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Work experience

Aug 2007May 2008


Chaney Trucking

Drove a belly dump truck.  Hauling rock and gravel, etc. to locations to assist in building roads and pads for oil rig locations.  Maintaining time sheets, DOT logs, bill of ladens, pre-trip and post trip reports.

Jun 2006Aug 2007


Circle M Welding Services

Drove a transport and vaccum truck for the oilfield.  Various duties consisting of maintenance of vehicle, hauling various liquids needed for oil rigs and reverse units to operate and to disposals as needed.  Loading and unloading of frac tanks.  Maintaining paperwork such as pre-trip and post trip reports, bill of ladens, time sheets, DOT log and also maintaining all safety requirements.  Also briefly reponsible for being a truck pusher and assigning other drivers to various jobsites upon request of various companies.

Apr 2006Jun 2006

Correctional Officer

W. Dalby Giles Correctional Center

Maintaining safety and security of federally housed inmates.  Duties consisted of overseeing all security level inmates from minimum to maximum security, record logging, housing of inmates, conducting inventory of inmates property, cell searches, confiscation and disposal of contraband within facility, conducting counts and assigning work detail for inmates.

Mar 2005Apr 2006


Drove transport truck hauling liquids to various locations for oil rigs and reverse rig units.  Loading and unloading frac tanks, delivering water to various pipeline companies,  Keeping DOT logs, time sheets, bill of ladens, pre-trip and post trip reports, etc.

Sep 2000Oct 2004

Sergeant of Corrections

Oklahoma Departmen of Corrections

Responsible for effectively running different housing units ranging from all security levels such as high maximum, maximum, medium and minimum.  Supervisory decisions made in emergency situations, ensuring adequate training of lower ranking officers of policies and procedures, placement of inmates in Segregated Housing for disciplinary action, protective custody, suicide watches, death row and high profile,effectively overseeing daily operations of unit activities such as, feeding, clothing, free time, educational testing, bloodline, pill line, special visits with attorneys, maintaining accurate counts,searches, unit and institutional shakedowns, strip and pat searches, initiation of crime scene in emergency situations, proper communication skills both verbal and report writing, emergency responses.  Experiences continue in the processing and discharging of inmates in and out of the prison system.  Duty responsiblities such as taking photo's of inmates and fingerprinting on Live Scan machine that communicates and prints directly to the Oklahom state Bureau of Investigations and the Federal bureau of Investigations.  Also, issuing of photo id's to inmates for verification purposes.  And also, setting up multiple transport runs, such as gather up of inmates for scheduled runs and assinging officers to transport inmates to court, hospital, funeral, bus station (for discharging inmates), maintaining proper radio communications, accurate logging of all traffic and individuals entering and leaving the institution for whatever reason, and finally monitoring every day activities in controlled environment within and outside the institution.

Oct 1999Sep 2000

Correctional Officer

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Started career with Oklahoma D.O.C. at Mabel Bassett Correctional Center as a Cadet.  Was assigned to various posts daily.  Worked housing units, dining hall, transportation, institutional shakedowns, lock downs, visitaion, infirmary, yard (compound) officer, searches (cells, pat, strip), vehicle inspections, urinalysis testing, gate officer, central control, key control, perimeter, log officer, etc.  Was promoted in ten months from start date upon the request of higher ranking administartion supervisors to the rank of Sergeant and transferred to Lexington Assessment and Reception Center / Lexington Correctional Center approximately one month later.


I am a 40 year old female who has been very fortunate to have not had to work in the past couple of years.  But due to the recession and economy situation, I am now having to re-enter the workforce.  I am looking to find a supervisory position if at all possible due to that being a substantial amount of my working experience.  But I do not wish to limit myself to that.  I am more than willing to start at the bottom and work my way up.  Besides the positions listed in my work history, I have also been a secretary for a heating and air conditioning company and an electric company.  Also I have worked in the bookkeeping department of a bank.  And finally, I have worked as a nurses aide in a nursing home, where I also became certified.  As you will see, I also have my Class A CDL to possibly fall back on and am able to work in just about any security positions also.  So in closing, I feel that I could be a real asset to any agency or company that affords me the opportunity to become employed with them and I can ensure the fact that I would do my absolute best to prove myself worthy of the position. 




To obtain gainful employment and to be able to support myself.


To explain the laps of unemployment time from Oct. 2004 to March of 2005, I was relocating from Oklahoma back to my home state of Texas.  I was trying to get hired back on with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Department, but  was unable to do so promptly so I had to fall back on my Class A CDL to get work.  And for the laps of time from May 2008, I had been very fortunate to not have to work up until now due to the recession and economy situation.  And now I am seeking gainful employment again. 


Sep 1983May 1987


Abilene High School

While getting my general studies, I also took a class of business law and office management.


Class A CDL Driver
As you can see I have worked a several trucking companies and drove OTR for a brief time.  Also completed truck driving school training.
I have clerical experience from working within the correctional systems and I also have worked as secretary and clerical worker for such companies as a heating and air conditioning company, and an electrical company and at a bank.
I was a supervisor for a little over four years with the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections.


High School Diploma

Abilene High School

Truck Driver Development Course Certificate

Action Career Training

Correctional Officer On-the-job Training Course

Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Institutional Division

Correctional Officer Pre-Service Part 1 Certificate-Staff Development Division

Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Institutional Division

Loyal and Dedicated Service Certificate

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Dedicated Public Service Certificate

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Oklahoma Correctional Officer Pre-Service Training

Wilburton Training Academy