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To begin my teaching career at a well-liked and well-reputed institute/high school and to achieve good progress in my career through all my best subject knowledge and great teaching efforts.


* A passion about the teaching field with a great teaching aptitude
* Excellent ability to reach to the target students knowledge grasping level and implement     appropriate teaching methods and techniques
* Thorough knowledge of the subject to be taught and its background
* Great fluency in spoken English and command over comprehension
* Knowledge of utilizing all the modern teaching aids appropriately and effectively
* Proficiency in handling computer aided tools and the web platform
* Uncommon ability to create quick interests among the students about the subject
* Knowledge of common student's psychology and high concern regarding the problems they face in the learning process
* Follows high standard of personal and work ethics.



Master of Education

St. Ann's College of Education, Secunderabad
Optional Subject: Inclusive Education

Bachelor of Education

Andhra Mahila Sabha College of Teacher Education
Methodologies: Social Studies, English

Master of Business Administration

Villa Marie College
Major subject: Human Resource Management
Minor subject: Finance

Bachelor of Commerce

St. Francis' College for Women, Begumpet
Specialised in Marketing and Computer Science

ISC, 12th class

Nasr School
Accountancy, Economics, Commerce, Business Studies

ICSE, 10th class

The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet



Student Teacher 

Madapati Hanumantha Rao Government Girls School
• Facilitated learning of Social Studies  for 8th and 9th class students using student-centered lessons and activities
• Established acceptable classroom behavior guide with students’ comments to minimize future class room management issues
• Discussed students’ learning improvement and behavior in class with parents during the parent-teacher meeting 
• Utilized many student-centered learning techniques, including demonstrations,  model building etc.
• Created activities that show the relationship between civics concepts and everyday life to engage and motivate students
• Modified curriculum for a English Language Learner and various Special Education Students in the regular education classroom by  translating the concepts in student’s native language or by explaining the concepts in various simpler steps
• Tutored students before, during, and after school
• Volunteered for the school's annual day function


Interactive Field Experience

AMS P. Obul Reddy Public School 
• Observed regular English and social studies classes to better understand students’ needs, implemented various activities and observed various classroom management techniques
• Gained experience on various teaching methods by observing two teachers working with English and social studies classes
•  Observed use of Smart Boards in social studies and English courses.
• Participated in abacus training, and guided students to use this resource available to them.
• Collaborated with teachers during a seminar on how to integrate affective grouping strategies in class.


* Participated and won several Debate & Quiz competitions at school & college level.
* Won 1st Prize in Dance competition at college during the course of M.ed.
* Created an online courseware on Inclusive Education.
* Presented Paper on the topic ‘Effectiveness of innovative instructional methods to impart Human Rights Education to student teachers' at college.
* Certificate course in Human Rights.
* Certificate course in Communicative English.


Pencil sketching
Reading ancient literature
Art and Craft


Date of Birth: 23-4-1990
Languages known: English, Hindi, Telugu
Marital status: Single
Address: 10-4-771/A, Masab Tank, Hyderabad