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1. Playing Cricket and Volleyball



To work as a full-time towards adding value to organization in terms of efficiency, effectiveness by making use of existing core competencies of the company.


- Three Years of Professional Experience as Oracle PL/SQL Developer

- Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

My proven track record includes experience in writing packages, stored procedures and database triggers using SQL and PL/SQL in Oracle. I am proficient in creating Materialized views in Data warehousing environment and expertise in handling errors and performance Tuning. I have gained knowledge in both the electrical and the computers sciences with my major program in Engineering Science at the LSU. I have obtained my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering with an outstanding average of 78% in India. I have gained a lot of knowledge about Organization management during my part time job at JES, a manufacturing company of Inverters and UPS systems in India during my Bachelor degree, and hope that this would be of a great help for me at your work.

My career as an Oracle Developer started at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Louisiana,, where I played a major role in maintaining the details of students, their corresponding schedules and maintaining the database for fast and efficient reference as part of my work as Graduate Assistant in University Laboratory school, Baton rouge, Louisiana.

After the Graduation, got trained in Oracle Applications for 5 months and completed Oracle certifications. During this training gained strong knowledge across different modules of oracle applications including

  • Oracle Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Order Management
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

Proficient in developing Forms and Reports using Oracle Forms6i, Discoverer and XML Publisher.

My biggest asset is a Positive Attitude towards the business situation along with strong dedication, good work ethic, teamwork skills that make me a motivated and dynamic problem solver in today's IT operations including hardware, software, development, Validation, Testing, production support, strategic planning and technology implementation.

Work experience

Jan 2007Dec 2008

PL/SQL Developer (Graduate Assistant)

University Laboratory School

The project involves maintaining the details of students, their corresponding schedules with their tutors and mentors and providing for authorized staff to schedule tutoring and mentoring appointments to students as well as cancelling appointments. All details of the courses, majors and Professors of the students were also maintained in the database for fast and efficient reference.

My Responsibilities involved development, maintenance, troubleshooting of the project. Involved in creation of the schema, stored procedures, packages, triggers, creating roles and granting privileges to the staff and the student.


  •  Implementation, Maintenance and Trouble shooting of the project
  •  Created schema (tables, indexes, views, sequences, synonyms, roles, packages), grant roles to users
  •  Developed Stored Program Units in the Form of Packages, Functions, Triggers and Procedures for implementing the database intensive business rules
  •  Used various forms of control structures including CASE, DECODE, IF-THEN-ELSE, FOR loops, WHILE loops while developing procedures
  •  Used composite data types like %ROWTYPE and %TYPE
  •  Used the advanced features of PL/SQL like Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL
  •  Managing tables (Standard and Raw), indexes (Tree and Functional), constraints, views sequences, synonyms and stored program units
  •  Maintained the data integrity and security using integrity constraints and database triggers
  •  Written PL SQL cursors for transaction processing
  •  Implemented triggers based on the business rules
  •  Worked extensively on exception handling, to trouble-shoot PL/SQL code
  •  Granting privileges on schema objects for other users to be able to share content
  •  Extensive use to data dictionary tables to manage schema objects

Environment: Windows 2003 Advanced Server, Windows XP, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, SQL Loader

May 2005Dec 2006

Oracle Pl/sql Developer

JES, Inc. is a fast growing manufacturing industry of electrical goods like Inverters and UPS systems. My tenure started with the migration of the data from their previous legacy system to Oracle. In this project I got a lot of expousre in working with Large Object Data(LOB), trouble shooting performance issues, creating indexes and analysing for the purpose of the performance tuning etc.


  •  Designed module wise Oracle 8.0 database structure and its implementation on the client server
  •  Developed tables, views, stored procedures, functions, and user-defined data types
  •  Created table structures along with the triggers, indexes like bitmap and function based indexes
  •  Monitored indexes and analyzed their status for performance tuning and query optimization
  •  Maintained the data integrity and security using constraints and database triggers
  •  Involved in programming database triggers for automatically updating the tables and views
  •  Used various forms of control structures including CASE, DECODE, IF-THEN-ELSE, FOR loops, WHILE loops while developing procedures
  •  Implemented table partitioning and sub-partitioning to improve performance and data management
  •  Troubleshoot performance issues within packages and stored procedures using explain plan and DBMS_OUTPUT
  •  Responsible for tuning the application with the help of team members & Oracle support
  •  Improved the query performance using better joins and hints appropriately
  •  Developed packages, procedures and functions for complex reports
  •  Used SQL*Loader for loading the data into the tables from files
  •  Documented the whole process flow, PL/SQL packages, locations and descriptions, and possible error messages

Environment: Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Sun Solaris 2.6, SQL loader, UNIX



Java, .net, VB Script


Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle Corporation

Oracle Certified Associate

Oracle Corporation