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I am a 21 year old editor who lives in Birmingham, UK. I have done plenty of volunteer work e.g for the BBC, I then moved on to working for a channel 4 programme, Skins. Here i made many friends within my co-workers and cast, i also learnt many skills to help me move on in my editing career. I am a very active person as I am always making sure every job is done. I have worked with some celebrity producers and cast. I drive to wherever I need to be and am never late.In love editing, as I have been doing it as far as my education goes back, i am very passionate about being in the media industry and I hope that you enjoy my CV and my work.

Work experience

Jan 2014Jun 2015

Editor of Skins.

Channel 4

I put together footage captured during the production process and edit them together in the correct order to create the final product. I edit plot, score, sound and graphics into the scenes. I was required to have brilliant computer skills to fit the job

Jan 2012Jun 2013

editing volunteer work


To get myself into the media industry I volunteered at my local BBC studios in the mailbox, Birmingham. Here I picked up what it would be like to work as part of a media company and I picked up many new skills.



I have many connections in the media insdustry as I have been working with the channel 4 media company for nearly a year now, i have made many great friends with both the cast and the crew, they are always there to help me out with jobs, as i am with them.

Reliability/ punctuality/dynamic

I am very, very reliable. I am always where i need to be when i am needed there, I am also dynamic because if my task is quickly changed i am very fast to adjust to my new task and if it is something i haven't done before i will still pick it up rather quickly.


I have always been creative and always thought outside the box with everything I  do. I am very imaginative and am brilliant at thinking of new ideas on my own, or even expanding on other peoples ideas to make them even better.

Team work

Throughout all of my experience I have had to work in teams, this has helped me be able to cooperate with others and help my team where i am needed. 

Photoshop, garage band, sound track pro, Apple apps.

Due to my college, university, and previous job role, I have picked up many different skills whilst working on mac computers, these include editing skills along side a lot of other computer skills.


Sep 2013Jul 2015

Post Production Editing MA

Aberystwyth University

Degree in post production.

Sep 2012Jun 2013

BTEC media

Solihull Blossomfield College

Distinction in all aspects.