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I have a rich interdisciplinary background, including mobile technology, entertainment, and business; usability and security; computer graphics, design and programming; intellectual property and digital rights theory and practice; corporate and academic research with 14 patents and more pending; interactive television; and art exhibitions, commissions, and permanent installations in museums and collections around the world.

Work experience

Aug 2006Present

Chief Information Officer


iPhone applications: FartMobile, SnoreMobile, BurpMobile, Simon Says Fart, Simon Says Party

responsible for all aspects of the Company's content research and user interface design efforts Implementation in perl, javascript, html, css, ruby on rails projects:


Sep 2001Present

Independent Media and Technology Consultant
Software development, business development, product design, research, technology assessment and strategic planning for markets such as personal technology, mobile gaming and information visualization. Clients include Nokia, Jamdat, Vivendi-Universal, Sennari, Clear Channel 2Smart Techies, February-May 2006: developed proprietary remote access server and client for Mac OSX Ignite Venture Partners, February 2005-present: board advisor Published a dozen widgets for Mac OSX Dashboard environment: Accolades for flores: "clever", "outside the box amazing!" "so elegant it's almost magic" High profile exposé of security flaws in OSX Tiger “Zaptastic: Blueprint for a Widget of Mass Destruction” iphone app
Aug 2002Oct 2002

A&R Consultant

Consultant: identifying and establishing new opportunities with external developers, focused on finding new games to publish in the US market.
Sep 2000Jul 2002

Content Guru/Senior Research Scientist

Nokia Ventures Organization (on loan from Nokia Research Center)Created 3000 ft2 business research lab, �The Media Garden,� � Initiated and managed relationships with partners in technology and media creation, distribution, and business Designed, deployed, and coordinated working prototypes for future mobile media distribution: music, video, games, ebooks, iTV, location-based media, viral marketing, web tablets, DRM � Selected, hired and managed contractors for software development � Worked primarily for Nokia Ventures Organization; advised on $10M+ VC activities � Represented company at Seattle Film Festival, iHollywood Forum, other venues
Feb 1999Sep 2000

Senior Research Engineer

Nokia, Oy
Nokia Research Center, Visual Communications Laboratory, Tampere, Finland � Developed applications and terminal prototypes for mobile, wearable & ubiquitous Computing; imaging; mobile gaming & toys: applications, UI, human factors & social research. Derivative products include N-Gage, Imagewear & Lifeblog � #1 NRC/VIC Inventor for 2001 - Pat numbers #6,502,100, #6,674,995, #6,882,853, #6,839,080, #6,907,568, #6,993,131, #7,006,116, #7,006,984, #7,031,931, #7,062,469 (insufficient space on LinkedIn for details) Further patents pending � Attended and reported on events incl. �Scope �99,� �Computer and Video Games Come of Age,� NYC and London toy fairs.
Jun 1987Feb 1999

Associate Director

(art)n Laboratory
� Co-Inventor: Patents: #5,519,794 (1996); #5,330,799 & #5,554,432 (1994); #5,113,213 (1992): � Directed R&D projects. Led creation of software to implement PHSCologram process. � Led modeling and animation for works commissioned by museums and corporate collections -- Smithsonian Institution, 1997; permanent installation at the Hope Diamond exhibit. � Documented exhibitions and research with video, internet, and printed publications. � Published papers & images in Computers & Graphics, Leonardo, and Proceedings of SPIE. � Press includes CNN, Beyond 2000, The Chicago Tribune Website Virtual Photography started in June 1994. Cool Site of the Day, March 22, 1995.

Research Assistant

Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago
Contributed to The Interactive Image touring exhibition and RT/1 programming language, researched and produced graphics for The Chicago Board of Trade, created scientific data visualizations for publication

Laser System Programmer

Aura Technology
Designed vector display commands extending existing high-level language in Z80 assembler.

Computer Assistant

Hines VA Hospital, Medical R&D
Ported programming language to support image-processing hardware


Sep 2002Aug 2004


Jun 1988Jun 1991


Sep 1984Jun 1988