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To work in a challenging environment  that will enable me to use my strong programming skills, organizational skills, educational background and ability to work well with people.


Online/Hybrid Course Developer
While working at Successlink and the Cooperating School District I was charged with creating online learning courses.  I have used a variety of platforms and find this to be a rewarding opportunity for both the teacher and the learner.  There are several practices that I feel are vital to a successful online course: ·        Build a community of learners.  The instructor must help the learners to feel like they are part of a classroom experience, even if they are not connected physically.  This can be done though taking time to get to know the learners, and also for the rest of the class to get to know the learners; voice chats (google hangouts, skype) and personal web pages.  The instructor should take time during each large group session and small group session for an informal time of sharing.  This may seem superfluous,  but it can have huge benefits for the learner and take away the anonymity of the internet.  ·        Set clear expectations for yourself as the teacher and for the learners.  This is the same in a face to face classroom as well as an online learning environment.  The students need to know how and when to reach you and how you will be evaluating them during the course.  ·        Differentiate instruction.  In any course your students will be at many different levels.  As the instructor, you must provide ample ways for each student to succeed.  This is best approached from a Problems- based learning situation where there may not be only one right answer, but a variety of ways to demonstrate learning. 
Project Management
I have an extensive background in project management and could not imagine and office running smoothly without it.  I have used several products (Basecamp, Action Method) and have found that all have their strengths and weaknesses, but will only work if the team using the tool finds it useful and not just another form to fill out or box to check.  It must have clear, concise goals, steps for reaching those goals, individual responsible and due dates.  The team must meet regularly to update the plan and keep it a live, working document. 
Manager/ Team Builder
I have managed teams since working at SuccessLink in 1997.  I learned so much from my mentor, Dr. Mark Yehle regarding this skill.  First and foremost is to know your team very well.  As a manager, it is necessary for one to look beyond stereotypical job labels to the abilities of a team member.  This is best explained by my experience with Julie.  Julie was not happy at work, and as her supervisor I took it as a challenge to get to know Julie and find out where her natural talents lie.  Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” calls this having the right seat on the bus.  My gut instinct told me that we did not have Julie in the right seat.  I started taking Julie with me to professional development events where I was the leader.  I soon found out that Julie was a natural.  I was elated!  I co-taught, coached and mentored her until she was ready to provide training on her own.  She is now quite successful and happy with her job.  I have not found anything yet as rewarding as “growing” an employee- nurturing them, guiding, coaching and helping them succeed. 
Web Programmer
I built my first professional website in 1996. I keep very current on trends in web design and uses.  I have extensive experience with HTML5, XHTML, Javascript and CSS and Adobe Creative Suite. I firmly believe in clean code- with the constant changes in web browsers it is vitally important to stay on top of the code so that the college’s website reflects well on the institution.  I am also comfortable in the use of responsive design.   I am comfortable using SQL Server database files and have become comfortable enough with PHP to read the programming, make necessary changes and troubleshoot problems.  I am also highly qualified in the area of website usability and information architecture, both skills I utilized during my time at K-State.   
Social Media Marketing
I have worked with schools and other businesses to address their needs and build a social media presence.  I have worked with them to create policies, define goals, and evaluate the effort.
Classroom Teacher
I began my educational career in the classroom and loved every moment of it.  I believe that teaching is an ever-evolving art form.  I had 2 student teachers during my time at Shepard Elementary school and worked hard with them to learn the art of teaching.  One must know the content you are teaching extremely well, so that you can pose questions and assess student understanding on "the fly". 
Technology Trainer
I have worked as a Technology Trainer for the last ten years.  I consider myself  thorough, patient and detailed in my training.  I always use a hands-on, job-embedded method of training and believe that nothing should be boring about a day with me!

Work experience

May 2000Present


Stacey Franks Consulting

For the past ten years I have also provided professional development to educators and small businesses in the area of technology.  I enjoy this type of environment where I have the flexibility to survey the participants before the training and find out their skill levels, then tailor make their experience based on their individual needs. 

  • Created, delivered and evaluated staff development
  • Maintained Personal Learning Networks
  • Created online course materials
  • Evaluated online course materials
  • Provided course reviews for online materials
Jul 2012Jun 2013

Digital Media Manager

Stephens College

As the Digital Media Manager I used my expertise in digital communications to ensure the college’s strategic goals were supported by effective tactics. I guided the selection the Content Management System that the college is implementing and met with colleges, divisions and departments to build “buy in” and guide the navigation of their website and content.  I was also charged with improving Search Engine Optimization and online ad campaigns; actively managed the college’s social media presence.   Part of my responsibilities were to identify and implement new trends in digital media, marketing and technology; and perform ongoing measurement and evaluation of the ROI of digital initiatives. 

Sep 2011Jun 2012

Marketing Technology Coordinator

Kansas State University

I was the Marketing Technology Coordinator for the Division of Communications and Marketing. My responsibilities included  searching  for new ideas and innovations in educational technology that could be useful for the University, leading the Social Media Council and provide training for staff on social media. I 

developed and maintained the social media dashboard for the University. 

I also analyzed social media statistics for decision making purposes

  • Improved the social media presence at the University
  • Led the Social Media Council
  • Performed a usability study for the University’s application for admission
  • Guided departments and divisions on implementation of the Content Management System
  • Maintained analytics for all sites in the CMS
  • Collaborated with marketing team to set campaign goals and evaluated those goals with google analytics
  • Implemented search engine optimization for division websites
  • Trained staff 
May 2008Jul 2009

Project Coordinator

Cooperating School Districts

While working for CSD I was charged with providing and evaluating professional development for educators.  I created the learning environments, provided the training, and evaluated student growth.  I found this very rewarding, especially when I was able to work side-by-side with the educators in their schools.  For many teachers, they needed to see "it" in action for the innovation to click for them.  For example, I would ask a teacher for a concept they would be teaching on the day I would be in their building.  I would then create a lesson using SMART Notebook and deliver it to her class, with the teacher assisting.  After the lesson we would talk about what I did, how the lesson was created and what impact the lesson had on the students.  Most teachers when they see the power of SMART Notebook with their own kids think "I can do that!". 


  • SMART Notebook 10
  • Star Discovery Educator
  • eMINTS Certified Trainer
  • Palm Certified Trainer
  • McRel Principal Connection Certified Trainer
  • Created, delivered and evaluated online courses. 
Jun 1997May 2008

Project Director


Working at SuccessLink was the most rewarding experience in my career thus far.  We started out as a grant project from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with 3 employees and grew the organization to be well known throughout the state for our quality professional development and innovations in education.  My travel was extensive, visiting most of the 354 public school districts in the State.  We built cooperative networks of educators and organizations; all of us working towards one goal: improving education in the State of Missouri 

  • Worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to obtain funding for state-wide project
  • Helped write the 2007-2011 Missouri State Educational  Technology  Plan
  • Provided Technology Professional Development
  • Coordinated 6 million dollar project.
  • Built and maintained websites with over 500,000 hits monthly.
  • Managed multi-state conference for 10 years.
  • Supervised staff of 5.
  • Trained two cadres of teachers with the Missouri METS project (Math, Engineering, and Science). 
  • Proficient with Probe ware and sensors
  • Provided Science Education professional development
Aug 1992May 1996

Classroom Teacher

Shepard Blvd Elementary School

While at Shepard Blvd Elementary School I taught second and third grades.  I was responsible for lesson plan preparation, teaching, assessment, and parent communication. 

Aug 1991May 1992

Classroom Teacher

East Elementary School

While at East Elementary School in Jefferson City I taught Kindergarten.  I was responsible  implementing Project Construct with my classroom and assessment of the students' learning. 


Aug 2004Aug 2006

Master of Education

University of Missouri-Columbia