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Personal Information

Stephanie Loa Hatting

8641 E. Boise St.

Mesa, AZ 85207

House phone: 480-984-2960

Email: [email protected]


I am Stephanie Hatting. I am 17 years old born on May 8, 1998. My goals for my future is to become a Psychologist of some sort. I am not fully sure what kind of Psychologist  I would like to be. The reason you may ask is because I love helping people through whatever it is they are going through. It doesn't matter if it's some kind disorder or just a bad day. I just love to help people and make their day just by a simple joke. I also would you like to know that I am ADHD and have been diagnosed when I was second grade. Don't remember what age though. I have been medicated ever since I was diagnosed but when I turned 13 I stop taking it and haven't been on the ADHD medication since then.  The  last couple of things I would like you to know is I don't judge others. I rarely do. One more is I love writing inspirational pieces and I love to sing to songs and was in my school choirs for about 4 years.


May 2013Oct 2015

Red  Mountain High School

I attended my freshman year and beginning of sophomore year. 

Oct 2014Apr 2015

East  Valley  High

I attended East valley for 6 months because it didn't work out.

Primavera Online

I'm still attending Primavera. My goal is to graduate with Primavera Online.

Work experience

Car wash

I volunteered to help with a car wash to help raise money for orchestra when I was going to Red Mountain High School.

Dog sit

Neighbors would go out of town for a certain amount of time so they would ask me to go over and check on their animals. I would feed, water, play with them and etc. until the owners come back.


I would sometimes babysit my neighbor's kids until the oldest turned old enough to stay home alone and watch his little brother.


Personal and soft

I am confident in everything I do. I am self motivated, loyal, trustworthy, reliable with anything you give me. I am also good at being to meetings and places on time. I usually like to be wherever I need to be 15 minutes before.


I am very good at organizing . I like the keep things in their places and make sure nothing is to messy or cluttered when cleaning.


I work well with others no matter the situation. 


I am very good at communication. I always ask questions if I'm unsure of anything.