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Multifaceted engineer with experience in system integration, system engineering, data center design and operations, software design and development, network design and implementation.  Spearhead special projects that contribute to major contract wins, significant financial returns, and overall customer satisfaction.  The one who gets the jobs no one else can do.

Work experience

Oct 1987Present

Systems Architect

Northrop Grumman

Next Generation ABIS Project.  Responsible for implementation of software deployment tools (IBM Remote Deployment Manager), asset management systems (Altiris), and system and security monitoring (NetIQ AppManager and Security Manager).  Developed target architectures, installation procedures, and onsite configuration.  Participated in the system wide security hardening that resulted in successful accreditation of the system.

Defense Group Technology and Engineering Center.  Designed and implemented a deployable demo system used for one of the major proposals taking into consideration unique power and cooling restrictions.  System was successfully deployed twice in support of the customer proposal evaluation and received the highest possible rating. Developed data grid prototype as a technology proof of concept for a proposal.  Developed hardware architectures and bills of material for several proposals and was responsible for implementation of multiple SOA products in the BICC lab.

Business Integration Competency Center (BICC).  Helped established and manage the BICC.  Responsible for the concept, design, and implementation of the BICC facility datacenter, demo room, and work room.  Served as manager of the BICC lab and leader of the BICC operations team (six members).  Duties included coordination, installation, and configuration of hardware and software and development of prototypes to demonstrate the capabilities of the center.  Also involved in storage area networks, content/records management, high-availability architectures, Internet2, and e-forms.

U.S Army Human Resources Command - Personnel Electronic Records Management (PERMS) Project.  As software development manager,  managed staff of developers to maintain and enhance the PERMS system including new web service interfaces for external users.  Provided technical input into the architecture of the new PERMS system, including the design of the LDAP interface and cache with AKO.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office SETA Contract - Distributed Computing Architecture Framework (DCAF).  Technical lead responsible for definition and validation of the J2EE target architecture for USPTO.  Defined and guided development of prototypes used to highlight the features of the J2EE framework.  Documented designs in the UML.  Demonstrated cross platform capabilities of Java.  Co-authored and edited several white papers related to DCAF, including the functional and performance test results, prototyping results, and development guidelines.  Provided guidance in the use of the J2EE framework to support new and existing systems, including development of high-level architectures.

USPTO Internet Web Architecture (IWA).  Technical lead and key developer of the application-level filtering proxy server.  Customized a version of Linux so that it can boot from a CD-ROM and run in memory only (no hard disk required).  Secured the version of Linux to minimize security vulnerabilities.  Developed a HTTP filter program in Perl.  The combination of the filtering software and Linux running on x86 based computers was thoroughly tested by security specialists and found to be secure.  Co-authored white paper documenting design and test results and presented to the USPTO security working group.

USPTO Pre-Grant Publication System (PGPubs).  Supported requirements definition for the new PGPubs system. Also assisted in the development of the High-Level Architecture. Developed and managed requirements database using MS Access and Perl scripts (using ODBC) for data load and report generation.

USPTO Classification System and Image Retrieval (CSIR).  Technical lead responsible for hardware system design, retrieval software development, and deployment of CSIR data warehouse system. Team leader of information retrieval group, weekly issue load group, and integration test team. Responsibilities include coordination of the hardware architecture incorporating HP-UX servers with EMC SAN storage, running Oracle 8 and Netscape Enterprise Server (NES) 4.0, developing retrieval software to interface NES 4.0 to Oracle 8 using Server-Side JavaScript, coordinating and manage deployment of the production system, and coordinated the integration tests and acceptance tests of the system. Also responsible for installation, configuration, support, and maintenance of the CSIR development environment. System is currently in production with 3.5 TB of image data online, 3 GB of data added weekly, and 1.5 millions pages retrieved per day.

USPTO - Patent Image Capture System (PICS).  Technical lead and section manager responsible for hardware system design and deployment of PICS.  Team leader of operations group.  Responsibilities included coordination of the hardware architecture required by the COTS software package, determining if the hardware met the performance requirements, coordinating and managing deployment of the production system.  Also responsible for installation, configuration, support, and maintenance of the PICS development environment.

USPTO Web Interface Prototype.  Provided consulting support for implementation of the web interface that can be used to access patent image data.  Support included developing the user interface in HTML and mentoring other developers in the implementation of CGI programs.  Developed the basic CGI program that other developers used to implement the prototype system.  The prototype system was well received by management and the customer.

USPTO Pre-Grant Publications (PGPub) System.  Systems Engineer responsible for the hardware systems design of the PGPub System.  Team leader of the architecture, procurement, and operations groups.   Responsibilities include coordination of the hardware architecture required by the ViewStar software package, determining if the hardware would meet the performance requirements, specifying the hardware and managing hardware and software acquisitions.   Also responsible for installation, configuration, support and maintenance of the PGPub development environment.

Intelligence Information Systems.  On-site at DIA Headquarters, Bolling AFB.   Software Engineer developed a portion of the AIRES Lifetime Extension project.   Position involved requirements review and software prototype development in C.

On-site at the Joint Analysts Center (JAC) at RAF Molesworth.  Technical representative for the US European Command (EUCOM) Intelligence Support System.  Provided system administration, integration, and engineering support and system administration training.   Also provided engineering support for US EUCOM in Stuttgart, Germany.

On-site at Headquarter US EUCOM, Stuttgart, Germany.  Member of the implementation team for EUCOM's Intelligence Support System (EISS).  Task manager of the workstation software development, system maintenance, and remote site installation tasks.  Also responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of the LAN/WAN, workstations, and file servers.   Accelerated installation of the system by six months in preparation for Operation Desert Storm.  Also designed and deployed remote systems for use by special forces during Operation Desert Storm.  Responsible for design and installation documentation.

Biometric Security Systems.  Responsible for the functional design and prototyping of a biometric based access control system for workstations at the NMIC.  Development was done in C under DOS and XENIX.

Apr 1997Oct 1998

Systems Administrator/Software Developer

Erols Internet/RCN Corp.

Developed and managed Erols on-line sales systems that resulting in $1.4M in sales/$700K in profit in the first eight months of operation.  This included development of CGI programs in Perl that users could use to place orders, interfacing with the provisioning system for order tracking, and developing software to process and fulfill orders.

Responsible for the design and implementation of the new web-hosting hardware and software architecture.  This included working with marketing to identify features to offer for web hosting customers, evaluating hardware and software for web hosting use, and preparing a business case to justify the capital expense.  Developed web-based software that would automate the configuration and maintenance of the web-hosting systems.

Also responsible for the maintaining Erols user web servers.   These servers used to support all 325,000 of Erols personal users and 70,000 business customers.  Evaluated new hardware for the NFS RAID Server, procured, and deployed it.  Provided 24-hour on-call technical support for all of the web systems.

Jun 1993Jun 1995

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer responsible for the design and implementation of the WarBreaker real-time simulation system for the Defence Advance Research Projects Administration which included Sun and Silicon Graphics workstations and servers to support real-time, virtual reality war games simulations over a wide-area network.  Designed security implementation including custom hardware and software which allowed the system to operate at different security levels.  Also provided hardware support during the installation of the War Breaker Command Center.


Aug 1981May 1985

Bachelor of Science

Case Western Reserve Univeristy

Top Secret/SCI