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Stephanie Staub

Independent Small Business Developer and Project Manager

Multi talented professional with expertise in client management. Mastery of details with exemplary ability to analyze project facets. Evolving creative solutions is my forte. Working in Vermont I became a productive liaison. Communicating with clients/bosses/agencies/departments/organizations built my strengths in writing, conversing, predicting and convincing.

Work experience


Business Consultant

FirstRay Solar 

Developing website and email content, created spectacular logo and pithy tagline. I am enjoying talking with people I meet on my travels and bike rides, introducing and promoting my son's solar consultancy. 


Independent Business Consultant

Niantic DryWall Company, FirstCut Drywall, Cha

Designed websites, launched websites and customer appeal initiatives. Conducted sales and analyzed numbers for magazine & online content.  During the first few years I handled the web traffic, SEO and phone calls.


Vermont Licensed Insurance Producer


As an independent insurance producer I initiate relationships and work with businesses and individuals to create new accounts; Life, Disability & Health. Licensed 2014-2017

May 2015Aug 2015


New England Science and Sailing Foundation

Volunteered with NESS at their urban middle school program and with their middle school participants at the shore.



WEST­ Advancing Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology

 Volunteered researching and culling databases for analysis and for new data.


Quality Control Officer/Crew Leader


Quality Control Officer/Crew Leader  Supervised enumerators and crew leader assistants during field operations. Conducted training sessions.




Hosted guests in my Vermont home during the snowy 2015 winter and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Strategist/Sales Professional

Vermont Life magazine and The Vermont Explorer

Established myself as a top producer by building and managing a phenomenally successful territory and database in Vermont.  My ad sales help support the magazine.


Business and Employee Analyst

Smart Communications

My favorite project of my working career.

The main idea was to repair the damage done to the reputation of a previously well respected financial institution. We fluidly created a well thought out plan with several facets and lots of personal interactions.  

We worked with the management team, the president of the bank, and interviewed all the employees at 5 different branches. I personally interviewed 2 branches of employees.

After speaking with employees we established a new efficient pipeline for the branches to communicate with each other, with management and with their customers.

Our implemented strategies worked and worked well.  The bank increased profits, turned around the negative public image and later on sold for a significant profit.



Completion with Distinction; Duke, Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai, University of Melbourne, Higher School of Economics. Awards of Completion; Caltech, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew Univ ofJerusalem, Harvard. COURSERABioelectricity, Network Analysis of Systems Biology, Epigenetics, Neuroeconomics,Drugs and the Brain, What a Plant Knows, Synapses, Neurons and Brains, edX Mitochondria.2000 - 2003 AuditCASTLETON UNIVERSITY, DARTMOUTH COLLEGEGenetics at Castleton and then Advanced Genetics and Microbiology at Dartmouth.SEP 1986 - MAY 1990 B.AMOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGEFrances Perkins Scholar Cum Laude1985 - 1986 Continuing EducationGREENFIELD COMMUNITY COLLEGECompleted 3 classes then matriculated to Mount Holyoke College