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As an entry-level management professional, my aim would be to work from an initial level while handling new scenarios starting managing small issues to higher and more decisive issues.  I would also like to participate and learn from the senior manager's regarding vital decision-making strategies.


Personal Interests:

Family Oriented, Career Oriented, Vacation, School

Career Interests:

Marketing Objectives and Strategies, Accounting and Financing, Operations Management, Human Resource Management.

Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Construction, Home Renovation and New Home Build, Landlord and Tenant Law.


I am currently a Durham College student enrolled in the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Compressed Course, that started September of 2011 and ends August of 2012. I have already have some experience in the field of small business management with my current and previous work history with managing other local businesses such as Elements Office Installations where I was the Office Manager and Tantopia Incorporated where I am the Store Manager, so this course will hopefully help to enhance what I already know and help to teach me a little bit more about business management. 

My intention behind taking this course was to eventually start my own business within the home construction/ home renovation industry, however, over the duration of this year I have realized that I will require more schooling in order to do so. This course is just the tip of the iceberg and I look forward to learning much more about business management; this course actually makes up the first year of the Business Administration course with Durham College. So, with that said, September of 2012 I will be majoring in Accounting, and then possibly in Marketing the following year.

One of my classes this semester is Social Media & Society; the course gives a background of all the different social media applications we have available, how to use them, and the relevance they have to business.  For one of our final projects, we had to make a Social Media Resume (hense my Visual CV) demonstrating the purpose of these social media applications in the business setting and to creating a presence for ourselves using these social media applications.  Therefore, below is a list of social media applications that I have hosted myself on in order to demonstrate my skills when it comes to social media applications, and also includes a brief blurb of their purpose and ease of use.


Facebook is one of the most common social media networks; it is simple and easy to use for the most part and is definitely a leading technique when it comes to getting your name out in the world of social media applications.  The application allows users to upload photos, create "notes" (or blogs), post "twitter style" status updates, it gives a thorough set-up for personal information, it allows users to message eachother publicly or privately, it allows users to create groups or events for common interests, and offers a wide variety of other neat applications for users.

Depending on the degree of completion when it comes to a users profile, Facebook can give a very in-depth look into users life, lifestyle, aspirations, strengths and even short comings; users need to be aware of how prodominent their information is when hosted on this social media application.  Sometimes less is more, and more is far too much.

The following is a URL link to my Facebook Account:!/profile.php?id=100003710523413

This social media application is straight forward, and easy to use for the beginner and advanced social media user; there are numerous instructions, tips, questions and answers, and "Help" links, but for the most part it is quite self-explanitory.

#2. (Photo Sharing)

Using users can create a profile and host pictures in Gallaries, Photostreams, and Sets customiizable by the user which displays their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and so on.

The following is a URL link to my Flickr Account:

My aspirations are to one day run my own business in the industry of home renovation and new home construction, therefore, I have created a profile and uploaded images that are relevant to my interests in the form of Floorplans and Renovations, and as well as a more personal album of Family Vacations to demonstrate my background. 

The site (I found) is quite complicated to navigate, creating the accounting, filling in the information, and uploading photos weren't a problem, but creating the Gallaries, Photostreams, and Sets are a little more difficult and the application is a little finicky.  The application takes a little while to familiarize yourself with it, playing around, using the "Help" link, and using the Question & Answer sections tend to be a good friend.

The only thing with this application is, I figured it would let you be a little more "artsy" with the display and have a bit more tools to make slideshows and viewing the albums a little more interesting. 


Blogger is as exactly as it sounds, the website allows users to host blogs on whatever they desire.  This type of social media applicaiton I find to be incredibly fascinating, it is interesting to see the vast number of blogs there are out there and on hundreds and hundreds of different topics.  Blogs demonstrate a users personal views and opinions on various topics, and as well give insight into the type of journalism or writing style that the individual has.

the following is a link to my Blogger Account URL:

This application is incredibly easy to use and the set-up for the account and the profile is very quick and easy, but offers very minimal places to input personal information; for some this may be preferred however for others that prefer to host a little more information it may be a bit of a turn off.


LinkedIn has a very professional atmosphere, similar to that of Visual CV, that hosts a full profile of current and previous work history, aspirations, and general information on its users.  The website hosts a very thorough profile, offering job posting and information on career options as well as hosting your profile to potential employers and job opportunities.  This is one of the social media applications I find can be very beneficial when it comes to making your social media career more profound and professional as opposed to applciations such as Facebook and/or Twitter.

The following is a URL link to my LinkedIn Account:

Again, this application is very simple and easy to use when it comes to setting up an account and editing your profile, however, I find it is very time consuming when it comes to setting up the profile.  Out of all the social media applications aforesaid, I think LinkedIn and Visual CV would be the only ones I considered using when it comes to make an appearance in the world of social media in a professional way. LinkedIn is fairly self explanatory and requires little assistance, but there is "Help" links also provided.

The social media applications I think most useful when it comes to creating a presence in the social media world as far as being relevant to a professional, business stand point would be Visual CV and LinkedIn, as their atmosphere is of a professional business like one as oppose to Facebook as previously stated.  However, I do think each of the other social media applications do have their perks when employers seek to find potential candidates for filling positions at their firm.

For example, Facebook gives insight to each individuals personal life, this includes lifestyles, personality, traits, and in some case family and relationships that they have with others; and, Flickr provides an insight to the individuals interests, hobbies, preferences, and personality as well.  It is great for employers to consider the personalities, morals, beliefs, and lifestyles of their employees because even though an individual looks great on paper doesn't mean that they inhabit the strengths desired by the company like compassion, presence, communication, drive, dedication, punctuality, and so on.

Work experience

Dec 2009Present


Tantopia Incorporated
  • Responsible for all jobs pertaining to opening and closing the store; setting alarms, setting upprograms, cleaning, and operating cash, including nightly cash out
  • In charge of scheduling all staff members appropriately each bi-weekly period
  • In charge of bi-weekly staff payroll
  • Looked after product inventory and product ordering
  • Dealing with all customer inquiries and new customer relations via telephone, online and/or in person
Jul 2007Present

Office Adminisrtator (Occasional)

Jenish Engineering
  • Required to answer telephones, print reports, scan paperwork, photocopy, send faxes, and file documents
  • Help produce clientele reports both hard copies as well as electronic copies
  • Producing invoices and subsequent office procedures regarding invoicing
  • Bank reconciliations and deposits
  • Responsible for office supply inventory update and replenishment
Jan 2010Aug 2010

Office Manager (Full-Time)

Elements Office Installation
  • Responsible for weekly payroll using Simply Accounting and EFT program for direct deposit
  • Responsible for management of numerous inventory logs
  • Produced the invoicing for all service work orders
  • Responsible for all office supply inventory as well as ordering
  • Correspondence with clientele, contractors, as well as general customer inquiries
  • Answering phones, writing e-mails, sending faxes, scanning and filing documents


Sep 2011Present

Business Administration/Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Durham College


Organizational Skills/Time Management
Demonstrates excellent punctuality and organizational skills to optimize efficiency through time management skills and prioritization.  
Computer Skills
Proficient in Microsoft Office's Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook Express; Can type 40 words per minute; and, Thourough knowledge in Simply Acocunting, and some knowledge in Quick Books.


Jul 2010Present

WHIMIS Course Completed

Edwin Ryll
Jul 2008Present

Smart Serve Certificate

Smart Serve Canada
Jul 2010Jul 2013

First Aid Certified

Ontario Government