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Mr. Stanley Tollman, founder of The Travel Corporation (TTC) recently celebrated his 80th birthday at the company's International Sales Conference held October 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. Although today he heads the mega TTC travel company which encompasses several successful travel organizations, Stanley Tollman's origins are humble. He was born in Cape Town South Africa to hotelier parents, and after completing his high school education opted to pass up on university studies in favor of helping his parents run their hotel business; at that time the family owned "Palace Hotel" in Johannesburg, a modest establishment. Although Stanley Tollman abandoned his pursuits of a higher education, he never gave up on his dream to replicate the famous restaurants and supper clubs of New York in his native South Africa.

Stanley Tollman met Bea Tollman at the "Oyster Box Hotel" and not long after the young couple married. Together they set out on a career of travel and hospitality that would see many ups and downs. This career would eventually culminate into the successful TTC which today is run by their son and two nephews, and includes Bea's chain of top class boutique hotels, Red Carnation Hotels. Their first venture together was the "Nugget Hotel" in Johannesburg, where Stanley's responsibilities were to handle the front of the hotel, while Bea dealt with the kitchen. They went on to open the "Hyde Park Hotel" with its well known restaurants and even better known "Stable", the first discotheque in South Africa and a club that hosted international stars such as Trini Lopez and Petula Clark. Tollman also built the "Tollman Towers" hotel. This hotel was located within the tallest building in Africa at the time, and was also the first African hotel to make the list of best hotels in the world. Stanley Tollman's company, SA Empire, was the base for a major chain of hotels, restaurants and wine importers.

In 1973 Stanley Tollman invested in the hotel and real estate company, Court Hotels. However soaring interest rates at the time turned the investment sour and sent the Tollman family to seek greener pastures in the United Kingdom, where they still had interests in a travel company, Trafalgar Tours, known today as one of the world's largest travel companies.

Never one to sit still, Stanley Tollman and his wife Bea put their entrepreneurial spirit to the test and forged ahead with their innovative plans for tourism industry in Europe and later the world. The company today, still under the leadership of members of the Tollman family, is imbued with that spirit and reaches out to new regions of the world and new opportunities for the group. As part of his efforts to recoup the family fortune, Tollman founded The Travel Corporation, which under his leadership has grown into a highly successful conglomerate boasting more than 25 top travel and tourism brands including but not limited to: Red Carnation boutique hotels,  Trafalgar Tours, Contiki Holidays, AAT Kings, Shamrocker Adventures and more.

The Travel Corporation is breaking new ground in Asia and offering exciting travel opportunities to the Chinese market as well as promoting positive tourism in Japan, hard hit after the massive earthquake and tsunami.

Stanley Tollman is also a noted philanthropist, donating generously to a host of charities and international causes.His most recent donation was a family affair. He and Gavin Tollman, his nephew, chose to honor the memory of his brother, Dr. Arnold Tollman, through a generous donation of R 325,000. The Groote Schuur Hospital, the recipient of the gift, will use the money to improve the equipment and conditions in its renal unit. As such, the new medical equipment will put the South African hospital at the forefront of researching new treatments for chronic and acute renal failure.

At the TTC International Conference in October 2010, Tollman generously donated to five South African charities in celebration of his birthday. The beneficiaries included the Amy Biehl Foundation, the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre, and former Springbok rugby captain, Francois Pienaar's Make a Difference Foundation. Tollman is also committed to the preservation of wildlife in South Africa, to which end he founded "The Conservation Foundation" through TTC, which promotes tourism in ecologically sensitive regions. Stanley Tollman also donates independently to organizations that are dedicated to preserving endangered animals. Stanley Tollman also supports the arts through The Tollman Family Art Award which promotes South African local art and culture.

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