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Founder of the Champions Group Stanley Rao with his 18 years of experience in the Marketing and the IT field began to bring out solutions for all the marketers based across the world. He founded the Champions Group with a mission to help the today's generations to develop their professional growth. Champions Group today comprises of more than 1,500 employees dealing with the various sectors of data digitization, entertainment, communication and many more. Organizer of the CMO Marketing Summit 2012 Stanley Rao today is called to speak at many industrial gatherings like the CLO Summit, CEO Marketing Summit and the DMAi Convention 2012. He being the founder of the Champions Group is responsible enough for all the activities at at the Champions Group bringing in sales and marketing programmes. With the foundation of the Champions Group, he also founded the Champions life long learning society that provided funds for the poor and the system of education in Bangalore, along with the Young champions leadership camp that operates on the charitable basis teaching the generation of today the value of leadership, confidence and character. With all the skills that he has gained today has made him recognize as the  100 Most Influential Global Sales & Marketing Technology Leaders from the Marketing Times.

The TMF&A event was organized on the 4th November 2011 to provide the delegates with a huge knowledge on what marketing outsourcing is all about, and the techniques that one needs to learn in order to attain better marketing results. Stanley Rao the founder of the champions group was the key note speaker at the event. Through out the event he shared his views on digital marketing, CRM, Direct marketing and many more with the other influential speakers of the marketing industry. He feels that marketing outsourcing not just helps you in putting efforts in the activities that you are doing but will also help you in accelerating the results. The delegates who have attended the event were provided with the marketing advices and services that they could use in the activities of the organization. Watch out Stanley Rao official YouTube .

DMAi convention was organized on the 1st August 2012 as a platform for all the marketers and the marketing executives to enhance and expertise themselves in the field of marketing. The event was organized at the The Leela Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, where the Online Marketing Guru Stanley Rao spoke and represented his views on the Marketing Outsourcing: India's Next Multi Billion Dollars Engagement Mantra. Through out the convention he spoke on what marketing outsourcing is and the techniques one could use in every activity that they are doing providing benefits to the individual and the organization you are working for. The delegates were ensured that the convention would be of a great help to them and would gain a bag full of marketing strategies that they could use in every activity that they are doing.

CMO marketing Summit was organized with a golden opportunity to provide the delegates a clear understanding on marketing and the future trends of marketing. The summit was organized on the 21st of August 2012 Taj Vivanta Bangalore, where the marketing guru Stanley Rao Spoke on the Marketing Outsourcing - India's next 100 Billion $ mantra. Through out the summit he shared his knowledge on what marketing outsourcing is all about and what are the advantages that one could lead through in marketing outsourcing. The Summit was of a great success and best opportunity for all the delegates to talk to the marketing minds and gain answers for all the questions that they had in their mind, along with the techniques and strategies one could use in every business activity that they are doing.

Stanley Rao the innovative marketing guru is currently heading as the CEO of the champions Group Bangalore.  His years of experience he deals with the various sectors of marketing outsourcing, data digitization, real estate, email marketing and many more. As a successful entrepreneur he has always focused his attention in getting out changes in every activity he is doing in the organization. Being the Philanthropist and the chairman of the Champions Group today he feels proud while doing charity for the organizations who are in need, believing that every individual has the right to live like the others. In the year 2010 he organized the Go green event in Bangalore with a mission to save the trees that were being cut down by the individuals for their own purposes and was attended by more than 300 participants across Bangalore.

Stanley Rao with all the name and fame that he has gained in the marketing world is today widely respected for SMEI which is a non profitable sales and marketing think thank India and helping the B2B professionals with the different types of marketing techniques and strategies. 2011 he introduced and brought in and introduced the different kinds of  marketing programmes under the champions life long learning society, sponsoring for the technology for marketing and advertising India on November 4th and 5th 2011, An international marketing event attended by marketers from across the world gaining ideas on marketing and the marketing strategies.

He as the marketing guru believed that outsourcing has been a major advantage for all the businesses since the last 10 years. Though outsourcing is actually a new concept smaller business organizations have been gaining huge results through this. They have been successful enough in expanding their organization, building up their brands, gaining more customers online. Marketing though is said to be quite expensive but it has been one of the best field providing customers with one of the best results in what ever business activities they are doing.

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