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Stefano Magni

Front-end developer, Technical director


My experience in a nutshell:
• 5 years developing responsive, animated and single page websites and web apps, mostly with Vanilla JS, Backbone and ES6. Other widely used libraries are GSAP, FastDom and -obviously- GIT.
• 10 years developing complex UIs: games, RIAs, web apps, super animated websites, mobile apps (even one for the smart TVs). I started with ActionScript and then I become a JavaScript dev.
• 1 year automating everything and creating CLIs with NodeJS and Selenium Webdriver.

About me:
• a strong will to developdigital  products with usability and performance in mind and with a strong focus on clean and well-organized code.
• perfectionist, positive mental attitude and problem solver
• motivated by the teammates and conscious of the important role of the whole team if you want to create something awesome

I aim to create the best UX for every interface I code. I'm used to focus on a wide range of interfaces (sites/web apps/mobile apps) and to develop them from scratch with performance in mind firstly.

As a front end developer I constantly look for every solution that allows me and my team to improve our workflow, make it more errorproof and scalable and reduce the maintenance and the time2market of our products.
I love to work with a  passionate and creative team that will to make something better everyday.

I've solid programming basis and a design-oriented mind, I regularly attend various European conferences and I spoke at some Italian ones.

Work experience


Senior front-end developer

SuperMoney planned a whole refactory of all its sites, at the moment I'm playing with Vue JS, WebPack and Laravel to deliver the most cutting-edge websites.


Front-end developer

Creeo Studio

was the reference for every code aspect of the UX/UI of the Creeo's projects. I had developed every web app, app and site that require a strong commitment to the UI. I worked everyday with the graphic team to find the best way to communicate the products and services of the clients. 

I used mostly vanilla Javascript and ES6 and I exploit every project to bring a step forward into my coding standards. Animations, performances and event-driven development were at the core of every project of mine. Mobile optimization was my obsession.

I always put lot of efforts to the structural and maintainability aspects of the projects too.


Technical director

Creeo Studio

In parallel of my front-end role, I had touched moreless every aspect of the project flow In Creeo Studio and specifically the development ones. I didn't code directly the back end of our site but I was aligned and responsible for every tech choice.

During the last year in Creeo Studio I had mainly dedicated myself to the creation of an internal automation toolThe goal was to automate everything we can, from the initial GIT setup and site installation to the server configuration and deploy. Every developer was welcome to write scripts (mainly with Node.js and Seleniumuseful for us or for the other areas of Creeo.


Actionscript developer

Creeo Studio

I started my professional career with the Flash platform, I developed lot of mini-games and RIA applications. The multiplatform related aspects, the similarity with Java, coding with the interface in mind, were some of the aspects that got me love the Flash ecosystem.

It is with Flash that I put solid basis with the event driven development, MVC design pattern, code documentation etc. 


I really love working with other  passionate people , a constant comparison and motivation are an essential part of a job in my opinion. I am used to discuss everyday with the design team, they want that their UIs work well for the user (and their psd files converted faithfully) and I want to develop something new every time.

I also love to hear and solve other people needs and problems and, more in general, the need of every stakeholder of the project. 




• the front-end and WordPress optimization of  Smarther, the BTicino's Nest (2017)

• the interactive video player of BTicino Classe 300X (2016)


• Disney's drawing tool (2015)

• Combi's gate configurator (2014)

• BTicino's coverplates catalogue (2012)

Mobile app

• BTicino's coverplates catalogue (2012)

No longer available

• Iuppla (2012): a really multiplatform game

• Old School Race (2011): multiplayer slot car racing game for mobile

• Microsoft Race&Safe (2010): a synchronous multiplayer game in Microsoft Messenger

• Microsoft Web Messenger (2009): the web version of the famous chat app

You can find more on my LinkedIn profile



Degree from Communication Design faculty (101/110).

Politecnico of Milano

High school graduate as informatics expert

ITIS Badoni

English skills

Wall Street Institute (2016): level 9

TOEFL iBt (2008): 85/120



VanillaJS • ES6 • Backbone.js • WebPack


Animations • UX • Performance tuning

Node.js • Selenium webdriver