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Work History

Feb 2015Apr 2015

PHP - developer (full stack)

CherryTrade (Germany)

It was a finance service for Arabian business. Service has 23256 pages about different currencies around the world. It has own blog. The service is multilanguage ( Arabian language includes). Also it has dynamic system of publishing pages, dynamic blocks of currency's information and currency-converter, which is built by Google and XE finance API's. 

This project is built by Laravel 5.

Nov 2014Feb 2015

Regular PHP-developer

OOO 'Aquamarket'

We were developing an e-shop "citymarket". This project was developed by Prestashop CMS. Every module in this CMS was built by developers ( reviews, cart system, filter ( rewrited) and other interesting features.

March 2015July 2015

Regular PHP Developer


Development of Calltracking system ( analytic of calls ). This project was integrated with Astrisk and Google Analytics. Full-stack development. Backend (Laravel 4.2 + Redis + PostgreSQL). Frontend(Native)

July 2015Jan 2017

PHP Engineer


Projects: Expensify, Cost Control System(internal). Backend development of financial systems.

Jan 2017June 2017

Full-stack Engineer

Sport Labs Group

Project: 777score. It's an information system for sport analytics. Built with ReactJS, Redux-saga, Redux, styled-components, reselect. Backend: Symfony3.


Sep 2012Jan 2015


Donetsk National Technical University

course: System Programming

Sep 2012Jan 2013


Computer academy
Sep 2001May 2012


Number 1 in Makeevka, Donetsk district


It's only little examples of work. 


My main objective to become professional Tech Lead .

What's about personal goals? I like sport, traveling,  learn something new.


Experience in programming is above 5 years. Firstly it was Pascal, asm, then C/C++, ActiveHDL... 

Three years ago I've tried web-development and I Like it. I have big experience with JavaScript(ES5/6), SQL, PHP7.

Know frameworks, like Laravel 5, Symfony2/3, Doctrine2, EloquentORM(active record ORM), Angular 1.4, ReactJS . Some experience with noSQL databases like Redis, ElasticSearch. 

Good knowledge of Linux, Mac.

I'm easily trained. Have a good relations with collective.

Other languages

When I was studying in the university and it-academy, we were learning C/C++. Also, I know the basics of C# .NET 4.5 (Mono platform for Unity3D) .


Ukrainian, Russian, English (intermediate).


I use PHPStorm IDE for a long time, it has everything what I need. Sometimes I use Atom for HTML-coding. 

Additional information

Marital status: no wife, no children;

Hobbies: reading, sport club, traveling;

Foreign passport: yes;



ReactJS, Redux, Redux-saga, Reselect, Redux-Form

Symfony 2/3
Laravel 5

The learning of this library in process( and underscore.js too, because Backbone.js won't work without underscore.js) . I really like this library, because it is light, intuitive, all properties are protected. And the main feature - the front-end code became really understandable and easy extendable.