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A Linguistics and Communications student with a knack for Customer Service from three solid years of work experience. Independent as well as a team player who is motivated to perform in a challenging and dynamic work environment

Work experience

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Metropolis at Metrotown

Seasonal Sales Representative

Spreading the company's idea of living a toxic-free life through genuine passion and effective communication.

Knowing customer journey, complex product knowledge, and ethics of the brand.

Meeting daily sales and maintaining the RTP consistently

Jun 2014Aug 2015

Opa Souvelaki Restaurant , Queensborough Outlet Mall

Customer Service Coordinator

Working in a team of four-five in a fast, dynamic, and challenging work environment to keep the business running on a daily basis.

Maintaining a healthy relation with catering clients and daily customers face to face and over face.

Dealing with customer complaints and issues in a sympathetic yet professional manner, thereby keeping the relations intact.

Reporting daily sales to the Manager and organizing the transactions record documents.

Jan 2014Apr 2015

Business Leadership Club, Simon Fraser Student Society


Organizing and Controlling all the activities of the club on a daily basis to keep the club running.

Communicating with the club members and executives face to face and over phone to update them on the club activities.

Being the spokesperson on behalf of the club at events and seminars to spread club motives and ideas.

Developing content for club marketing on social media sites

Jun 2014Jul 2014

Academy One learning, Downtown Vancouver

Marketing Representative/researcher  

Conducting marketing research throughout the greater Vancouver area through face to face

Interacting with customers and clients from different educational and professional background and maintain customer relations

Pivotal to the public's impression of the company

Aug 2013Dec 2013

Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinator

Managing Digital marketing department by developing, editing, and posting content related to club events and seminars

Creating and forwarding club emails and responding to member's suggestions, concerns and complaints.

Apr 2012Aug 2012

Fraser International College, BC

Orientation Leader

Face to Face interaction with the college students in handling their personal and academic related enquiries

Building team through healthy communication and daily events organized on a regular basis

Taking the new students on a campus tour and helping them adjust to a new environment through communication and support


Apr 2013Dec 2017

Linguistics and Communications

Simon Fraser University

Bachelor's Degree


Arts and Communications

Fraser International College

College Diploma


Technical Writing

Experienced Academic writer in APA and MLA formats

Computer skills

Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya


Outgoing, Outspoken, empathetic


Face to Face, Social Media, Business to Business


Multilingual with an expertise in three languages: English, Hindi and Punjabi

Customer service

Interpersonal skills

Professional Associations

- SASS Council Representative, Simon Fraser Student Society (Fall 2015)

- Event Organizer at Linguistic Student Union, Simon Fraser University (Fall 2015)



Played at SFU Volleyball Intramural, Fall 2015

State Level Player Volleyball, New Delhi, 2009

District Level, 2007