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Designing a Rock Garden Part 2 of 2 by Stan Czachor

The first part of this article discussed some of the benefits of adding a rock garden into your landscape’s design. If you are convinced, here is how to get the process started:1. Lay the foundation: Select a site for your rock garden—you will want it to see plenty of sun, and a natural slope is best. If you do not have a natural slope, make your own—you want to create your garden on a plot with natural drainage. Next, lay down the drainage layer, which typically incorporates clunky rocks, concrete, and brick. Add the second layer, which should be coarse sand. Finally, lay down the top layer—soil. 2. Install the rocks: Use rocks from your own yard, or pick some up at a home improvement store. Experts suggest sticking with one kind of rock, but getting many different sizes. You want to arrange them naturally - try burying a few into your garden so they look like they have always been there. Then let the rocks settle for a few weeks and add more soil as necessary. 3. Plant flowers: After you have let your rock garden settle, it is time to add flowers. However, you will have to experiment or do some research in order to find flowers that will work in your climate. You should plant a few different kinds of flowers in small amounts to see what flourishes and what falters. Make adjustments as you see fit. Of course these are just the basics for building a rock garden—conduct additional research to learn more. Good luck!About the author: Stan Czachor is a landscape design enthusiast with a strong interest in design in North and South America.


For over 25 years, Stanley Czachor has worked as a technical sales executive and energy auditor for a number of companies such as Arch-Tech Systems, the Business Services division of Direct Energy Marketing Limited, Wintec EMC, and Osram Sylvania Ltd. Serving with Osram Sylvania as a National Sales Manager since 2005, Stanley Czachor has contributed a number of structural improvements. He reorganized the company’s sales department, making it more efficient and cost-effective; introduced SAP software, a state-of-the-art data system that more proficiently organizes and monitors customer reports; and used his skills as an auditor to generate over $3.1 million dollars in utility and federal incentives on behalf of customers. These efforts led to unprecedented growth in Osram Sylvania’s sales and net profit. Since Mr. Czachor began working for the organization, it has experienced consistent sales growth of 10 to 16 percent per year, and regularly exceeded annual profit targets by 50 to 150 percent. Stanley Czachor’s achievements earned him the Canadian Manager of the Year award two years in a row.Dedicated to social causes, Stanley Czachor is the co-founder of Commit to Kids, a charitable organization that provides care and support for young people who have experienced abuse. Mr. Czachor remains active in a number of athletic activities such as squash, cycling, and running. He is a graduate of Humber College in Toronto and continues to participate in career-advancing education at York University’s Schulich School of Business.

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