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Accomplished leader with record of achievement in psychiatric nursing combined with experience in long term care and substance abuse detox

  •   Pediatric psychiatry 
  •   Geriatric experience
  • Clinical Management
  • Care Plan Development
  • Education & Training
  • Team Leadership

Key Qualifications

  • Worked in a broad range of psychiatric departments including , children's crisis stabilization unit, emergency services, adult crisis stabilization unit, And geriatrics's with mental health disorders and I would like to continue working with and leading teams in the delivery of high standards of patient care.
  • Managed and maintained safe clinical environment, continuously assessing area to ensure regulatory standards and organization policies were met.
  • Collaborated with medical professionals to devise and implement care plans.
  • Closely monitored physiological and psychological health and reported changes to medical team, along with initiating corrective procedures when required.
  • Managed medical procedures including administration of oral and intramuscular medications 

Nursing Experience


Licensed practical nurse

The Centers

Responsible for ensuring safety and monitoring for adults in crisis stabilization unit, working closely with psychiatrists, the charge nurse and mental health technicians to ensure medication compliance monitor all possible side effects and document accordingly 


Licensed practical nurse

Lifestream behavioral center

Ensured monitoring and safety for children between the ages of 4-17 while going through crisis and starting a medication regimen. Responsible for proper documentation and proper communication between children, medical staff and the parents/guardian while adhering to Hippa guidelines 


Lead pharmacy technician

CVS pharmacy

Responsible to transcribe prescriptions given from customers and enter all data in the computer, filling and disbursing of the medication in a timely manner back to the customer, was responsible for scheduling, training and supervising a group of 3-5 pharmacy technicians on a daily basis

Additional Professional Experience


Licensed practical nursing license

State of Florida department of health

PN 5204058



Licensed practical nurse

Taylor College

Nursing program