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Lead Developer at Coextrix Technologies


8 years 9 months of experience in Software Design and Development

Full stack web developer (UI and Services Development, and DevOps), like something new and challenging, never get tired of learning and improvising, always explore new and better ways of doing whatever I am doing…

Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Java, Servlet, JSP, Struts, GWT, Play framework, Jersey RESTful Web Services, JDBC, Google Guice, AOP, JUnit, Mockito,  Javascript, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Sinon.JS, Chai.js (BDD / TDD assertion library), Jasmine (BDD library), HTML5, CSS, Less.js, Opscode Chef, Git, Jenkins, Unix

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Lead Developer

Coextrix Technologies Private Limited

  • Responsible for providing Architecture and Design as a part of proof of concept for one of the new Product related to downstream of the oil and gas industry
  • Responsible for Design and Development of Managed API User Guide Portal using AngularJS
  • Integrated UserIQ Net Promoter Score Survey to some of the products to get the user feedback on the Product/Features.
  • Responsible for providing Architecture, Design, and Implementing a proof of concept for integrating with RFID devices and building Web Application using AngularJS and REST Service using Play Frameworks
  • Responsible for Design and Development of Excel Add-in using C#
  • Responsible for setting up Jenkins to build, publish and release the Excel Add-in Office Solution by Using ClickOnce
Mar 2012Jul 2015

Senior Developer

Coextrix Technologies Private Limited
  • Coordinate onshore-offshore activities with the team
  • Developed web services using Play framework (Java/Scala) to read data from ODS, Elasticsearch, AWS S3, etc
  • Developed a maildir email processing cron job service
  • Developed reusable widgets and features using Javascript libraries
  • Responsible for providing design, POC and implementation of reusable components / features / services using Test Driven Development
  • Quickly Fixing Defects and development of feature enhancements in various products
  • Configured Policy Enforcement Reverse Proxy server using Nginx and Lua that helps the requests to proxy pass to the respective micro-services based on authorization
  • Worked on configuring/maintaining Opscode Chef cookbooks/roles/environments in Ruby to deploy Play Framework services, Elasticsearch, Nginx, Apache, HAproxy, and Varnish Cache on the AWS EC2 nodes and Vagrant
  • Responsible for Monitoring and debugging services at Opscode Chef nodes using customized healthcheck, datadog, papertrail, hipchat
Mar 2010Feb 2012


Coextrix Technologies Private Limited
  • Developed reusable widgets and features using GWT and JFreeChart
  • Responsible for fixing defects and developing feature enhancements in various products
  • Used multi-threading to crop images, achieved enhanced performance and fine tuned code to increase throughput
  • Dependency Injection, AOP using Google Guice, Used Guice Servlet Extensions, Struts 2 - Guice (AOP) Integration. Implemented custom integration of Struts 1 with Guice's AOP
  • Performed Stress Testing of cron jobs using custom multi-threaded stress testing utility, monitoring JVM using jstat tool to analyze performance statistics and tuning Java Performance
  • Code review, Re-factoring code to achieve improved code quality
  • Developed an utility to export Jasper Reports that was used by different projects with different technology stack like PHP, Ruby, etc
  • Mentor team of Jasper Reports developers
Jan 2008Feb 2010

Software Engineer

Deciphar Life Sciences, bigtec Private Limited
  • LIMS Product demonstrations for various prospects and customers, and also for the internal product reviews
  • Guided three projects through all phases of development as architect and developer
  • Requirement gathering, performing feasibility study, preparing requirement specifications and performing gap analysis and impact analysis
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Object Oriented Design - Designing Use cases diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams
  • Responsible for design and development of a J2EE [Struts, Spring JDBC] based web application product.
  • Mentored team of Java developers
  • Release management and setting up hudson (now Jenkins) continuous integration and the build process
  • Responsible for deployment, training end-users, customer support activities
  • Responsible to migrate modules from Struts 1 to Stuts 2, also from JDBC to Spring JDBC.
Jul 2007Dec 2007

Software Engineer Trainee

Software Solution Unit, bigtec Private Limited
  • Solely responsible for the technical aspects (like maintaining, developing and manual testing) of a pre-existing LIMS product, a J2EE Application [Struts 1.0, JDBC]. 
  • Migrated the entire application's reports written in Crystal reports to Jasper Reports
  • Responsible for requirement gathering, analyzing the requirements, preparing the use case model and estimating the design and development schedule.
  • Successfully completed the load testing project using LoadRunner started during my Internship, by locating the code flaws for the frequent crash of the application.
  • Prepared case studies on web testing for corporate and public training purpose.
Nov 2006Jun 2007


bigtec Private Limited
  1. Cheque Printing - In-house Project: Developed a Cheque Printing Macro using Microsoft Excel VBA which was used rigorously at least for 2 years.
  2. Knowledge Management System - Academic Project: Developed a web application for a file storage infrastructure to store and search files related to the projects handled by the company using Servlets, JSP, Java.
  3. HIS (Hospital Information Management) - Product: Involved in load testing using HP Loadrunner to understand the performance issues of a product called HIS, a J2EE application. My role was to understand the entire product and prepare the test design, and analyze work load, simulate virtual users and scenarios and finally analyze the load test result graphs and also debugged the application to pinpoint the problem.

Open-source projects 



Master of Computer Applications

City College, Bangalore University

Computer Science and Applications


Honors Diploma in Space Sciences

St. Joseph's College, Bangalore in collaboration with Indian Space Research Organization, Bangalore

Under guidance of

  1. Prof. G. Srinivasan of Raman Research Institute, Bangalore and 
  2. Dr. P Sreekumar, currently the Director, Indian Institute of Astrophysics and Chief Scientist of the Instruments that will be used in Chandrayaan's mission, ISRO

Bachelor of Sciences

St. Joseph's College, Bangalore University

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Work Permit

Having USA B1/B2 VISA valid upto Oct 2020


English – Fluent

Kannada – Native

Hindi – Fluent

Personal Information

Citizenship - Indian

Gender - Male

Father's Name - Jaganath Rao

Date of Birth - 06 May 1983