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Jul 2010Present

New Horizons

I am currently studying for my Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) .NET Framework Application Development Foundation, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Forms Application Development/Windows Communication Foundation and ASP.NET Application Development certification.

Aug 1989May 1993

Bachelor of Fine Arts

While my main focus was in fine art printmaking, I studied a wide range of mediums and styles.

While there I learned welding, bronze casting, fine woodworking, stone masonry, classical darkroom photography, as well as design and life drawing/painting skills. While most of the liberal arts classes were geared towards art history(Western, Eastern, and Ancient), I studied Asian and European history, both social and political.

Work experience

Apr 2009Apr 2010

Graphic Designer


Responsible for graphic design and layout for a wide variety of customers including; Papa John's, Planet Sub, The Lyric Opera Guild, D.W Newcomer's and Sons, Coventry Health, The Society of Women Engineers to name a few. Maintained customer files and font management using Fusion Core. I dealt with a very fast paced and vastly differing client base requiring everything from simple forms to total company branding. My work was mainly with Adobe Creative Suite CS4, heavily in Illustrator and InDesign.

Jan 1999Mar 2009

Account Associate Systems

Responsible for managing the Xerox contact ($450K annual) for Butler Manufacturing,

which includes a fully integrated digital print shop and 19 print/scan/copy/fax machines

located in the building. Also responsible for maintaining 91 machines in ten states including

managing supplies, service requests and technical/repair assistance. Supervised Butler's

internal accounting for shop charges and contract accounting (Xerox) for monthly charges.

In addition, responsible for typesetting and occasional design work. Prior to the current role,

was responsible for supporting 17 major accounts in a wide variety of capacities throughout

the Kansas City area.

Apr 1997Nov 1999


Defense Automated Printing Service

Responsibilities included designing a system to digitally scan and restore historical documents

for the Army Corps of Engineers. Also designed recruiting materials for the Navy and

trained employees at various printing locations that the Department of Defense managed.

  Recognized as dependable first point of contact for a variety of departments within the

DOD, regarding printing and design issues.


I have recently finished a  web & application development  course at New Horizons computer learning center.

  Until April of 2010 I was the in house graphic designer at Alphagraphics. An extremely fast paced environment supporting a wide variety of customers and needs. My duties there ranged from simply checking customer files for print to complete design packages, corporate logos, ads, and large format window and stand alone displays. Aside from design duties I was responsible for maintaining and archiving client projects, ensuring client corporate standards compliance, font management, much of the network maintenance (a Mac environment) and customer support .

  Before Alphagraphics I ran a digital print shop for the Xerox Corporation, based at Butler Mfg's HQ. My job often required me to handle extremely tight deadlines, a wide variety of tasks, and self-management skills. I was responsible not only for the shop I ran (with a volume often exceeding 500,000 prints a month) but 19 walk up machines in the HQ building as well as an additional 91 machines in 10 different states. I kept these repaired, supplied, provide training, and provided the client with end of the month charge back accounting, and billing info for Xerox. Besides my contractual obligations, I also provided layout, typesetting and the occasional design piece. Prior to being placed at Butler I was a floater, covering 17 accounts ranging from simple mail room duties to running high end digital web presses.

  I have a BFA in printmaking from the Kansas City Art Institute, with a minor in graphic design. I have been in the printing world for over 15 years, working at the low and high end of the business. I am familiar with and comfortable in a variety of environments. I have worked in both Mac and Windows based systems for over a decade, with a working knowledge of Unix systems. I am well versed in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Express, InDesign, Microsoft Office products, as well as many system specific programs dealing with commercial printing. Aside from my digital knowledge I have studied and worked in a variety of mediums, they are, in no particular order, etching, lithography, photography (traditional darkroom as well as digital), stone masonry, book making (fine art and commercial), fine woodworking, carpentry, package design, sound design, radio broadcasting, welding, bronze casting, painting and drawing (from life and more conceptual pieces), monotype, and screen printing. I am a history fanatic, with a deep understanding of art history both ancient and modern, world history, political and religious, ancient and recent, from all parts of the world. Through out the years I have held many different jobs, from managing a record store, to working in a sweatshop making tourist items, to document restoration for the Department of Defense.


Xerox Peak Performers Gold medal

Xerox Peak Performers Silver medal



Technical Skills
Book binding; Japanese, Hand bound hard cover Bronze casting Carpentry Paper making Radio broadcasting Sound design Stone masonry Sound mixing Welding; acetylene, arc, MIG (not certified)  Wood working  
Booklet makers: inline and offline, large and small including 22 slot collating  Coil binding Collaters Folders; a large range of commercial grade folders including glue and perforating dual angle attachments to small scale office models  GBC binding  Hot tape binding machines Laminators  Mail folding/stuffing machines Padding equipment: automated hot glue machines, clamp and brush Paper cutters; large programable paper cutting machines, a wide variety of Challenge cutters Paper drills Perfect Bind Postage machines Scoring and perf machines Shrink wrap machines  Stitchers; one and two wire, large gage Thermograph machines  Wiro binding
Printing Equipment AB Dick 360, 385 offset press Cannon NP 6650 Etching press;fine art IBM green bar impact printers Letterpress; hand set typeface Lithography press;fine art Kodak Image Source 70, 300, 700 (color) ,2085 Multigraphics single color offset press Oce 9800 (Digital blackline printer/scanner/copier w/slide scanner attachment), 2600 (Copier) Pad printers; single and 4 color Platemakers; offset and quick paper  Risograph RC 6300 Screen printing; 6 color press w/attached drier Toko 2 color offset press Xerox DocuColor 70 & 100 (digital webpress w/Scitex dfe) Xerox DocuColor 5000 (w/Freeflow dfe), 2060 (w/Fiery dfe), 40 (w/Fiery dfe) Xerox Docutech Highlight Color 1128 (w/Freflow dfe) Xerox Docutech 6180,6135,6115,6100,135 (w/Digipath dfe) Xerox 4595 (w/Workflow dfe) Xerox WorkCentre Pro 75, 123/128, C2128 Xerox 8180 (Engineering copier) Xerox Document Centre 490, 440, 432, 420, 340, 332, 320, 240, 232. 220 (copier) Xerox 5100 (copier)
Computer Skills
Operating Systems Mac OS 7x,8x,9x, OSX 10.2, OSX 10.3, OSX 10.4,OSX 10.5 Microsoft Windows 95, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 7 Unix Solaris workstation   Developer/Programming Languages C# CSS HTML 1&2 JavaScript Microsoft .NET Frameworks 2.0, 3.5 ADO.NET ASP.NET SQL XMAL XML   Programs Adobe  Acrobat Pro 4.0, 5.0, 9.0  Illustrator 5.5, 8.0, 10.0, CS4  Indesign CS4  Pagemaker 6.5  Photoshop 2x,3x,4x,5x,6x,7.0,CS2 9.0, CS4 Apple  AppleWorks 6.0  iMovie HD  iPhoto Claris  ClarisWorks 5.0,6.0 Defense Department  DWAS (Defense Working Accounting System) Fractal Design  Painter 5  Poser Microsoft  Office Suite (Word,Power Point, Excel,Outlook)  SQL Server 2008  Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 Oce  Repro Desk  Repro Station Player Pro 4.5.1 Quark  Express 3.32,4.0 Rasterex  RX Spotlight 97 Sound Edit Pro 16 Suitcase Fusion 4 Xerox  Centreware  CSX2000 Color Server w/Pit Stop  Digipath document production systems  Docusp   FreeFlow   Falcon



Butler Manufacturing

Defense Automated Print Service

Community Freelance Work

Papa John's Pizza

LEVEL five Event Space

Black Rhino Transport

Lovely Nails


Hague Quality Water

Mutt Crunchers


KCSA Symphony

Raymond T. Starzmann

Society of Women Engineers



Photo Retouching

Halcyon Diversified Trading

Odds and Ends


Silver Certification


Blue Certification