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Kathleen Niew offers comprehensive financial planning as President of The Niew Group LLC. As an investment professional for 10 years, she has dedicated herself to assisting her clientele with all of their financial and estate planning requirements. Kathleen Niew has proved especially adept at creating custom-tailored programs that factor in each investor’s risk tolerance and long-term goals. Whether a client is building a college fund or saving for retirement, Kathleen Niew stresses a disciplined approach to wealth planning.

Passionate about the role that education plays in financial wellbeing, Kathleen Niew strives to empower her clientele. Her 2004 publication, Money-Keeping for Modern Times, describes the keys to fiscal freedom in easy-to-understand language. Kathleen Niew, who has pinpointed six universal money issues, articulates common-sense solutions to these problems and others. Serving those in white-collar and blue-collar professions, she recommends allocation strategies appropriate to her clients’ tax liability and lifestyle. Often asked to address crowds of investors, Kathleen Niew also leads a seminar that deals with money concerns unique to women, called “Money Talks for Women.”

Kathleen Niew founded The Niew Group LLC in 2001. Earlier in her career, she practiced law for more than two decades with her husband, attorney Stanley Niew. As a partner in their firm, Niew & Associates, P.C., Kathleen Niew concentrated on probate law and estate planning, as well as cases pertaining to the construction industry. Aside from her responsibilities in the legal and financial arenas, she has garnered national recognition for her involvement in political causes. Named the Republican Businesswoman of the Year in 2005, Kathleen Niew was honored with the Ronald Reagan Congressional Gold Medal the following year. 

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