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I am a credentialed and experienced Conference Interpreter and Translator. I provide the following services: interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage and liaison), translation, subtitling, transcription, proofreading, event organisation, cultural mediation. Furthermore, my translations range over various sectors of specialization in the four linguistic pairs. I have specialized in the translation of: marketing texts and corporate communications, contracts, popular works. Predominately, although not limited to following industries: e-marketing, commercial, cosmetics, food, paper making. I recently took an interest in specializing in the field of the military (Aerospace and defence). CAT tools: Wordfast, MemoQ, SDL Trados. Daily capacity: 3000 words.


Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

Good concentration, listening and speaking skills acquired throughout the MA Conference Interpreting course. The course provided full training in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, as well as an advanced module which focuses on working for the EU and the United Nations. I have acquired and consolidated my interpreting skills thanks to the various mock conferences organized and webstreamed at the London Metropolitan University. The topics for the simulated events were related to the fields of "Immigration, "Ageing in today's society", "Violence against women", "Protection of civilians in armed conflict zones" ,"Saving the environment and recycling" "Entrepreneurship as a strategy for employment". Furthermore, I practiced consecutive interpreting and I was evaluated by professionals and assessors by partner universities during six virtual classes.


My customers are for the most part Italian and foreign translation agencies whereas my direct and indirect customers include large multinational and private companies. I translate various documents that range from manuals to oicial documents, transcripts, e-books and websites. I am also part of dierent Italian voluntary translators teams: "Watching America, TED talks etc". I also provide subtiling and QC services for various agencies.

Conference Management

At the London Metropolitan I was both an event and speaker's manager for mock conferences. I was able to communicate professionally and eectively with my team , establishing and maintaining positive relationships with fellow professionals. Moreover I was able to manage the mock conference from launch to handover. I supported fellow interpreters and conference organizers to facilitate the smooth running of every mock conference. I have experienced and contributed to the eective work of the team, which is essential for the successful booth and interpreting performance. 

Public Speaking

During the course I was trained to write and deliver speeches for the purpose of the interpreting practise and simulated conferences, as well as delivering speeches during presentations that were interpreted. Verbal and non-verbal communication was fully integrated into my practise as public speaker and interpreter

Computer skills

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)- Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/Adobe/PowerPoint. Mailchimp (Newsletters/ Campaigns). CAT tools (Wordfast/ MemoQ/ Trados).

Work experience


Conference interpreter 

  • Conference Interpreter Freelance Conference Interpreter of the "Physis in Action: reawakening your senses" workshop for the "Transactional Analysis World Conference" at Berlin Technical University, 29/07/2017, Berlin (Germany). IT<>EN cons.
  • International Workcamp "L=Fx-Work is the integral of force", Prali (TO), 05-19/08/2017, Agape Ecumenical Centre. IT<>EN & ES> EN sim, EN<>ES, IT cons and chuchotage.
  • International Political Camp on Migration, Prali (TO), 12-19/08/2017, Agape Ecumenical Centre. IT <> EN & ES>EN sim, EN<>ES, IT cons and chuchotage.Geopolitical analysis of migration, economic utopias, reflections on migration and integration in Europe; analysis of policies and perceptions regarding migrants and refugees; radical and prophetic hospitality, sanctuary movements, culinary workshops, debates, and Q&As.In both camps, I worked in plenary sessions, discussion panels and workshops, also translating documents for participants. 
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (English<>Italian) during 10 mock conferences at London Metropolitan University - London (October 2015 -May 2016)



Freelance work for different clients:

  • QC Operator at VSI (London)


Quality checks of Dub & AD Scripts, Subtitles, Forced Narratives, Caption SDH & CC.

  • Transcriptionist and Subtitler for Knockhundred .Followed written guidelines as provided in company style guide for transcribing audio/video of interviews, part of a marketing research, etc. in both verbatim and clean verbatim formats. Improved transcription skills of speed and accuracy. 100% on-time delivery of projects.
  • Interlingual subtitling (EN <> IT): translation and spotting of different beauty products advertisements and interviews.
  • Transcriptionist for translation company in Canada.
  • Transcription of audio files of search engines in EN (US) & EN (UK).
  • Translation of menus for Barcelona restaurants ES / EN/ IT.
  • Translation of educational website page of English Academy ES>IT.
  • Translation of children's literature for "Die Bücherpiraten".
  • Translation of surveys of electronic devices and instruction manuals for ADH translation company.
  • Translation of certificates, resumes, contracts with private client FR/ES/IT>EN.
  • Translation of surveys and marketing campaign project for Multicentrum. Sawa, Invisalign,Dove for Protranslating.
  • Translation of luxury clothing and accessories for Lingual Consultancy IT>EN.
  • Translation of travel search engine website FR>EN.
  • Translation of Lease Agreement ES>EN.
  • Certified translation for the General Italian Consulate in London EN>IT.

Project Manager Assistant

CPSL, Barcelona
  • Executed and administered multiple projects and priorities under strict deadlines. Maintained effective and professional with a wide variety of people.
  • Proof-read and examined (QA) translated texts by other in-house and freelance translators prior to delivery to the client.
  • Explored the market and gained a better understanding of the nature of the text being translated.
  • Recruited and assessed linguists that met the projects requirements.
  • Participated in DTP/layout activities as requested by the client or as instructed by management.



MA in Conference Interpreting

London Metropolitan University~London (UK)

Consecutive, simultaneous, whispered interpreting and conference management training. IT<>EN,SP/FR/DE <>IT.


BA with hons in European Languages (French, German and Spanish)

University of Salford ~Manchester (UK)

French, Spanish and German language/ LIterature and History modules in (French, German and Spanish), Translation from French/German and Spanish into English and viceversa


Erasmus sandwich year

Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont- Ferrand and Johannes Gutenberg- Universität Mainz (JGU)
  • Accountability, Economics, Marketing and Financial Analysis into French, German and Spanish.
  • Fachbereich 06 Translations-, Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft (FTSK)Translation of legal and economics documents.


CPDs- (Continuing Professional Development)

• "When Interpreters Meet Psychologists", 02/10/2015 at London Metropolitan University.

• "Interpreting in Human Rights Settings", 12/11/2015 at London Metropolitan University.

• "Maritime Law: a complex context for interpreters", 11/02/2016 at London Metropolitan University.

• "The Multifacets of Business Interpreting Conference", 07/04/2016 at London Metropolitan University.

• "Interpreting for the Police: not for the fainthearted #1nt Police", 19/05/2016 at London Metropolitan University.

• "Technology for interpreters: how do you optimise interpreting with a smart pen and Apps on your device?", 25/01/2017 at London Metropolitan University


Available on request