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Stefano Aletto was born in Naples in the summer of the '80s. After his graduation in Fine Arts and Experimental Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, he dedicated his work on photography and cinematography, following in the footsteps of two of his teachers: Fabio Donato, as photographer and Mario Franco, as filmmaker.

 He has acquired the passion for visual arts and the classic cinema, directing  lots of report for Fondazione Morra, Nitsch Museum (Naples,Italy) and European (Austria, Germany) Institutions of Contemporary Art .

Then he approached to the advertising, frequently working with several Italian movie enterprises and communication agencies.

Finally he founded his film company named CameraStylo Film, which works with different italian tv and web networks, communication agencies and film commissions. It produces independent films, audiovisual advertising campaigns and photo shooting .

Stefano, also teaches Plastic Arts at  Art secondary schools in Milan and audiovisual Production at Institute Communication.

Work experience

Filmmaking And Photography/ CEO

Camerastylo film 
  • Filmmaking and Directory of Photography for independent short and feature films
  • Corporate Video Production and Distribution for private business and communication agencies  and Client Interaction
  • Project manager through all stages of the film process (concept-script-production-post production)

Plastic Arts Teacher

Liceo artistico, milan

Teaching Plan at Figurative departments and Labs  

Digital Fashion Filmmaking And Shooting 

triboo Digital, milan 
  • Digital shooting and Photoshop post production for top fashion brands
  • Collaboration with art directors, stylists , IT  and store managers 
  • Corporate Video Production 

Visual Arts and Multimedia Teacher 

ILAS - Institute of Communications, naples

Audiovisual Production Lecturer

Visual Arts and Cinema Assistant 

fondazione morra/museo nitsch, naples

Exhibition and Events Preparation/ Independent Film Show Plan / Film and Photos Reportage 


MSc. Degree

SSiS, naples

Training for Teaching Plastic Arts at Secondary Schools 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Accademia Belle arti, naples 

Painting / Sculpture / Decoration / Graphic Art / Printmaking for illustration / Photography , film and television / New Technologies 

Diploma in Fine Arts 

ISA-San leucio, caserta(na)

Sculpture / Printmaking/ Drawing