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Statewide Enterprises Inc.

Since 1990 - Statewide Enterprises, Inc. has provided professional property management services to owners of multi-family properties, commercial properties and Homeowner Associations. Our company currently manages over 130 properties, representing close to 5,000 residential units and 185,000 square feet of commercial space throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Services offered include income enhancement, expense reduction, expense control, tenant rent collections, tenant record keeping, accounts receivable bookkeeping, accounts payable bookkeeping, supervision of on-site personnel, marketing, budget forecasting, and financial reporting. Statewide Enterprises, Inc. understands that an investment property requires long-term planning and prudent management. Owners of properties can be assured that Statewide Enterprises, Inc. will carefully employ its resources to safeguard the property and increase its investment value. To speak to a company representative regarding using our property management services please contact us.


Property Management


With more than 20 years in operation, Statewide Enterprises offers a range of property management services for a wide variety of clients, including individuals as well as homeowners' associations. The company works with more than 130 properties, ranging from commercial properties to multi-family housing properties in both Los Angeles and Ventura counties in southern California. Statewide Enterprises represents more than 5,000 residential units and nearly 200,000 square feet of commercial space. Statewide Enterprises handles a wide range of tasks, including dealing with tenants, keeping records, collecting rent, controlling expenses, and supervising maintenance and repairs on-site. The company works to assist owners with the long-term planning and management tasks associated with property management, including reducing costs and increasing revenue. Through proper management, Statewide Enterprises can increase a property’s investment value and long-term viability for the investor. Statewide Enterprises emphasizes a balance between experience and expertise in property management with the specific goals and needs of each client. Professionals with the company bring their extensive skills in property management to bear on each problem, working to meet every client’s expectations. The company also prioritizes honesty, integrity, and efficiency in every client interaction. With open, easy communication strategies and regular updates, Statewide Enterprises keeps clients aware of developments in the real estate market and at their properties. The company understands that investment properties require regular, qualified maintenance, and employs a full-service crew of professionals to handle routine maintenance. This team of more than 25 people is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer emergency calls. Statewide Enterprises also hires and supervises on-site personnel to handle a wide range of tasks. The firm runs extensive background and reference checks and performs intensive interviews to ensure that each person hired for a property brings the requisite skills and integrity to the job. 


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