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Work experience

May 2008May 2008

Data Input Assistant

EBV Elektronik


Sep 2009Jul 2012

1st Class Honours

Manchester Metropolitan University


Living in Germany for 12 years has enabled me to develop and enhance my German skills. 


I have recently graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Media, Culture and Society. I am incredibly dedicated with excellent communication and organizational skills. Having lived in Munich, Germany for twelve years prior to starting my degree, I am highly proficient in the language and experienced in working in an International environment. I am prepared to take risks and undergo various challenges in order to reach my goals


·Skiing - 14 years experience, A* in IGCSE skiing exam, developed confidence to take risks.

·Cycling –completed a well-known bike route consisting of 340km from Passau to Vienna.

·Volleyball – member of school volleyball team for two years, developing both competitive and team-working     skills.

·Dancing – took part in two musical productions, learned to dance and sing.

·Travelling - visited several countries around the world culminating in an awareness of the diversity between     various cultures.

·Took part in various group trips involving activities such as white water rafting, hiking, and rock climbing,          developing strong teamwork skills.

·Other - Cooking, Gym & Sport, Music & Concerts, Fashion & Beauty, Magazines, Current Affairs. 


Dr. John Scanlan

As well as being one of my sociology Lecturers, Dr. John Scanlan provided constructive feedback and assistance throughout the duration of my dissertation process.