 

September 2016May 2017

ESL Adjunct Professor

Springfield Technical Community College

Taught an advanced ESL reading course at Springfield Technical Community College (STCC). While this course focused on the skill of reading, lessons included the use of all 4-skill areas. The text used for this course focused on building vocabulary and grammar through American culture and history. Many students enrolled in this course were interested in learning more about the USA in hopes of obtaining citizenship and pursing a college degree. 

  • (Spring 2017) ESL Advanced Reading Course
  • (Fall 2016) ESL Advanced Reading Course 
September 2016May 2017

TESOL Course Lecturer

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Offered a series of TESOL workshops through the Office of National Scholarship Advisement and funded by the UMASS Internalization Grant. This workshop series aimed to provide college students with necessary skills to work with English Language Learners in a variety of different contexts. This was also an opportunity for students interested in applying for Fulbright, so they may gain and practice skills required for their desired scholarship. This workshop series was created in hopes of offering a TESOL course at UMASS in the future. All workshops and program materials were created by the instructor, specifically for this program and the needs of the prospective students.

  • (Spring 2017) 3-Credit TESOL Course through the Honors College and Continuing Professional Education 
  • (September 2016) Scholarship Information Session: ELT Table Facilitator 
  • (Fall 2016) Non-Credit ONSA TESOL Course through the Honors College
  • (2016-2017) UMASS Internalization Grant Funded Program
July 2016

English Instructor

International Language Institute 

Frequently hired as an English Instructor for various seasonal and contracted ESL teaching jobs. The International Language Institute (ILI) works with many organizations and schools both locally and internationally. 

  • (July 2016) English Instructor: Taught a five day English program for Chinese High School students enrolled in a "debate and contemporary issues" summer course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Focus was on using core content from their course to help develop their pronunciation, listening and speaking skills in English. Activities included: debates, topical conversation, and group presentations. 
  • (May-June 2016) English Instructor: Taught a five week college preparation and intensive English course to a group of 15 Chinese International students. These students were part of the MAIA program and enrolled to enter UMASS Amherst for the fall 2016 semester. This program was in collaboration with MAIA, ILI and UMASS Amherst. Classes focused on building student confidence, preparing students for USA and college culture, practicing college skills, and fine-tuning academic/social English skills. The highlight of the course was a running-dictation that focused on the passive voice, group collaboration, and American culture! All students successfully completed the program.
FebruaryMay 2016

Online English Tutor

Go Gently

Volunteered as an online English Tutor working with a small group of Syrian Refugee Orphans at an orphanage in Turkey. The goal was to provide language assistance, cultural exchange, and a supportive friendship. Students were very low beginners, but avid learners. Conversation occurred over Skype once a week about various topics relevant to the students. Teaching materials included props, pictures, videos, interactive online picture books, and songs.

AprilDecember 2015

Online English Teacher


Used Chinese-QQ and Skype to teach English to Chinese students of all ages and backgrounds across China. Lessons and tutoring sessions focused on both fluency and accuracy in the target language to support students in their social, academic, and career ventures. During the first session, an informal needs analysis was conducted to better scaffold the needs and abilities of each specific student. Course content included TOEFL/IELTS preparation, resume/cv development, job applications, academic (genre-based) writing, interview skills, and applications for continued education. Student outcomes included the successful completion of the TOEFL tests and acceptance into various Graduate Schools across New England.

JanuaryFebruary 2015

ESL Teaching Intern

Ascentria Care Alliance 

Taught English to immigrants and refugees, over the course of two months in accordance with the SIT MATESOL Graduate practicum requirements. Students were primarily from Bhutan, Nepal, India, and Ukraine with varying levels of English language and literacy. The curriculum used was developed based on the needs, interest, and abilities of the students in the class. Activities focused on community development, connecting students with the larger Westfield community, job-related skills, pronunciation, basic grammar, fine motor skills, and citizenship preparation across the 4-skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening). The highlight of the course was the use of Islamabad to allow students to share their experiences in their home country using colored-rods and expressive language.

June2013, 2014 & 2015

Summer TESOL Certificate Program

Hampshire College

Hampshire College is a unique institution providing students with many unique and diverse learning opportunities. Participated in the pilot TESOL program as a student and was then offered the opportunity to help run and shape the program. This TESOL certificate program has a 100% success rate for students.  

  • (June 2015) Program Coordinator: Supported the TESOL Certificate Program for the third consecutive year. Responsibilities increased from the previous two years, providing a more hands-on role in the classroom teaching. There was a focus on classroom organization, student academic success, housing coordination, group dynamics, student mentoring, and assistant teaching. Student assistance addressed academic writing, note-taking, time management, and study skills. All students successfully completed the intensive 120-hour TESOL course, and received their corresponding certificate.
  • (June 2014) Housing Coordinator & Teacher's Assistant: TESOL responsibilities increased from the previous summer and extended to supporting students within their living arrangements. This required the orchestration of student safety, activities, and community outside of the classroom. This role supported all stakeholders within the program through administrative work, support support, and assistance to the teacher trainer. Professional development became an area of interest and helped shape involvement in classroom teaching. All students successfully completed the intensive 120-hour TESOL course, and received their corresponding certificate.
  • (December 2013) Hampshire TESOL Advertisement Video Interviewee

  • (June 2013) Teacher's Assistant: Assisted the TESOL Certificate teacher trainer over the course of the one month intensive summer program. This position required the ability to support students academically in the classroom and logistically within their living arrangements. The assistantship was an opportunity to gain more experience within the field by holding a leadership position. Daily responsibilities focused on presenting selected content to the class, participating in classroom lessons, sharing personal teaching experiences, working with students one-on-one to ensure student success, organizing the classroom and course materials, and aiding the instructor in any other preparation needed. All students successfully completed the intensive 120-hour TESOL course, and received their corresponding certificate.
  • (2015) TESOL Alum Fellow & Funding through the Hampshire Melon Grant
  • (2015) Hampshire College Certified Defensive Driver
  • (2014) Hampshire College Certified Defensive Driver
JuneAugust 2013

ESL Substitute Teacher

Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program

Volunteered as a summer substitute teacher in an ESL program with Adult Refugees. Teaching at VRRP was shaped by two mandatory ESL tutor training sessions focusing on lesson planning, student cultures, and student outcomes. Teaching required the creation of lessons to meet the level of the students and the requirements of the primary teacher. A main highlight from substituting was teaching a popular pop-song and discussing American music. Students were excited to finally understand a song on the radio. 

Professional Membership & Involvement

2014 Present


TESOL Affiliate Organization
  • (Fall 2018) MATSOL Conference Committee Member
  • (October 2018) MATSOL Community College ESL Conference Presentation: "Integration of Universal Design and Captioning in the ESL Classroom" 
  • (June 2018) MATSOL Currents Publication: "News from NNETESOL"
  • (2016- October 2017) Materials/Reviews Editor for the MATSOL Currents
  • (2016- October 2017) MATSOL Currents Publication Committee
  • (December 2016) MATSOL Currents Publication: "Weaving It Together, 4th ed., by Milada Broukai.
  • (June 2016) MATSOL Currents Publication: “Three After-School Study and Conversation Groups: A Bi-weekly Conversation Group at Holyoke Community College”— Vol. 39, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2016
  • (May 2016) MATSOL Conference Workshop Presentation: "Scaffolding Successful Peer Feedback Experiences"
  • (2016) Conference Proposal Reviewer 
  • (2015) Conference Proposal Reviewer 
  • (2014- Present) Member


TESOL Affiliate Organization
  • (November 2019- November 2020) NNETESOL Past-President
  • (April 2018) Presenter at the St. Michael's College Student Conference on Language Teaching. 
  • (November 2017- November 2018) NNETESOL President
  • (November 2017- November 2018) Conference Chair for the 2018 NNETESOL Conference at the University of New Hampshire, Durham
  • (November 2017) NNETESOL Conference Presentation: "Professional Development Exploration for New and Seasoned TESOL Professionals"
  • (June 2017) Conference Proposal Vetting Committee
  • (April 2017) Presenter and Panelist at the St. Michael's College Student Conference on Language Teaching
  • (2016- Present) NNETESOL Conference Executive Committee 
  • (November 2016- November 2017) NNETESOL President-Elect: Nominated to be the President-Elect of NNETESOL for the 2016-2017 academic year. 
  • (November 2016) NNETESOL Conference Presentations: "Effective Peer Feedback Experiences" and "Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation Online"
  • (June 2016) Conference Proposal Vetting Committee
  • (2016) Conference Keynote Committee
  • (2015- 2017) Monthly blogger for the NNETESOL Board Blog

Example Blog Topics: ESL Conversation Groups, Teaching Slang/Texting Lingo, Reflective Teaching, Teacher Supports, Deconstructing Quotes, Professional Development and Conference Preparation.

  • (2014- 2016) Publisher's Liaison: Network and support publishers in the field of TESOL and represent the publishers in the preparation of the annual conference. Also helped to develop social media platforms and push for a social media board position.  
  • (2014- Present) Board Member
  • (November 2014) NNETESOL Conference Presentation: "Women's Health & Nutrition Access Through Explicit Language Instruction"
  • (2013- Present) Member
  • (November 2013) NNETESOL Conference Presentation: "Critically Examining the Role of Logic in Classroom Management"

TESOL International Association

  • (Spring 2019) TESOL Ambassador for the 2019 TESOL Convention & English Language Expo
  • (Spring 2019) NNETESOL Affiliate Representative at the TESOL International Convention 
  • (Spring 2019) TESOL Convention "Best of Affiliates" Presentation: "Professional Development Exploration for New and Seasoned TESOL Professionals"
  • (Summer 2018) Creative Writing Lesson Published in "New Ways of Teaching Creative Writing" from TESOL Press
  • (Summer 2018) Speaking Lesson Published in "New Ways of Teaching Speaking, Second Edition" from TESOL Press. 
  • (March 2017) NNETESOL Affiliate Booth at the 2017 TESOL Convention 
  • (March 2017) TESOL Convention Group Presentation: "The Power of Credit: Strategies for Invigorating Your ESL Program"
  • (December 2015) Accepted TESOL Online Resource/Blog: "6 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Winter Break"
  • (August 2015) Accepted TESOL Online Resource/Lesson Plan: "Preparing for a New Student"
  • (March 2015) TESOL Convention Master's Student Form/Poster Presentation: "Body Language Awareness in ESL Classrooms"
  • (2013- Present) Dues Paying Member

HCC Chapter, MCCC Union

Massachusetts Community College Council Union
  • (September 2018- Present) Statewide Distance Learning Committee Alternate Representative 
  • (June 2018- May 2019)- HCCPA Chapter President & MACER Chair
  • (April 2018)- Annual MCCC Union Delegate Assembly Representative
  • (March 2018- June 2018) MCC HCC PAL Committee Representative 
  • (September 2017- June 2018) MCCC HCC Strategic Action Committee Representative 
  • (2016- September 2017) Bylaws Coordinator
  • (2016) Annual MCCC Union Delegate Assembly Representative
  • (2016-Present) Executive Committee Member
  • (2015- Present) Dues Paying Union Member

Massachusetts Teachers Association

  • (Fall 2018) MTA Task Force on Broadening the Work of Open Bargaining Submits and TPL Field Service Workshops Member
  • (Fall 2018) MTA Membership Advisory Group to Fund Our Future Campaign Member
  • (Summer 2018) MTA Summer Conference New President Track Participant
  • (Summer 2016) Delegate & Attendee at the MTA Summer Conference at UMASS Amherst 
  • (2015- Present) Dues Paying Union Member

National Education Association

  • (2015- Present) Dues Paying Union Member

Transferable Work History

June 2018July 2018

Member Organizer

Massachusetts Teachers Association

Reached out to non-union folks across a variety of public higher education locals under the MTA. These one-to-one conversations helped to build union membership, start conversations with people who have never had union conversations before, and hear thoughts and concerns from non-members. 


Outreach Coordinator

The AKEDA Foundation

Worked along side the Founder and President of the AKEDA Foundation to assist with mission statement creation, website development and layout, outreach and marketing, and social media platform creation. Continues to build an online presence and vital community around the AKEDA Foundation. Social media research was related to religion, interfaith, community development, social justice and culture.

  • (2015) AKEDA Foundation Representative at the annual Yidstock event
November 2016September 2017

Personal Bookkeeper

Independent Consultant 

Maintain personal accounts and bills using Quicken. Provide routine bookkeeping and keep financial records for an individual in the area. Worked to move toward a more automatic and paper-free system.

July 2016May 2018

Prevention Lab Facilitator

Safe Passage

Participated in two training of trainers workshops, in order to facilitate the Safe Passage bystander intervention and prevention labs. 

  • (Spring 2018) Curriculum Development Team Member 
  • (April 2017) Say Something Prevention Lab Co-Facilitator 
  • (November 2016) Say Something Prevention Lab Co-Facilitator 
  • (September 2016) Say Something Prevention Training of Trainers
  • (July 2016) Say Something Prevention Lab Participant: The four session workshop series focused on preventing (domestic) violence in the community by learning about these issues, acting to create a safer community, and becoming an anti-violence community member. 
JulyAugust 2014

Public Relations Intern


Volunteered as an intern with MotherWoman to provide social media outreach and marketing support. Created a comprehensive strategic plan to improve the Facebook page and support additional social media platforms. Compiled research and statistics from the MotherWoman Facebook page and similar content pages. Presented findings and strategic plan to MotherWoman on multiple occasions. Implantation of the strategic plan directly correlated to an increase in followers, an increase in post engagement (likes, comments), and a system of social media accountability among all members of the MotherWoman staff.

  • (2014- 2016) Co-Leader Marketing Committee: Analyzed social media and provided techniques and strategies to support outreach and virtual-community development. 
September 2013May 2014

Virtual Student Foreign Service E-Intern

U.S. Department of State

Accepted to act as an E-Intern for Mexico City, Mexico with the diplomatic post with the US Department of State doing social media outreach, research, online meetings, and other computer related tasks. The basis of this position was to support Mexican students and their learning about the USA and Institutions of Higher Education. This opportunity provided many opportunities for leadership, professional development and networking. The term ended with a certificate signed by John Kerry.

September 2013January 2014

New Student Orientation Program

Hampshire College
  • First Year Student Mentor: Provided academic and social assistance to incoming students as a representative of the Hampshire College community. Worked with a small tutorial group by facilitating meetings and social events, assisting students in navigating college requirements, and providing general support. This was the first year of the incoming student mentoring program, and this came a few challenges. As a cohort, we were able to provide great insight, observations, and reflections to help shape the program for the future.
  • Orientation Leader: Mentored incoming college students through a multi-day orientation program. Held discussions around inclusion and diversity, gave campus tours, and provided community development activities. Throughout this multi-day program there were many opportunities for collaboration, critical thinking, and community development. Students worked together to get to know each other and their new environment. After orientation, communication and support continued in order to best support the positive transition into college.

Undergraduate Work-Study

Hampshire College
  • (September 2013- May 2014) Museum Docent, Yiddish Book Center

Supported the museum by running the front desk and guiding visitors into the museum. This position involved many opportunities to learn about Yiddish culture, history, language, and community.

  • (September 2013- May 2014) Cole Science Lab Monitor, Hampshire College

Supervised the Hampshire College Cole Science Building after hours by monitoring student access providing general support to the Natural Science Department.

  • (September 2012- May 2013) Critical Studies in Childhood, Youth & Learning Intern

Provided assistance in social media development and event planning. Successfully advertised, planned, and supported a variety of different events focusing on education. Developed graphic design skills to create eye-catching and informative posters for social and academic events on campus. 

  • (September 2012- May 2013) Course Note Taker, Hampshire/Mount Holyoke College

Provided detailed notes to a student with learning disabilities enabling them to understand important classroom content related to cultural anthropology and skeletal pathology.

  • (October 2011- May 2012) Art Studio Assistant, Eric Carle Museum

Guided families through different weekly museum art projects associated with picture book are. Also helped to scaffold individual project understanding, gather related art materials, and maintained a working memory of the museum artwork.

  • (2011-2013) Toddler Teacher's Assistant, The Early Learning Center

Provided assistance to the toddler room at the Early Learning Center at Hampshire College. The school operated under the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education, which focuses on supporting the holistic development of each child. Childcare within this teaching approach involved supporting children by creating healthy snacks, easing children into sleep/rest time, playing with children, observing child-to-child interaction for parents and teachers, and learning about general child development.


Substitute Teacher & Floater

Annette's Preschool

Cared for young children as a long-term preschool substitute teacher. Responsibilities focused on creating interactive and age appropriate curricula, enacting and scaffolding lessons, interacting with parents, and providing a nurturing preschool learning environment for all students. The two primary age groups were one year olds and three year olds. Each child and age group fell into a different social and personality developmental stage. Childcare also included; child safety, seasonal safety, student home life/economics, potty training, healthy food/snacks, physical activities, and scholastic crafts.

Continued Learning & Training

October 2018August 2019

NEA Teacher Leadership Institute 

National Education Association

Applied and was accepted to participate in the fifth cohort of the Teacher Leadership Institute. This program is available to NEA members from nine states. This program includes a stipend, 67.5 PDPs, Micro-Credentials, virtual workshops, 3 face-to-face meetings, and a capstone project. 

August 2018September 2018

Graduate Course: All In for Public Education Issues

Fitchburg State University, Center for Professional Studies

Graduate Credits: 2     Grade: 4.0

This course combined participation at the annual MTA summer conference (25 hours of active participation) and a comprehensive essay regarding themes and threads from the conference. 

August 2016September 2016

Graduate Course: Understanding Trends & Transforming Change

Fitchburg State University, Center for Professional Studies

Graduate Credits: 2     Grade: 4.0

This course combined participation at the annual MTA summer conference (25 hours of active participation), careful note-taking, and an extensive reflective essay connecting the experience/content with my teaching.

July 2015

Non-Profit Management Summer Camp

Marlboro Graduate School 

Attended workshops  related to energizing meetings and online fundraising.


Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Bystander Intervention Workshop

Hampshire College

Learned tools to help community members who might be facing/have faced sexual assault and/or relationship violence.


Online Courses

Future Learn
  • (November 2014) Understanding Language

American Red Cross

Hampshire College
  • (2011 & 2014) First Aid Certified
  • (2011) Adult cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Certified


(413) 5522886

Patricia Twining

Chair of the Associate of Science in Nursing, Holyoke Community College 

[email protected]

Chair of ASN and Participant in the Mini Grant Workshops 

(413) 5522344

Pamela Kennedy

Director of AESL, Holyoke Community College

[email protected]

Supervisor for ESL Faculty 

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Eileen Kelley

Coordinator ESL Support Services, Holyoke Community College

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HCC ESL Support Services Supervisor