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Lawyer Standish Alexander began providing legal services for traffic-related cases in the Richmond-Petersburg region 19 years ago. A resident of central Virginia for nearly 25 years, Standish Alexander graduated from the Distinguished Majors program at the University of Virginia in 1990. He then attended the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond and earned his Juris Doctorate in 1993. For the next several years, Standish Alexander was in private practice in Richmond, then served as an assistant public defender for the City of Portsmouth and then went back into private practice focusing on personal injury law before establishing his own practice in 2002. Standish Alexander provides legal help to those who have encountered problems on the road. Possessing unique experience in the field of criminal and traffic law thanks to his work as a public defender, Standish Alexander provides excellent defenses to the various criminal and traffic violations in the Commonwealth of Virginia that would be considered minor offenses in other states. Standish Alexander defends clients in reckless driving cases, as well as cases involving simple speeding violations. Additionally, Standish Alexander provides legal assistance for out-of-state drivers unfamiliar with Virginia traffic law. Virginia employs some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the country with a 3-strike DUI law that leads to a felony conviction and a license revocation upon a third conviction within a 10 year time period. Having handled hundreds of DUI cases over the past 19 years, Standish Alexander understands the law and how to handle such cases with the purpose of attaining the best possible outcome for his clients. Drivers who merely have speeding or reckless driving tickets seek the legal assistance of Standish Alexander in an effort to reduce their fine or to prevent the citations from becoming a criminal liability. Standish Alexander will also assist drivers in the prevention or removal of a license suspension. Drivers interested in Standish Alexander’s offerings should visit for more information.

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Alexander Law Office, P.C.


Aug 1990May 1993

Juris Doctor

University of Richmond School of Law
Aug 1986May 1990


University of Virginia