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Work experience

K&G Men's Company, Inc. /The Men's Wearhouse (Atlanta, GA)                                  2001 - 2008

Vice President of Operations & Information Technology (2001-2008)

Responsible for directing the planning and implementation of enterprise IT systems in support of business operations in order to improve cost effectiveness, service, quality and business development.

  • Led the implementation of a data warehouse and business intelligence tool that enabled the gathering of raw data that provided the merchants with actionable information to better manage inventory thus saving the company over $300K a year
  • Led the integration of multiple company acquisitions into a single operational and technological infrastructure resulting in a bottom line savings of over 8% of the operating costs for fiscal year 2000
  • Directed the development of short and long-term strategies, designed to accomplish the operational and financial objectives of the business
  • Determined the priorities for the allocation of departmental resources
  • Established and maintained effective relationships with other business divisions, corporate executives and business partners
  • Oversaw the company's security, Reporting accuracy and disaster recovery processes
  • Reviewed workload and staffing requirements to include hiring, training, evaluating and administering compensation
  • Implemented a full suite of retail applications to support all functional areas of the business (merchandising, operations and finance)
  • Managed a full staff of network administrators, database administrators, support staff, application specialists and outside consultants.

Chief Information Officer & SVP Store Operations

Responsible for leading the IT organization in integrating information technology into the  Business strategy, influencing the use of technology to improve business performance, and  Delivering and supporting needed information and systems across the organization.


Vice President of Operations and Information Systems

Responsible for Management Information Systems and Store Operations as well as Demographic Analysis, Site Selection, store construction, management recruiting, traffic and store logistics.


Director Management Information Systems at K&G Mens Center

Responsible for Management Information Systems and Store Operations as well as Demographic Analysis, Site Selection, store construction, management recruiting, traffic and store logistics


B.A., Psychology

University of Georgia School of Arts & Sciences

Master of Science in Management

Georgia State University School of Business Administration

 Graduated with Honors and a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society


Articulating the IT Maxim
Instill into the organization that:   IT is part of the business and can not be separated from the business. IT should and must be managed as a business. IT must be challenged to be more creative and more innovative. IT executives must be masters of change by creating teams that are nimble and ready to pounce on the ever changing requirements of the business.  
Doing More with Less
Advising companies on how to leverage technology in order that it delivers greater value to the business while improving business processes and remaining cost efficient.
Integrating IT into the Business Strategy
  Integrating information technology into the business strategy, influencing the use of technology to improve business performance, and delivering and supporting needed information and systems across the organization.    
Strategic Orientation
Focus on long term thinking and leveraging business awareness within the technology organization thus bringing about the evolution of technology beyond managing data and into creating actionable business intelligence models that enable new business capabilities.
Bridging the Gap Between Technology and the Business
Defining technology’s role in forming businesses strategy while creating effective and efficient business processes and establishing business process ownership across the organization.   Delivering Intuitive technology and business solutions that function as business drivers and enable innovation across the enterprise. 


Senior Technology Executive with 18 years of experience leading the corporate-wide information technology vision for a national apparel retailer with 105 store locations and gross sales exceeding $500 million dollars annually. A decisive executive with a unique combination of leadership experience in both technology and operations. Key strengths include:  Leadership, Business Acumen, Strategic Planning, Budget Creation/Execution and Building High Performance Teams.

  • 18 years of experience directing and overseeing the corporate-wide information technology vision for a $300M nationwide apparel retailer with 105 stores.
  • 19 years of retail experience serving in multiple capacities (Vice President of Operations & Information Technology to Chief Information Officer).
  • Extensive experience in driving innovation inside the enterprise and to customers and partners.
  • Strong background leading the IT and operations side of organization growing from 2 stores to 105 stores to include an initial and two secondary public offerings, multiple acquisitions and a merger with a $1.4B men's retailer.
  • Identified new technologies to make the business more competitive.
  • Extensive experience executing retail expansion strategies that include demographic analysis, site selection, store design, store construction and store operations.
  • Expertise in ERP solutions as well as Best of Breed applications and in-house developed programs.
  • Highly proficient at working with all functional areas of the business to identify the needs and to facilitate the use of technology to meet the needs of the business.

Core Competency and Background Experience

Selection of ERP Systems that integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single system that can serve the different departments’ particular needs:

  • Defining the business requirements for each functional area as well as the entire organization.
  • Creating clear and concise Requests for Quotes (RFQ's) and interviewing suitable software vendors
  • Negotiating vendor liscense and support agreements, cleearly defining requirements, responsibility and accountability.

Best of Breed Application Selection and integration with current host systems:

  • Identify business needs that are outside the realm of what the current technology can provide and conduct the necessary research for internal and/or third party tools that can fill those gaps in the most effective and cost efficient manner.

Business Process Alignment:

  • Analyze the current business process and determine which processes need to be retired as they no longer support the business in the context with which they were created.
  • Determine the points of failure in each process and re-evaluate those that can be reduced thus minimizing the risk of business interuptions.
  • Align all processes so that each action taken is designed to achieve a specific result.

Turning Data into Actionable Information:

  • Identify and assemble data from multiple system sources and isolate the correlations and relationships in said data.
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that provide a foundation for the development of detailed reporting yielding both exception and proactive decision trees that create or control a situation by causing something to happen rather then reactiing to something that has already happened.


National Retail Federation

American Management Association

Technology Association of Georgia

Jr. Board of Camp Twin Lakes

National Brain Tumor Society

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society