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Stage and Performance Make-up
Design and application of stage and film beauty, SFX, and other types of make-up.
False Eye Fabrication
Creation of realistic false eyes, for use as props or eyes in scuptures/other.
Denture Fabrication
Fabrication of wearable in-mouth dentures.
UltraCal 30, Fiberglass, and Silicone.
Prop Construction
Blue Foam Sculpts, Kitbashing, Miniature sets, Vacuforming, and other various mediums of construction.
Prop detail painting
Chevaunt, WED Clay, Super Sculpey, Blue Foam, and Water-based Clays.
Prop Design
Specialization in Weaponry and Armors.


Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Prop Design and Fabrication

Sep 2009Sep 2010


National Amusements



I am a propmaker and designer from Millbury, Massachusetts. My work spans a vast amount of genres and designs, from stone-age implements, fantasy-style pieces, to sci-fi futuristic fantasies of today. My education has endowed me with top-of-the-line skills and techniques to be able to design and produce props of an amazing quality. With my vast knowledge of processes, techniques, and materials, I have produced a multitude of great props, ranging from miniature dioramas, amazing movie sets, to weapons and armor.


Music, film and television, video games, special effects, weapon and armor design, technology and sciences, art, and history are just a few of my interests.