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Cover Letter 

Thank you for taking the time in reviewing my application for the Live Support Chat position within your organization. Upon evaluating your job description, it is obvious to see that you are seeking to employ individuals that are familiar with the role. I am certain of my abilities to productively adapt to any situation in a proficient manner beyond expectation.

 I personally am a flexible professional who has shown great diligence throughout my years of employment. During my ongoing careers, I have grown the skillfulness needed in dealing with customer care. Some of these refine skills consist of critical thinking, hospitality, and communications. The resume provided should display my achievements.

 Once my resume has been fully analyzed, hopefully you find that I am a complete competent candidate well suited for the role of an online chat agent. I look forward in discussing how my specific skill set will be beneficial for your company. Feel free to reach out through a phone call, text or via email (to contact listed above (781)420-7809, [email protected]) to better establish a structural meeting.

Thank you for your solidarity, it will be thrilling to hear from you soon.

Best of wishes,

Stanly Marsan

Work History




• Used the Waze app in order to conduct Lyft protocol procedures for directional assistance. 
• Maintained a clean vehicle in order to cater an enjoyable passages experience. 
• Cruise around in safe populated areas that has a high demand for Lyft’s rideshare services. 
• Accept ride request shown on the Lyft app 
• Picked up passengers in a timely and responsible fashion at the selected point of excess.
• Assist passengers in loading and unloading luggage.
• Greet all new passengers with a heartwarming custom welcome. 
• Evaluate the passengers' oar before engaging formal, informal or any conversation. 
• Used a personal custom Lyft pitch free of coercion and solicitation. Stating Name, Driving Occupation, Confirming passenger’s identity, Destination, Estimated time of arrival (ETA),Stating drivers preference of navigational settings, Passenger’s musical genre preference/radio station,And passengers preferred temperature settings. 
• Having conversational topics prepared, such as knowing what popular bars, restaurants and nightclubs that tourist may want to attend. 
• Maintain a passenger rating above 4.5, that is adjusted to Lyft’s personal scaling

Accomplishment :
• Received multiple bonus incentives for completing weekly ride requirements
• Received bonus incentives for selected hot spots within a specific time period
• Received a complementary jack for entering the 1,000 rides club.
• Was granted the privilege of having weekly PowerZone
• Gained high discounted privileges for gas expenses along with other complementary discounts
• Maintained a high acceptance rating over 90 percentile for months at a time
• Received Royalty Wazer status, Ranking below 105,000 among colleagues 


Package Delivery Driver 



  • Prep Packages for delivery
  • Scan Customers packages with flex app for delivery
  • Check for damage packages
  • Prepare navigational routes for customer drop off
  • Deliver packages, and confirm the safety of that package by either receiving a signature from the customer or representative.
  • If the safety of the package cannot be confirmed, that package must be returned to the amazon pickup station.
2015 2017

Work From Home Enthusiast 

Researching self made opportunities 
  • Practiced in Graphic Design 
  • Practiced in Video Editing 
  • Practiced in Understanding Story tell and Script writing 
  • Practice and training received in Professional Trading 
  • Developed Fundamental Freelancing Skills
  • Learned Social Networking Strategies 
  • Learn Marketing Strategies 
  • Learned Investment Strategies 

Reference Desk Attendant

O'Leary Library, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Umass Lowell's south campus O'Leary Library reference desk attendant. Reference Desk attendees cater to visitors and students that seek directional assistance. Serving as a Library informative referring librarians, administrators who hold offices or classes within the domain of the library. Attendees also cater to the following priorities.

• Checking in/out rental bikes
• Answering phone calls
• Stocking office supplies
• Handing out rental supplies
• Manage the lost and found checkout
• Taking count/walking the floor, during night shifts
• Entry level tech assistance for the aid of visitors


Student Manager

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Student manager for men’s soccer. Single and most important task was to submit data entry results for a player scouting report. Logging information on new talent using excel. Minimum equipment managing with mild traveling involved. For the women’s basketball team, managed equipment during games. Served as media relations associate. Filmed and streamed games for the America East conference.Operated practice clock, shot clock, coordinated scoreboard during practices.
Responsible for setting up the court before practices.

• Managed equipment during practices and in games
• Served as media relations associate during games
• Filmed and Streamed Both Men’s and Women’s Basketball games
• Operated practice clock, shot clock, and coordinated scoreboard during practices
• Traveled with the Women’s basketball Team, and Men’s Soccer Team
• Data Entry for Men’s Soccer Team


Instructor at Sim's Driving School

Professional Driving

Job Description: Teach a dozen different sessions to conditioning sequences. Obligated to enforce prior sessions, and provide friendly feedback to student drivers. Record data measuring students driving ability on how well they performed each session. Have students sign documents for MassDot, and Sim's holding records.

Supported Sim’s Driving Schools mission in teaching driving techniques which conditioned students neurologic ability to support disciplined driving habits. Supported Sim’s Driving schools vision in unifying instructors to follow a regulated procedure made for simplicity. As an instructor, I've provided the following services.

• Taught a sequence that is meant to drastically improve driving performance
• Pre-Driving checks (seat belt, mirrors, adjustment, gears, ignition)
• Pull out and go, Pull over and park
• Turning concept of the steering wheel.
• How to perform right and left turns.
• Drive Straight and along a curve
• Back-up and reverse.
• Three point turns.
• How to park on a hill.
• How to park in parking lot.
• Parallel parking
• How to drive on a Highway.
• Changing lanes.
• Monitoring speeds(checking speedometer)
• Use of mirrors while driving etc.

About SIM'S Driving School:
Their mission is to teach safe driving skills at a professional level. The Driving school has friendly instructors that teach simple defensive driving techniques. Satisfaction is guaranteed at an affordable price. They commend full sponsorship and insurance coverage during Road Test Exams. Sim's Driving School also provides classroom instruction for students under the age of 18. "Making it Simple" for student drivers to obtain their license.


Restaurant Host

Abigail's at Kendell sq. Cambridge

Job Description: A Host or Hostess at Abigail Restaurant is required to be an interchangeable employee to the server position. It isn’t uncommon to see a host clearing tables, serving food, washing dishes, preparing tables, etc. A host would regularly walk the floor, tallying entries to the number of visiting guest in the restaurant while greeting guest and escorting them an appropriate table. Other obligations such as answering phone calls to confirm reservation, or catering to a manager’s request were required.

Job Responsibilities:
• Assist servers with table preparation
• Greet every guest with a warm welcome and smile
• Assign seating to guest
• Escort guests to tables
• Be cautious about maintaining supplies at your work station.
• Tally the floor
• Answer phone calls

About Abigails
Abigail’s restaurant is a “friendly neighborhood spot” located in Kendell Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The establishment is designed to be a contemporary bistro cuisine styled restaurant. This restaurant also conducts a full catering service. Organizations that need food catering for morning business meetings, weddings, barbecues and whole animal roasting’s have all contacted Abigail’s restaurant. Abigail’s open bar has a wide selection inquired from around the world of carefully selected beers and wines. It's open bar provides a special menu allowing guest to order food that compliments their drinks.


Restaurant Host

New French LLC-L'Espalier formally

Job Description: Temporary host position for experienced workers. Must be able to operate OpenTable to reserve seating, assign sections to servers, and construct rotation.

• Answer phone calls
• Know the menu, make recommendations to guest
• Greet every guest with a warm welcome and smile
• Keeping track of tables in your stations with the use of the Open-Table software
• Assign seating to guest by matching the stature of the party’s size
• Escort guests or regulars to be seated
• Assigning a server who can appropriately correlate to the seated party
• Know the menu, recommend different plates and daily specials
• Manage the OpenTable software's operation.

About: Sel De La Terre
This Restaurant is associated to McClelland's New France LLC. Holding several locations in Massachusetts, McClelland's company made a strategic business decision to focus branding a more formal counterpart, L'Espalier. Both Sel De La Terre and L'Espalier housed the same location in the Back Bay. New France LLC, united the two restaurants, taking the name L'Espalier.

2012-042012- 05

Restaurant Host

RockBottom - CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc

• Table preparation
• Have a sense of awareness for new guest arrivals for seating preparation
• Greet every guest with a warm welcome and a smile
• Keeping track of tables in your stations with the use of  the Open-Table software
• Assign seating to guest by matching the stature of the party’s size
• Assign a compatible or available server for seated parties among the rotation
• Supply menus to guest before assigning a server.
• Maintain supplies at your workstation.
• Attend to guest that need immediate service while their server is away
• Know the Menu, recommend different plates and daily specials
• Certified host may serve alcoholic drinks.
• Answer phone calls to take down messages or forward to management
• Cash in to go orders, Phone calls or personal visits
• Help clear tables

About RockBottom:
The Restaurant is also a brewery that serves their own beer. “Rock Bottom has over 125 Major medals and awards for brewing Excellence” “When you hit Rock Bottom, you'll enjoy a handcrafted beer. This connection is made possible because it’s staff, and as they would like to say, life begins when” "You've Hit Rock Bottom!"


Sports Information(work study)

Nichols College (work study)

Job descriptions: Help management during sporting events on campus. Accomplish tasks such as field setup and clearing for football games, work in pressbox, and ticket sale's during basketball games.

• Field Setup/clearing for football games
• Worked the Chains during football games
• Worked scoreboard messaging- gave feeds of game progression
• If possible, help out with game stats
• Ticket Sale's during Basketball games


Sale's and Marketing Intern

Boston Business Concepts Inc

Position: Sales and Marketing INTERNSHIP

Job description: A Business experiences for students studying sales and marketing. I served my internship position as a door to door sales representative for Verizon. Management provided territory within the  Massachusetts region under a soliciting license to sell Verizon Fios. Sale Representatives would also check in with customers interested in upgrading their service. Optional payments for commissions were provided. A base payment options were given to those you choose to have in office responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities
• Attend morning meetings in professional attire.
•  Participate in Marketing discussions during morning meetings for sales approach strategies.
• While in office, practice pitch warmups/ revise pitch to sale promotions
• Morning meeting close, receive new region
• Prepare mapped region ( Looping your routes)
• Stock vehicle, satchel, or brief with paperwork and digital devices needed for sign ups.
• Drive out on your own or with a team to the assigned region and commence your loop.
• At the end of your loop, return to the office for a closing meeting.
• Return all digital devices, and submit paperwork for commission sales.

About Boston Business Concepts Inc.( Linkedin,1)
BBC Inc. provides a friendly and professional sales force that bridges the gap between large companies and their customers. Clients expect the highest standards in customer acquisition and retention.

Core Values:
The continual growth & development of our people. To "WoW" our clients by providing outstanding and consistent results while upholding the highest integrity standards in our industry. To continually challenge the status-quo by taking on new industries, new ventures, and international expansion.


Instructor's Assistant

Emile's Driving School

Instructor's Assistants are responsible for understanding pricing to communicate with customers that have a desired need for the service. Must be able to supervise and maintain a well kept office. Assistants will be asked to file a variety of different documents. Basic office requirements such as, stapling, printing, copying, date entry etc.



University of Massachusetts