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Possessing nearly two decades of experience in the financial industry, Stanley Kowalewski Jr. has acted as Managing Director of The Argonaut Group, LLC, since February of 2011. He serves his company out of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, where he holds responsibility for decisions made with regard to business investments, portfolio management, and due diligence procedures. Stanley Kowalewski began his professional career in 1994, as an Investment Analyst for Waterfront International, a subsidiary of Trout Trading Company. As the company’s first undergraduate hire in a field that normally requires advanced degrees, Kowalewski handled business portfolios, accounts, and statistics, in addition to his regular profit/loss responsibilities. This position marked the beginning of a long, successful career in finance. Beginning in 1995, Stanley Kowalewski became a founder and Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Advisers, Inc. At his position in Greensboro, North Carolina, he managed the portfolios of all client assets, worth approximately $850 million. He also met with business clients, performed due diligence when necessary, and acted as Chairman and Chief Executive before selling his firm to Global Asset Alternatives, LLC, for a large profit in 2004. Afterwards, Kowalewski went on to work as a Managing Director for Global Asset Alternatives, retaining most of his previous clientele while also seeking out additional investors. Stanley Kowalewski took on a new position in 2005, working for Columbia Partners, LLC Investment Management as Managing Director. His work required him to manage the portfolios of any client assets filed under the "fund of funds" group, drawing from a pool of more than $3 billion. Kowalewski left Columbia Partners in 2009, taking with him a wealth of financial management experience he now puts into practice at his current job with the Argonaut Group.Stanley Kowalewski graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. There he studied Government and earned four varsity letters for his participation on the basketball team.

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