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Technology Road mapping and implementation
Multivariate & Cluster Analysis
Predictive Modeling-SAS
Patent Landscape and Analysis

Personal Details

Date of Birth                :  15-08-1982

Sex                                 :  Male

Languages Known     :  English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada.

Passport                       :  Details on request.

Marital Status              :  Unmarried.

Permanent Address   :   MPII- 1297,

Prasanna Bhavanam, Pongumoodu,


Title        : Credit Risk Analysis & Credit Scoring of Ujjain Micro Finance Customers

Place     :  Ujjivan Microfinance.

Duration: March-2013 to June-2013.


With recession effects not fading away soon there is expected to be a serious impact for the banking industry in general and micro finance in particular. Customer Profiling becomes significant. With rise in defaulters it is all the more important to understand the profile of customers and the behavioural pattern of customers to come up with a credit score for each customers.


To build a Statistical Model to find key indicators (Leading & Lagging) of a defaulter and to assign a probability score for each applicant based on their attributes. These probability scores will act in assessing an applicant’s Credit Risk. Using the Credit Risk scores as a reference, Ujjain Micro Financecan release loans in caution or can use these scores to identify potential defaulters prior in hand and make necessary arrangements to follow up with these potentially high risk applicants. The model will also help in understanding the customer and product profiles.

Title         : Strategic Road-Mapping in the workflow process & Balance scorecard.

Place      : Anna University & Phoenix Technologies. Pvt. Ltd.

Duration: 4 Months (1st April 2009 to 31st July 2009).


The Phoenixx Technologies Used to do Data Entry to various clients. The documents from the document pools are downloaded and taken printouts and given to the employees for data entry. Certain Documents contain sub-documents and also with huge contents unknowingly few of these documents would miss out and remain stagnate for a long time, which causes an SLA violation, negative financial impact, and Quality & Production issue. It is difficult to find out each document that has been missed before as it’s time consuming as well as a difficult one. 


In order to solve this problem, a new Technology Road-Map was designed. A SQL query was implemented in the work process and pulled out the documents in an Excel and distributed to the employees.

Work experience

May 2010Jul 2012

Clinical Coding Specialist

Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Managed various multinational trials of different Therapeutic area.

Co-ordinated and supervision of all trials for a particular Therapeutic Area (IHC). Collect information on all insource and outsourced trials, depending on the volume of the trials and work load, assign work to all global coders and monitor them till they are locked.

Discuss with the Clinical Trial Lead, CTH, Medical Writer’s, CRA & SAS Programmers regarding the preparation of VAP, Trial specific queries, Data flow and Confidentiality.

As the pilot team in India, prepared various Flow charts based upon the SOP’s for reference.

Prepared the Metrics sheet for collecting the statistical data’s.

Feb 2007May 2010

Medical Encoder

Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

As the pilot member of the site mastered each stages of Clinical Data Management, starting from Designing of CRF, Scanning of Investigator report (CRF’s), Data entry to reporting of data’s to SAS programmers.

As the Senior Coder; mentored and trained the new members of the team.

Worked as Acting-TL with all the management responsibilities.

Responsible for daily, weekly, monthly updates on Coding Quality and Study status.

Maintain and monitor the SLA target level, quality and the error percentage of the team.

Used to prepare flowcharts, pie-diagrams and daily status of the team and project it on monthly and quarterly forms.

Used SQL-queries to pull out the terms from OC. This helped to share the terms equally to the team also to find the supply for the day, to find the work done and backlog of the day.


Sep 2005Oct 2006

Quality Contoller cum Microbiologist

Vivek Laboratory

Was responsible for the Internal & External Quality Control of the lab.

Used to cross check the Procedures and handling of technicians in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Serology and Clinical Pathology Departments.

Had to prepare SOP’s and train them on respective departments starting from; Reception-entry of samples to delivery of reports to the concern patients.

Responsible for analyzing & ordering Bio-chemicals required for the laboratory testing’s based on cost benefit analysis.


Jul 2012Jul 2013

Executive Educational Program

Apr 2007Oct 2009


Anna University Distance Education
Apr 2003Oct 2005


AMC College