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  • Strong self learner with a desire to stay highly informed on best practices and latest developments to Apple’s mobile platform.
  • Ability to analyze, design, and develop applications.
  • Possessing a solid academic understanding of software development principles.
  • Ready to provide high quality service by developing professional applications and modules, or by reworking, upgrading and supporting existing ones.
  • Good analytical, inter-personal, thinking and communication skills.
  • Responsible and committed engineer.

Work experience

Jun 2013Present

iOS Software Engineer

  • Modules development on various projects based on client’s requirements.
Feb 2015Apr 2016

iOS Software Engineer

Cosmic Development
  • Developing various projects, built by client requirements.
  • Software design, prototyping and investigating.
  • Participating in software planning, estimating, reporting.
June 2016Present

iOS Software Engineer

Deploy Inc
  • Developing various projects with included myRoundPro, Friendsome, New York Hall of Science apps
  • Software designing, prototyping and investigating



Bachelor’s Degree

Information Technology School Belgrade

By studying the Information Technology program i have got the knowledge on how to work on the entire process of design, development and implementation of software. From an initial analysis, planning and design, through coding and testing to installation and maintenance of software in place for its use. Studying involved working on concrete projects with the aim of self-built software solutions . I've got familiarized with the algorithmic modeling, object-oriented principles, data structures, web programming, databases and query languages, interface design of applications, testing and maintenance of software, elements of security and protection of data and computer systems. The program included studies in software engineering, software requirements specification, design and implementation of software solutions, a wide range of tools, languages and technologies ( Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET, C, C#, SQL, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Java etc. ).


  • Languages: Objective-C, Swift, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C, C#
  • Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, RealmDB
  • Development Software: Xcode, Unity3D, Git, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Blender
  • Platforms: Mac OSX, Windows





MatrixMeeting - Not available on the App Store

MatrixMeeting is designed for gamers, allowing them to schedule/create game events for games
available on three most popular gaming platforms Steam, XboxLive and Playstation Network. App
features Push Notification, In-App chat, Steam Account Integration, XboxLive Account Integration,
Playstation Network Account Integration, Facebook Login.

Sircle is trading app that allows users to buy and sell almost anything. It basically represents the
classified ad platform. One of the app features are: Geo-Location, Curated Listings, In-App Chat,
Tracking, Push Notifications, Stripe Payment, Facebook Login.

  • Beepr - Not available on the App Store

Beepr helps connecting people interested in car trading. Represents automotive social network
where car traders can grow their businesses and help potential buyers to buy cars. One of the app
features are: In-App Purchase, VoIP, In-App Chat, Push Notifications, Building Business Network,
News Feed.

  • Chariyo - Not available on the App Store

Chariyo is built with an idea to help causes all around the world by allowing company to create
dedicated cause where users can get informed about cause itself, and donate to it through the app
fund-raising system.

macOS daemon which tracks and logs user activity on websites and in applications where employees
are spending time in purpose of improving organizations efficiency and helping them to become
more productive.


  • New York Hall of Science - Available on the App Store

Work on this projects included bug fixes, UI improvements and development of Shared iPad version for each app.

myRoundPro provides an unprecedented statistical analysis experience, designed to help every golfer better understand, adapt, and improve their game. With the myRoundPro app, user can track rounds on the go, enabling you to record your scores, check detailed yardages with built-in GPS, analyze every shot on a map of the course, and begin to identify areas for improvement with in depth statistics.

Friendsome helps users to track interactions they had with acquaintances, clients and friends. They will have a record of where they met, when they met, and what they talked about, that they can reference anytime.