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For over 20 years, I have produced unpredictable results in both operations and product development. I am a passionate and creative powerhouse, always on the hunt for identifying the greatest opportunities to make the biggest impact on the market, my clients, and my staff. I once catapulted efficiency by eliminating production redundancies, saving over $4.6M. I am a hands-on trailblazer who shepherds projects from concept to completion. My eye is on the viability of each assignment, simultaneously focusing on people and the bottom line.

Throughout my tenure with a global Forbes 100 company, I have partnered with executives and staff of all levels to launch new products, build competitive strategies, and meet market demands by marrying our brand to target customer needs. Ask me about how I once eliminated my own job for the good of my team and to meet objectives and budget reallocations. If your company is looking for an unbeatable combination of innovative leadership and expertise in growing operational efficiencies, let’s have a conversation about how my skills can contribute to your bottom line.


Champion of Performance Improvement

Financial Impact Through Process Control

Exceptional Leadership and Team Management


 Key Skills:

Diplomatic communicator ● Adept at facilitating cross-divisional collaboration ● Astute problem solver ● Comfortable with change and crisis management ● Expert at compelling revenue growth ● Builds and trains highly efficient teams ● Seasoned and resourceful negotiator  ● Causes consensus and unity in diverse groups

Work experience


Account Leader (Traffic Leader)

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

■ Examines every facet of operations through the LEAN lens.  
■ Navigated workflow of 1466 resource requests from 25+ client groups for over 140 creative artists.
■ Continually measures timelines, available capacity, and project expenditures.
■ Scrutinized financial reports to ensure financial viability without compromising quality.


Project Manager II

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

■ Generates executive leadership and staff buy-in by casting clear vision with tangible expectations while pushing beyond the norm.
■ Staunch advocate for application of project planning software, creatively enrolled 600 new users to standardize time tracking and properly allocate production resources.
■ Seeks out and documents both industry and departmental best practices.
■ Swiftly crafted the infrastructure for summarizing project specifications and needed resources, eradicating 1000 hours of unnecessary meeting time.


Senior Creative Technology Specialist

Hallmark Cards, Inc. 

■ Piloted LEAN project practices reducing lead time by 30% while fluidly achieving 36% productivity gains.

■ Revamped production methods resulting in 75% error reduction while increasing throughput by 200%.


Freelance Design Manager

Hallmark Cards, Inc. 

■ Negotiated freelance design contracts, cutting per project costs in half.
■ Managed freelance production costs at 65% of internal costs.
■ Revolutionized the greeting card industry by spearheading the market launch of “Song Cards,” generating over $150M in revenue the first year alone.
■ Recognized among the Top 25% Managers company-wide based on team engagement.
■ Authored work processes and set expectations, adjusted labor requirements, while managing P&L integrity.


Production Art Supervisor

Hallmark Cards, Inc. 

■ Directly influenced team production to remain at 99%+ on-time rating with 95.5% accuracy ratio while increasing productivity by 10%.
■ Launched production of first co-branding effort with Walmart, successfully producing 8000 SKUs. 
■ Zealous approach to performance delivered 98% quality audit, highest in the division of 22 teams.


Production Planning Team Leader

Hallmark Cards, Inc. 

■ Vigorously implemented systems, quality activities and procedures that work -- resulting in cost savings of over 33% for one project alone.
■ Initiated system validation processes spawning quality improvements and 99.3% accuracy.  
■ Fostered a culture of quality, reducing external errors by 33%.
■ Ensured international success through strategic production scheduling of 2.3M cards per week for the Canadian market.


Graphic Arts Team Leader

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

■ Inspired individual productivity performance on one team to achieve 117% of goal.
■ Sensitive to politically/socially charged environments.
■ Authored departmental Code of Ethics to address team volatility and misconduct.
■ As a young manager, successfully led a team of 23 direct reports all with over 20 years tenure.


B.S. in Technology Management

University of  Central Missouri


Product Launch
Financial Oversight
Trusted Authority
Quality Control
Prosci Change Management Certified
Resource Allocation
Tactical Thinker