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Engineering management professional with five years of rich and diverse  experience, solid technical skills, and business acumen, looking for challenging opportunities in product/solution development consulting

Work experience

Sep 2017Present

Consulting Architect (Pro Bono)

Reap Benefit

With Reap Benefit, I'm involved in architecting a one stop visualiser for neighbourhood data: from governance data to civic-environmental issues. This map-based visualiser is designed to curate multivarious data from different sources - both Governmental and private including crowd-sourced data from IoT devices, and help users understand the relation of one of the variables with respect to others - eg air quality with respect to traffic, water quality, availability or non-availability of garbage disposal mechanisms, traffic data with respect to potholes, etc. The solution makes heavy use of React/Redux, Open Street Maps and various data structures and algorithms to deliver the said functionalities.

Apr 2016Present

Founder - Director

Erlang Dreams (OPC) Private Limited, Madurai, TN, India

Micro-, medium- and small-scale industries contribute considerably towards India's economy - roughly over 37% of the total GDP, and are the prime drivers of the nation's exports - roughly over 44% of the total exports.

At present though, technological advances have not reached these industries in India due to various reasons including the cost of implementation, divide due to linguistic diversity in the subcontinent, etc. The business I am in the process of setting up currently, Erlang Dreams, strives to narrow the digital divide by taking one step at a time.

Our team of embedded developers is currently working on a solution - MyShopFloor.App, a SaaS product, that enables digitalization of bookkeeping in industries by unleashing the potential of Internet of Things. In future versions, we are planning to integrate ERP with production environment cutting delays in total turnaround time, improving efficiency and assisting shopfloor managers - and business owners alike, in making data-driven decisions.


Apart from our flagship product MyShopFloor.App, we also take up projects in Embedded System Design, Machine Learning, and Analytics. Our end-clients include Tata - Hitachi Construction Machinery, Dharward for whom we implemented a GSM-based Supply Chain Management Solution, Tescom, Electronic City, Bangalore  - an EMS company for whom we developed Automated Test Suites.

Mar 2016Apr 2016


Wakra Labs, Doha, Qatar

Representing Infinitum Global Solutions, Princeton, NJ, USA, as a consultant to their partner in Qatar, Wakra Lab, I was trusted with the task of winning a contract for the latter with the Qatar Investment Authority - one of the largest sovereign funds in the World. The Enterprise Content Management-related contract was awarded to Wakra Labs after building confidence with the QIA for a couple of weeks. 

During this time, as an organizational restructuring, Ministry of Communication and Technology was merged with Ministry of Transportation to form Ministry of Transportation and Communication. The merger also had consequences relating to changing existing processes and technology that enabled management and presentation of information associated with the ministries, the organizations they governed and the services they provided. On behalf of Wakra Labs, I evaluated the design considerations of the solution that MoTC would implement, taking into account the National Information Assurance Policy of Qatar, presented the findings to the MoTC officials and the Minister himself.

Jun 2015Feb 2016

Chief Technology Officer/Co-founder

Twinspert LLP/Twinspert Research, Bengaluru, KA, India

Twinspert, in a joint venture with Infinitum Global Solutions - a Princeton-based staffing firm, developed a one-stop solution for staffing firms. The product is a suite that offers all of applicant tracking, client relationship management, accounting and human resources management capabilities in one. As the CTO of an early stage startup, I wore more than one hat: of a Project Manager, a Solution Architect, a Business Analyst and a Developer. In a span of less than nine months, we were able to bring together a team of ten people, architect the solution, develop and deliver the first version of the product. 

During this time, I also co-founded a hardware product-based startup, Twinspert Research Private Limited, with the founders of Twinspert LLP. The research company was also shortlisted for the alpha entrance to SurgeConf - Indian version of the Web Summit, for its ground-breaking innovation relating to bikers' safety. Owing to circumstantial reasons, the venture did not kick off and the company is currently defunct.

Jan 2015May 2015

Freelance Developer

vUnity, Los Angeles, CA, USA

vUnity, USA has been striving to provide superfast broadband service to businesses while keeping the costs affordable. As a part of its R&D, the organization had set up a global team of three - a network engineer from Poland, a kernel developer from Korea and myself, playing the role of a Linux device driver developer, to design and develop World's first modular networking device that uses MPTCP-based protocol stack replacing the TCP/IP protocol stack. This project was of keen interest to Google as the research was in line with the goals of Google's Project Fi. The project was also funded in part by an executive from the search engine behemoth.

Dec 2012Feb 2015

Telecommunication Engineer

Ericsson India, Kolkata/NOIDA/Bengaluru, India

With the Swedish telecommunications giant, Ericsson, I had the opportunity to serve in various capacities: from starting off as a Graduate Engineer Trainee, taking up heavier responsibilities as an Intelligent-Network Engineer in charge of the upgrade and maintenance of Charging System for Airtel in Sub-Saharan Africa, being responsible for quality of optical lines laid for backhaul of CDMA traffic on behalf of Sprint, USA, to ending the stint as Project Support Officer for the Western Central European Region.

Ericsson, apart from developing cutting-edge telecommunication equipment, offers product-related services and managed services. At Ericsson, customer projects follow PROPS-C, an adaptation of in-house PROPS standard. Customer Project Managers (CPMs) come from diverse backgrounds including PMI, PRINCE2, etc. At project office, the challenge is to align the CPMs to adhere to PROPS-C standard. As a project support officer, my role was to develop necessary tools in Microsoft SharePoint, and processes to collect and curate data from various sources and make sense of it.