Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2006 - Present


Schematix Inc.

Provide clients with the most current Web trends, design solutions and creative products for their needs.

  • Experienced handling daily business operations that include client contact/support, project management and the design and development of Web sites.

  • Responsible for time management, invoicing clients, and all financial transactions.

  • Offer savings opportunity for clients by providing them with an award winning Content Management System (CMS), allowing clients to maintain their Web site with minimal or no long-term maintenance fees.

  • Provide cost savings open source technology.

  • Provide onsite CMS training to acclimate client with the system interface along with performing updates to their Web site.

Right2Bear – iPhone/Android Application Owner/Developer

September 2009 - Present

  • Originator and creator of application.

  • Appeared in the Top 25 of paid applications in the reference category.
  • Designed the User Interface for iPhone and Android applications, which adhere to the design standards set forth by Apple and Google.

  • Managed the development process from initiation to launch.

  • Worked virtually with a programmer as a means of cost savings.

  • Perform ongoing maintenance and content updates.

Client: Daimler Financial Services/Chrysler Financial ­– Farmington Hills, MI

February 2007 – Present

Online Communications

  • Virtually perform weekly maintenance updates to company intranet per requests. Maintenance includes web page creation, graphic creation, flash development, online audio, video materials, and the implementation of company news stories hosted within a Lotus Notes database.

  • Complied with design standards and web security policies.

  • Assisted with data verification and IT mapping of all Chrysler Financial locations and department codes for Great Places To Work survey conducted to approximately 5,000 employees.

Client: Daimler Financial Services ­– Farmington Hills, MI                           

January 2008 – August 2008

Online Communications

  • Design, build and maintain corporate internet/intranet using content management and digital media tools.

  • Collaborate with different departments throughout the organization to assist and develop departmental sites.

  • Setup and maintain monitoring tools to develop a strategy that will enhance employee usability.

  • Manage and administer hosting environment for external web site containing multimedia content.

  • Main point of contact for intranet including the United States, Canada and Mexico.

  • Manage distribution of emails to employees.

Feb 2010 - Present

Web Designer


Client: Tegrit Group

  • Design and development lead for converting clients website to DotNetNuke CMS.
  • Work closely with Project Manager to execute design and development tasks on time and within budget.
  • User interface was closely studied prior to design phase to enhance the usability and placement of content.
  • Presented several design concepts that fit the overall goals and objectives of the new site.
  • Openly communicated with client through Basecamp, an online project management platform.
  • Educated the client on the CMS through online training sessions and a step-by-step training document to eliminate maintenance costs long term.
Jul 2003 - Jan 2007




  • Define & develop marketing media for display and educational use within DaimlerChrysler Financial Services. Strict corporate standards were identified and implemented into the design of the media. Collaborated with Communications and Marketing to comply with standards within the company.
  • Design lead on employee development web site for approximately 5,500 DaimlerChrysler Financial Services employees. Web site was enhanced to accommodate heavier traffic and a more streamlined process for employee career development.

Learning and Career Development

  • Interface with internal and external ITM support and vendors for creating and modifying eLearning courses.
  • Administrator for internal web sites including eLearning courses, developmental, and product sites.
  • Provided training to employees for virtual learning tools including Centra and LearnLinc.
  • Provided graphic support and other innovative ideas for various presentations, print material and web sites.

Information Technology

  • Provided IT support to Human Resources department. Support included assistance with functionality of programs, troubleshooting PC errors, and assistance with Microsoft Office XP Suite.
  • Developed a company car program web site, including process mapping, functionality and usability testing, which allow employees to gather pertinent information required for leasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Vendor Relations

  • Collaborate with internal and external print shops to provide the customers with cost cutting options, timely delivery and quality print material.






Experienced developing, migrating and maintaining websites using the DotNetNuke CMS


Android SDK

Ability to perform UI, quality and performance testing on Android SDK.

iPhone SDK

Effectively able to utilize the iPhone SDK for usage and development of applications

Operating Systems

Windows 98/2000/XP, MAC, UNIX 

Lotus 7.0.3

Security-rich Lotus Domino client for e-mail, calendar, group scheduling, Web access 

Microsoft Office XP Suite


PHP, Apache, MySQL database

Content Management Systems

Joomla, Magento and Wordpress open source platforms for development

Adobe CS3 Suite