Jun 2006 - Present

Bachelor of Science

I will be graduating Fall of 2009 with my main course of study being in History, Bible and Communications.

Work experience

Work experience

Blog Contributor

Root & Madison, LLC.

Was in charge of ghost writing for the clients Root & Madison held to enhance their blog reads and overall SEO.

Sep 2008 - Present

Senior Blog Contributor

Click To Client

Daily posts in discussion of the newest and most up to date information technology that is being used to teach and educate children. Focusing on eBooks and marketing the uses and need for ebooks to partner with parents and educators to enhance reading in children ages 3-8 years of age. 



Multi-tasking Genius

Being that I am a full time mother of two very active boys, a full time student at a private university, a taxi, cook, maid and oh yeah, a writer my life is busy. But thanks to iPhone, portable wifi, and unlimited minutes I get the job done, on time, every time not just well but over and above well. 

Social Media

I am well versed in the tools of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and AIM. All these I have used to contact, communicate and formulate information vital to creating a high traffic blog. As most of my contacts and team leaders are out of state from me, these tools are essential to maintaining business.  Also knowledge of these tools are important aspects to making your traffic run. Plus, they are fun and a great conversation starter.


Basic knowledge of HTML, enough to support a blog and change what is needed as needed.

Video Editing

I have taken formal classes in editing video as well as creating video using Final Cut Pro. Also using sound and text to create and finalize a viral video as well as a scripted video.