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Results-oriented and award-winning expertise in marketing  and operational strategies that increase shopper dwell time and reduce property expenses. Career highlights include:

  • Collaborated with leasing team and signed highly-coveted first-ever shopping center location of national retailer which increased center sales by 29%.
  • Selected as ICSC award finalist for creating “Paws for Style” community relations campaign.  Free PR valued at $200K. Partnerships and sponsorships covered all programming costs.
  • Increased parking revenue by 32% through forming partnerships with neighboring business, and decreased parking overhead expenses by 42% through adjusting schedules after analyzing vehicle counts.
  • Won awards from GGP and PepsiCo, and received 2nd largest grant in GGP company history, for creating “Pepsi Pop Art,” which drove center traffic, prolonged shopper dwell time and increased soda vending machine sales by 32%.



    Property Manager

    Gables Residential, Emory Point

    Develop and implement operational, marketing, and financial strategies to generate property awareness and increase net operating income (NOI). Handle day-to-day management of boutique retail asset that is part of a 750-unit multifamily luxury development. Conduct market research, support leasing initiatives, create strategic sponsorships and facilitate capital projects. Prepare budget variance reports (BVRs), collect monthly tenant sales and rent checks, coordinate tenant openings, closings and terminations, and manage housekeeping, security, landscaping and other contractors. Maintain strong relationships and partnerships with retail, restaurant and grocery tenants.

    • Created and project managed sold-out summer grilling series involving area chefs, retailers and strategic partners. Sponsorship revenue covered all programming costs of $150K, and 100% of tickets sales were donated to local nonprofits. Social media engagement increased 65% and free was PR valued at $27K.
    • Partnered with local businesses and created first-ever recycling event in tandem with America Recycles Day. The November 2016 event won a Green Champion Award in the “Environmental Stewardship” category from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. To-date, the semi-annual event has kept 40,000 pounds from landfills (20 tons) and garnered $50K in free PR.

    Director of Marketing and Public Relations

    Hines, Galleria Edina

    Instituted and led the development and creation of marketing, advertising, social media, and PR plans. Designed and orchestrated customer-experience events, singular promotions, and corporate sponsorships to drive traffic, sales, ancillary income, and positive ROI. Cultivated and maintained superior retailer, client, civic, strategic partner, and media relationships. Fostered tenants’ involvement in marketing programs. Managed marketing budget, vendors, and communications with internal and external stakeholders. Analyzed market research for strategy development and evaluated marketing results for future planning.

    • Reinvented center’s 10-year-old advertising by creating research-based rebranding campaign, redesigning website, hiring new ad agency, and reforecasting budget to support strong media presence. All external advertising and in-mall collateral will reflect upgraded positioning. New “Welcome to Galleria” campaign was applauded by national and local tenants.
    • Partnered with MSP Magazine to create the only center-wide open house event in the market. “The Perfect Party” unveiled newly-created, locally-designed custom holiday décor, reinforced Galleria rebranding via vignettes, showcased property’s unique retailers, and received MSP Magazine media coverage valued at $250K.
    • Devised and executed collaborative marketing strategies that drove traffic, generated market-wide media coverage, and helped Allen Edmonds, David Yurman, JMcLaughlin to exceed sales goals for new store openings.

    Marketing Director

    Retail Properties of America, The Shops at Legacy

    Directed all aspects of marketing, advertising, and social media plans. Created signature outdoor events and project managed them in conjunction with the City of Plano and local police and fire departments. Partnered with civic organizations, retailers, charities, and local businesses to plan, promote, and execute property-wide events and programs. Provided market intelligence, branded collateral, and innovative ideas to support leasing efforts. Managed marketing budget, gift card program, and execution of vendor projects.

    • Elevated signature “Lights at Legacy” holiday tree-lighting event for 10th anniversary, which attracted 25K attendees. Invented “Santa Wonderland” to feature retailers in a vacant space, executed viral social media promotion with Culture Map Dallas, and created property’s first-ever partnership with, and sold-out event for, on-site movie theatre.
    • Designed and executed “Guess Who Is Opening” campaign to announce Lululemon, optimize use of vacant retail space, and drive traffic. Campaign featured shoppers as models, social media component went viral, Facebook and Instagram fans increased by 34% ($0.19 per subscriber), and program was praised by community and retailers.
    • Crafted $150K sponsorship package for Mercedes-Benz and created all components, including pop-up store, VIP event seating, promotion to drive shoppers to/from signature events, and shuttle service program with area businesses.

    Marketing Manager

    General Growth Properties, Stonebriar Centre

    Led the creation, development, and execution of marketing and tourism plans that increased shopper traffic, sales, and revenue. Created and managed metrics for public relations, advertising, digital, and social media strategies. Coordinated research activity and used information to develop strategic initiatives. Served as property’s on-camera public relations representative and center’s Manager on Duty during monthly and holiday rotations. Managed monthly reforecast budget, Guest Services, and gift card program.

    • Recaptured mall’s position as destination of choice for families during Christmas season with multi-faceted strategy.
      • Created three sold-out signature events, including “Cupcakes and Milk with Santa”  and first-ever “Welcome Santa” event for 500 attendees in collaboration with on-site ice skating rink.
      • Refurbished and redesigned decade-old Santa set, which increased holiday photo sales 44% over prior year, garnered $200K media coverage, and was touted by GGP as an example of exceptional creativity and execution.
    • Created and concepted all components for “Stars of the Season” community marketing program, developed to support charity created by local 15-year-old high-school student for military families.
      • Local high school designed common area display windows and art canvases around the themes of love, hope, peace, and charity; local and out-of-area shoppers voted/donated in mall and on Facebook for their favorite windows; and more than 400 people, including community leaders, attended fashion show and art auction event.
      • Program raised $7K for charity, garnered $85K in free PR, and received glowing praise from GGP executives.
    • Devised "Texting Tourism" summer mobile marketing campaign in partnership with Frisco Convention & Visitor Bureau to capitalize on drive market traffic. Resulted in 25% increase in gift card sales.

    Marketing Director

    Nielsen Business Media

    Created and executed marketing strategies that drove P&L growth. Conducted market research and analyzed data to develop industry-specific campaigns. Negotiated advertising barters and partnerships. Managed $750K budget.

    • Developed strategic marketing and advertising campaign for “Green Day” conference. Resulted in sold-out event.
    • Created social networking site for hospitality executives attending annual invitation-only conference. Saved $50K by eliminating the need for a printed directory.
    • Led the development of cross-functional marketing and advertising campaigns, which increased trade show traffic on average 23%. Campaigns received recognition for being effective and well-designed.

    Marketing Manager

    General Growth Properties, North Point Mall

    Led the design, creation, and execution of marketing, PR, tourism, and alternative revenue plans. Developed strategic programming and partnerships using market and proprietary research. Managed marketing budget. Recognized by GGP with Team of the Year, People's Choice, and Marketing Awards.

    • Concepted, designed, and executed sold-out “Green Eggs and Ham” breakfast and costume contest to support NEA’s Read Across America Day. Early morning event drew 250 attendees and received $130K in PR value.
    • Ranked in top 5% of GGP portfolio for holiday photo sales ($180K per year for 3 years). New holiday events such as Santa’s Arrival Parade and Santa Sightings increased attendance 35% and generated $65K in free publicity.
    • Secured partnership with MTV, Teen Vogue, and Buckle for multi-faceted fashion event, which culminated in an hour-long segment on MTV’s hit show, MADE, and generated $1M worth of free PR and advertising exposure.
    • Exceeded annual business development and sponsorship goals, on average 34%, by performing market research, developing strategic recommendations, and building strong relationships and partnerships.

      Retail Program Manager / Trade Show Manager


      Retail Program Manager

      Designed and project managed UPS retail channel incentive programs and events for consumers and franchisees. Managed work-streams for marketing strategy, sales tactics, and incentive programs to generate revenue for The UPS Store. Collaborated with cross-functional team to ensure alignment of branding and messaging.

      Trade Show Manager

      Developed and produced strategies for trade shows, conferences, and events to support UPS business units. Worked with internal and external advertising departments to create branding strategies and positioning. Coordinated logistics, staff trainings, and data collection. Negotiated vendor contracts. Analyzed post-show ROI.

      UPS/United Way Co-Coordinator
      Project managed all activities and fundraising events for the Corporate UPS United Way Campaign. Managed Department Coordinators to create localized campaign giving programs. Organized and attended Metro Atlanta United Way trainings and meetings. Increased donations by 27% over goal and employee participation by 24%.

      Professional Honors

      • Marketing Award Finalist from the International Council of Shopping Centers
      • Multiple Awards from GGP (People's Choice, Team of the Year, Marketing)
      • Award from Pepsi Corporate & GGP for integrated marketing campaign

      "Welcome to Galleria"

      Galleria Edina rebranding campaign.

      "Lights at Legacy"

      Annual tree-lighting event with 25K people in attendance at The Shops at Legacy. Including a private movie showing with Santa, social media promotion with Culture Map Dallas, and community philanthropic partnerships.

      "Guess Who Is Opening"

      Recycling Days at Emory Point

      Semi-annual recycling events held in conjunction with Clifton Corridor community partners, Emory University & The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and hosted at Emory Point.

      America Recycles Day at Emory Point 2016 won the 2017 HHS Green Champion Award in the Environmental Stewardship Group category, and Recycling Day at Emory Point 2018 collected 17,400 lbs (8.7 tons) of recyclables. The semi-annual event, started in April 2016, has collected 40,000 pounds or 20 tons.

      "Stars of the Season"

      "Stars of the Season" program created to support teen Tori Pimentel,  and her charity Operation Sweet 16, in raising $16K for military families by her 16th birthday.

      A letter from Tori's mother

      Written to Johnna VanDeurzen, Director, Charitable Event Management, GGP

      Dear Ms. VanDeurzen,

      On behalf of a very proud mother, a then hopeful little 15 year old girl with a big dream and one big goal, Tori Pimentel and I, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have provided for Operation Sweet 16. Stonebriar Centre Mall was always our favorite shopping experience but we never dreamed that Stonebriar Centre would partner on such an enormous level. From the Shop Til You Rock promotion that Operation Sweet 16 was able to participate in, to Cupcakes and Milk with Santa, Welcome Santa and "Stars of the Season" program featuring the holiday windows, art from Tori's classmates, the fashion show and art auction. We are humbled, tearful, joyful, elated, moved and eternally grateful to you. There truly aren’t words of thanks for the number of U.S. Service men and women that you have allowed Operation Sweet 16 the opportunity to assist, due to approving the partnership that you have shown Operation Sweet 16. The tenacity in your Marketing Manager, Stacy Schuch, is incredible. She is the epitome of professionalism, creativity, bounds of energy and genuine kindness. Philanthropy is obviously a huge part of her character and heart and what better way to represent your company than with someone who is willing to work so hard for Stonebriar Centre and for U.S. Soldiers in need that she will most likely never meet. She also helped a little girl’s dream come true! That alone, will never be forgotten.

      Tori gave herself a goal of raising $16,000.00 instead of having any sort of Sweet 16 celebration. When she came to me telling me of what she had charged herself with, to be honest, I was a bit concerned. Here stood a little girl who didn’t yet have a driver’s license, has tons of homework, who runs miles every day being part of her school’s cross country team and is involved in many various clubs at school. But instantly, I also knew she’d pull it off. Because of all that you, Johnna, and Stacy, allowed my daughter to be a part of at Stonebriar Centre, Tori’s charge to help others, went from a Texas not-for-profit to (most recently) a licensed 501c3. Tori found so much joy and felt that she can continue to make a difference in so many lives by managing her own non-profit for the rest of her life.

      Tori has been named Southlake’s Youth of the Year and was also awarded the Star of the 24th by Congressman Kenny Marchant ( These are once-in-a-lifetime honors that we know will take her charity and the achievements of a driven 16 year old to new heights. You and Stacy, were integral parts of the success of Operation Sweet 16 and we cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to assist Operation Sweet 16, Tori, our family and the community. You’ve touched thousands of people in tremendous ways and we are eternally grateful to you. 

      Sincere thanks, Mona Q. Burk

      Partnership with American Heart Association

      HeART Wall,  Hula Hoop for the Heart and a sportswear fashion show.  Events  to share the healthy heart message to  all ages.


      Bachelors of Arts

      Concordia College

      Studied Abroad -- London, Paris, Munich, Copenhagen