Extensive executive and consultant background obtained in a number of industries and countries:

Process, plastic, rail and construction.

Experienced Production Director and Plant Manager - primarily worked with manufacturing, supply chain and outsourcing:

-Strategic and operational management and member of the board of directors.

-Turnaround and transformation.

-Outsourcing and partnering in USA, Kina and Europa.

-Part of an MBO (Management Buy Out), creation of JVs (Joint Ventures) and post acquisition integration.

Gained management consultant and project management knowledge by leading cross functional business improvements in a number of blue chip companies within my areas of expertise:

-Implementation and rationalisation projects (LEAN, Six Sigma, BPR).

-Project and portfolio management.

-Management of change including professional coaching and mentoring at all organisational levels.

Examples of results and high lights

2009:Initiated and coached a project team. The project was awarded ”Industrial Excellence 2009” in UK (GE Awards).

2008:Managed a portfolio of projects within production, asset management and supply chain. An EBIT improvement of £4m was achieved.

2007:Planning and initiation of an implementation project in a procurement and logistics function. This resulted in a cost reduction of £2.7m, and was set to reduce the inventory by £5.5m.

2002 - 2005Consolidated ADFILs operations by restructuring the product portfolio, closed a subsidiary and outsourced 50% of the product portfolio to reduce costs and improve the service of delivery.

2002 Turnaround of the production and supply chain suffering from low productivity and product quality:

·Contribution margin improved by 20%

·The capacity was increased by 30%.

·Customer satisfaction improved by 80%.

1999: Was awarded a Gazelle award in 2000 as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Denmark, following the successful implementation of the CEMFIBER growth strategy.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2006 - Present

Management Consultant (Director)


GIC is primarily active within programme and project management of strategic & operational performance improvements, change management, out/in-souring and process reengineering. I work as associate project- and programme manager partly for the consultancy Boxwood Ltd. ( and partly through a network of 50 independent consultants ”Jungle Drum” (

Examples of projects:

Consultant / project manager in the construction industry.

Accountable for the design and implementation of cross organisational improvements. The changes included:

-Outsourcing of a SBU (Strategic Business Unit) including a manufacturing unit.

-Process improvements in support functions and operations based on LEAN.

-Creation of a risk management system.

-Facilitation of strategy workshops with the board regarding investment strategy, definition of future competence requirements and communication between operations and support functions.

Consultant / project manager for an Organisational Design project in a procurement function.

Planning the restructuring of a procurement department (150 employees):

-By reorganising the procurement function and increasing the number of vendor managed inventory, labour costs were reduced by 20%.

-75% of spend was integrated into 30 framework agreements achieving a cost saving of £2.7m.

-By centralising the registration of all stored products the inventory was to be reduced by £5.5m.

2006 - 2002

Production Director


ADFIL sells and produces synthetic fibres for the construction. ADFIL is a leading force in developing fibres for concrete reinforcement and exports to more than 50 countries. ADFIL is a subsidiary of Low & Bonar Plc (2500 employees, turnover £200m).

-Management of all in-house manufacturing including factories in Denmark and England.

-Accountable for the consolidation of ADFIL’s operations including the closure of the Danish subsidiary (EBIT improved by 15%).

-Project management of a number of outsourcing contracts in China, USA and Europe.

-Turnaround and process reengineering of the production and supply chain based on LEAN. Contribution margin improved by 20%.

2002 - 1997

Plant Manager / General Manager


Cemfiber sells and produces synthetic fibres for the construction and automotive industry. Cemfiber is a subsidiary of ADFIL.

-Managing day-to-day business including production, quality, finance and sales administration and sales of 35m.

-Execution of the growth strategy. Cemfiber was awarded as a top 50 Gazelle company in 2000 (Danish award for fast growing companies in Denmark).

-Key Account responsible for sales within the paper and automotive industry. Sales increased from 10% to 30% of the turnover.

-    Developed ADFILs quality and environmental system certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

1997 - 1994

Production & QA Manager


KVM-CONHEAT develops and produces heat exchangers for district heating and sale in Europe:

-Reporting to Managing Director, responsible for production and procurement.

-Implementation of ISO 9001.




University of Southern Denmark


Aarhus Business University, Denmark