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Empowering others to reach their goals & brand potential

I have 12 years experience working as a Career Coach, Trainer & Senior Manager.

I have spent my career helping others develop and evaluate an effective career strategy, identify & pursue new opportunities, as well as effectively manage Career Change.

My goal is to teach my clients how to enhance their marketability to employers so they can have success in their career search.

My expertise is in Career Planning & Development that includes providing a Strengths Analysis, Interview Preparation, Resume Development, and Professional Branding. I help my clients answer the questions "What do I really want to do?" and "How can I get there?”

My past experience working in a Senior Management/HR role, combined with an advanced certificate in Human Resources allows me to give my clients first-hand knowledge on how to get into the mindset of the Recruiter/Employer & come up with innovative strategies in order to stand out from other candidates.

► Promoting strategic job search through Brand Development, Building Networks & using LinkedIn
► Creating resumes highlighting unique skills & achievements using Industry key words to make a winning impression & stand out from the crowd
► Created LinkedIn Group "Tips & Tricks for Job Seekers"
► LinkedIn Train the Trainer / Group Training sessions for Businesses, Schools and Organizations
► Implementing initiatives to support program development



I have spent the past 12 years creating and delivering innovative training sessions in regards to Career Management/Development, Branding & Employment Marketability.



PowerPoint seminar focusing on the importance of using Social Media in job search and networking. The main focus of this seminar is on how to use LinkedIn effectively (Optimizing Your Profile, Understanding Search Algorithms, Reaching Out to Recruiters, Building Your Network, Researching Companies and Positions).


Topics included in this presentation:

1. Developing your Professional Brand
2. Creating a Digital Footprint
3. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile (using search algorithms effectively)
4. Building LinkedIn Networks (Employers and Recruiters)
5. How to Research Industry and Business trends
6. Social Media: Best Practices
7. Managing Your On-line Reputation



This seminar focuses on helping Newcomers and Internationally Trained Professionals navigate through both the Quebec and Canadian Labour Market.


Topics included in this presentation:

1. Programs & Services Available for Newcomers.
2. Job Finding Techniques.
3. Gaining Canadian Experience.
4. The Benefits of Having International Experience.
5. Characteristics of the Quebec Labour Market.
6. Discriminatory Interview Questions.
7. Occupational Titles.
8. Quebec Labour Standards: Protect Your Rights.



PowerPoint presentation using Smart board technology focusing on the skills needed to have a successful Internship.


Topics included in this presentation:

1. Common Internship Mistakes.

2. Definition of Interpersonal Communication.

3. How Interpersonal Communication Affects Us In The Workplace.

4. Understanding the Different Kinds of Communication and Behavioural Styles.

5. Reducing Conflict in the Workplace.

LinkedIn and Branding Expert

Developing a powerful brand and increasing visibility is crucial for any job seeker. I have spent the past four years mastering LinkedIn and showing my clients how they can promote themselves in a unique way. I was also invited on to Montreal Global Morning news to talk about the importance of LinkedIn and Professional Branding.

Career Counselling

I have been working in this industry since 2003. I have spent my career dedicated to helping people gain control over their job search.

I started my career working in a pre-employment program where I assisted clients ages 18-30 in the exploration of career options in order to develop and implement a comprehensive plan of action, while creating creative and innovative ways of engaging the youth in regards to their job search.

In 2006, I coordinated a pre-employment program for at-risk youth, many of whom had mental health and/or learning disabilities. In 2007, I managed a Career Center focused on providing career services to Newcomers and Internationally Trained Professionals.

In 2009, I was promoted to a Senior Manager position where I successfully designed, implemented and supervised 3 employment/skills-based programs, ensuring on-going funding by exceeding targets and mandates, while also successfully managing staff in a Unionized environment ensuring all HR polices are followed while maintaining a high rate of retention.

In 2012, I moved back home to Montreal and returned to what I love best...Career Coaching. I work with extremely skilled people from different industries helping them develop their resume and cover letters, create a strategic LinkedIn profile, and understand how to stand out from the crowd. In other words, "boring is not an option".


12 years experience facilitating workshops: Self-Assessment, Resume Writing, Transferable Skills, Interview Skills, Leverage Your LinkedIn, Creating Your 30 second Pitch & Orientation for Internationally Trained Professionals.


I currently recruit and coordinate Employers for YES Career Nights which is designed to help individuals network within their fields such as Social Media, IT, Engineering, Business, Marketing/Communication, Digital Design & International Development.

Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Career Advisor

Youth Employment Services

Coaches Students, New Graduates and Internationally Trained Professionals on Career Planning developing effective Career Search Strategies, Self-Marketing Techniques, and Building Strategic Networks maintaining a high success of employment.

Main Responsibilities / Achievements:

  • Coaching clients on career planning, job search strategies, professional branding, interview preparation, salary negotiation and career exploration both in person and on-line.
  • Providing Career Coaching in the following industries: Engineering, Project Management, Finance, Network Administration, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Accounting, IT, Social Media, Global Logistics and Marketing.
  • Provides information sessions to both large and small groups outlining programs and services.
  • Coordinating Career Nights in order to help clients network within their field such as Social Media/IT, Engineering, Marketing/Communication and International Development.
  • Identifying problems that may affect personal or professional goals.
  • Created “Leverage Your LinkedIn” seminar and delivers to groups on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Coaching clients on self-marketing and networking techniques utilizing Social Media such as Twitter and Linked-In.
  • Working as an effective team member to ensure the smooth running of the program and participates in the establishment of team objectives.
  • Conducing videotaped mock interviews and coaching clients on managing interview anxiety.
  • Coaching clients on how to correspond with Employers and Recruiters in a professional manner

Jul 2007Aug 2011

Senior Manager                         

Youth Employment Services - Toronto

Successfully designed, implemented and supervised three employment programs serving adults and youth, ensuring on-going funding by exceeding Funder`s targets and mandates.

Main Responsibilities / Achievements:

  • Managed the Employment / Career Resource Centre ensuring all targets were met or surpassed.
  • Designed, implemented and managed 3 employment skills-based programs ensuring on-going funding by exceeding Funder`s.
  • Coordinated practicum studies for College and University students.
  • Monitored and evaluated student progress and ensured they meet program requirements.
  • Supervised Marketing/Outreach coordinator ensuring targets are met.
  • Coordinated the recruitment, training and management of new employees and placement students.
  • Prepared proposals, reports, budgets and statistics on a quarterly basis.
  • Ensured exemplary relationship with funders and community partners by sitting on planning committees.
  • Participated in outreach activities to promote programs and services.
  • Analyzed, planned and developed program activities to continuously improve effectiveness and efficiency so that program funding is approved for the following year.
  • Developed and closely monitored program budgets to ensure revenue and expenditure levels are met.
Mar 2006Jun 2007

Program Coordinator

Youth Employment Services - Toronto

Coordinated pre-employment program for participants ages 18-30 many of whom had mental health and/or learning disabilities using learning centered approach.

Main Responsibilities / Achievements:

  • Developed and delivered outreach presentations to various community agencies.
  • Coordinated the scheduling of activities: outreach, workshops, intakes and assessments.
  • Ensured effective communication among staff regarding targets, outcomes and procedures.
Jan 2003Feb 2006

Career Counselor/Facilitator

Youth Employment Services - Toronto

Worked in a pre-employment program, assisting participants ages 18-30 in the exploration of career options  developing a comprehensive plan of action in regards to their job search.

Main Responsibilities / Achievements:

  • Assisted participants in exploration of career options in order to develop and implement a comprehensive plan of action.
  • Organized and facilitated daily group workshops in all areas of job search including but not limited to resume and cover letter writing, job search strategies, interview techniques and budgeting.
  • Provided individual counseling with participants in order to clarify employment, training, education and/or career goals by exploring local labour market trends.



Human Resources Management Certificate

Ryerson University

Master of Arts: Philosophy (Concentration in Psychology)

Concordia University

Bachelor of Arts: Philosophy

Concordia University



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