Samantha Sullivan

Samantha Sullivan


Aug 2011 - Present

Bachelors of Science

The University of Alabama

Long Term Goals

My long term goals are to one day achieve a career in the Nutrition field and to be able to assist others in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Table of Contents

1.Work Philosophy

2. Education

3. Short Term Goals

4. Long Term Goals

5. Community Service

6. Organizations and Activities

Work Philosophy

I became interested in Nutrition because being healthy and helping others live in good health is a part of everyday life; although it is sometimes overlooked. I believe that reaching out to others and assisting them in sustaining a balanced diet is by far one of the most important aspects of human life.

Community Service

  • Mentored a student at a local elementary school (2011-present)

Short Term Goals

My short term goals are to obtain as much information as possible that pertains to Nutrition and Food and to succeed in earning a bachelor's degree in Nutrition.

Organizations and Activities

  • Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma (2011-present)