Experience includes broad-based skills in management of Systems Design and Development, Implementation and Support.. Strategically and cost effectively utilize technology in alignment with corporate goals. Consistently improve delivery times and service levels while reducing costs. Excel at strategic planning.

Business Planning Data Center Management Cost Containment and Continuous Process Improvements & Best Practices

Work History

Work History
Dec 2009 - Present

Database and Network Manager

Local Government





Cloud-based Technologies

Amazon Cloud AWS and Google Apps for Business and Education

Google Apps for Business

VmWare vSphere

American Power Conversion UPS Systems

Implemented a network of UPS systems with servers and workstations.  Automated shutdown due to power outages or out-of-tolerance temperature variations.  SMS and text messaging to cell phone and company e-mail on events.

IBM/DELL Server System Management/Repairs

Implemented and managed SCSI RAID arrays, IBM and DELL rack-mounted servers

FileMaker 10 Pro Database software

Recently given responsibility to manage and move data in/out of existing databases and planned project to add more databases.

VMWare Infrastructure ESX 3i

Co-manage a virtualized computer network with a multi-site organization.

Bakbone NetVault Backup software

Performed daily and nightly backups to physical tape and virtual disk. Performed database transaction log backups by the hour.


Managed ERP system in UNIX environment and Hewlett-Packard 9000 Unix server.  Upgraded software and maintained disk and networking hardware on a HP9000 server.  Integrated backup with Windows-based software and a tape library.

VMWare 1.0/2.0

Performed database install for Oracle runtime applications in VMWare virtualized server environment.

Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Server

Installed and maintained Microsoft Active directory servers in a VMWare environment.

Microsoft SQL Server Database

Manage over 10+ database systems including Microsoft 2005/2008 R2 and mySQL.



Kevin Snyder

Andrew Lambert

Laura Earl