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Stags Inc. is a leading stag and event hosting company serving the Woodbridge and Greater Toronto Area. As Canada’s largest and most dependable promotions company, Stags Inc. is the first company of its kind to offer stag services from start to end. With the largest staff roster in the industry, Stags Inc. has the experienced staff to match any client’s specific event, whether it is a stag, corporate event, golf tournament, fundraiser, trade show, or any other event. Stags Inc. offers customers a number of stag and event packages which are precisely designed to accommodate an event in relation to the number of guests in attendance, and all packages are customizable and can be altered right up until the week of the event. After creating the Stag Industry over 20 years ago, Stags Inc.guarantees all their customers’ needs and expectations will be met through through their professional, unique, and dependable party hosting service.

Stags Inc.
21 Roysun Road, Unit 12
Woodbridge, ON L4L 8R3
Tel: (905) 265-2600