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  • To develop lifetime relationships with the clients and affiliates of Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • To convey Blue Cross Blue Shield's mission statement of quality through different forms of media including traditional and digital methods
  • Research and provide input as to what clients of Blue Cross Blue Shield seek and will find high quality in


I am a professional student from the University of Michigan (Dearborn) who is majoring in Marketing (December 2012) and will get a Writing Certification (May 2012) with an English Minor (December 2011).

At my last job, I was hired in seasonal but promoted to a permanent position because of my hard working nature and determination to learn and be ahead. I was also rewarded a Letter of Recommendation from the Dean of the University of Michigan (Dearborn) for my hard work at my last internship.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is the perfect place to start a career with many opportunities for individuals who seek them.  With me, you will get a responsible, punctual, knowledgeable professional young woman who is ready to start her career with utmost optimism and dedication. 


Speaking Punjabi and Hindi
 I have six years of quick and friendly customer service skills previous employers. I have a Customer Service Index Survey from Best Buy which shows customers responses to my service. I have been recognized by previous employers for my attitude and willingness to help out when needed.  Developed a heightened sense of urgency and how to balance several situations/projects at the same time.  Taken various computer courses and proficient with Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and HTML. As a Home Office Specialist, I have developed useful computer skills through Certifications.   Fluent in two different languages: Punjabi and Hindi.

Documentation of Professionalism

Work experience

eCities Student Researcher

University of Michigan (Dearborn)
  • Collecting and inputting data about communities to develop a better comprehension of Economic Development throughout the state of Michigan.
  • Calling Managers, Mayors and government officials to collect data and gather input on how to better our survey for communities.
  • If the community declined to complete the survey, it was my responsibility to figure out why and how we can change their opinion in the future.
  • Market the eCities program to as many different communities as possible.
Sep 2009Sep 2011

Home Office Specialist

Best Buy Corporation
  • Understood and reached out to customers using the Best Buy EPIC and TRUST models to develop relationships and loyalty to our store.Answered questions that customers have about Best Buy and computer services we have to offer to ensure the customer leaves satisfied and aware of all Best Buy has to offer in technical services.
  • Completed tasks assigned by Best Buy in terms of training certifications, Action Centers, Opening and Closing responsibilities in a timely manner. I was originally hired in as seasonal. After the holiday season, my manager promoted me to permanent part time due to my work ethic and hard work.  
  • I got many CSI (customer service index) comments from customers that spoke well of me which also landed me another promotion to Home Office from Digital Imaging.
May 2004Oct 2008

Cashier, cook, pre managerial duties

Multi King Corporation (Burger King)
  • Making sure the food is cooked before it goes out, assuring customer satisfaction with our speed score, stocking up cups, condiments, and cartons, address customer complaints, and train new hires.
  • I was trusted to watch the restaurant and handle urgent situations when managers took breaks.
  • I could also count down the drawers and I was trusted by management with their passwords and codes.


Sep 2009Present

Bachelor of Marketing with English Minor and Writing Certification

University of Michigan (Dearborn)
  • English Minor December 2010
  • Writing Certification May 2012
  • American Marketing Association at University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • Politics Club