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• Full stack developer with over 5 years of experience building varied systems in .NET, Python, Java, Matlab and other technologies.

• Designed and built multiple complex, scalable and distributed software systems using agile development practices like Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration etc.

• Have experience using multiple languages, tools & Frameworks across various paradigms and problem domains, and always ready to acquire new skills/methodologies which offer improvements over existing ones.

• Quality-driven and customer focused with proven analytical, and problem-solving abilities.

• Machine Learning & Big Data enthusiast with understanding of various ML algorithms and libraries like Numpy, scikit-learn and Hadoop.

Work History

Aug 2014Present

Application Developer : Assortment Recommendation


• Working on the development of an Assortment Optimization application which optimizes the product assortment of a store by running simulations which scores/ranks different assortments by its effect on the Revenue / Volume and other key metrics

• Used multiple tools and technologies like Python, C#, Celery, RabbitMQ, WCF, Postgres, SQLAlchemy, JavaScript, ReactJs etc for the development of the application, and Matlab for the core engine which performs the simulation by Constrained Optimization through Local search with Heuristic scoring utilizing Matlab's high performant vector computations.

• Used HTML/Javascript for the web app, Celery for the asynchronous task handling, Python for backend services, Postgres & SQL Server for the database and Matlab for the engine along with other tools.

• Developed tools for the ETL of data into a star schema data model which supported a variable data shape.

Feb 2012July 2014

Application Developer : Rail ticketing system


• Worked on the development of a leading retail rail ticketing system with multiple endpoints (Mobile / Website) using C# .Net, ASP, WCF Web services , NServiceBus, SQL Server, Oracle etc

• Built features along multiple aspects of the system which handles millions of transactions : Web Services ,Web site, mobile services endpoint, Payment gateway & Journey Search Services integration etc

• Wrote NAnt & Shell scripts to automate the build and deployment of components.

Jan 2011Feb 2012

Software Developer : Hadoop HDFS

Huawei Technologies India

• Developer in Distributed Computing project.
• Worked on developing multiple features on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) like High Availability for the Namenode using Zookeeper / Linux HA etc
• Wrote multithreaded, server code in Java handling the persistance & flow of data across the multiple components of HDFS.
• Contributed to Apache HDFS OpenSource



Bachelor Of Technology In Computer Science

Cochin University (College of Engineering, Kidangoor, Kottayam, India)

Grade : 75% 


Higher Secondary

Central Board of Secondary Education (St.Antony's Public School, India)

Grade : 88%


High School

Central Board of Secondary Education 

Grade : 86% 



C#,  Python,  Java, Javascript, Matlab, Shell Scripting, SQL, HTML


Object Oriented Design, Test Driven Development, Unit Testing, Design Patterns, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration


SQlAlchemy, NHibernate, JUnit, NUnit, Numpy, Ant,NAnt, ReactJs


.Net, Flask, Hadoop, ASP


Visual Studio, PyCharm, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox, Matlab Compiler, Git, Npm, Webpack


Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle


Celery, NServiceBus, RabbitMQ, Docker, Vagrant, Nginx,  IIS