• Computer programming
  • Web designing
  • Database
  • Working with softwares that ensures security in workspace


I am currently in my senior year of Software Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas and have successfully completed courses such as computer architecture, MIPS programming, and discrete mathematics. Also, I have taken a netwrok course which gave me hands-on experience with software that reduces the risks in work space. Along with this, I have extensive knowledge using eclipse.


To obtain a Co-op/Internship in Information Technology sector

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2009 - Present

Lab Assistant

University of Texas at Dallas
  • Assist students with hardware problems and software questions
  • Downloading different educational softwares
  • Computer imaging
  • PC testing
Jan 2009 - Present

Avid Tutor

Hendrick Middle school
  • Assist students with math, science and history questions
May 2006 - Dec 2008

Lab Assistant
  • Assist students with lab assignments and computer related questions





Security softwares

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Oracle Database


Java programming