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Three years after graduation from Boston University School of Law, I have yet to practice white-bread law. Making business law and specifically the LLC with its flexible tax structure and protection combo my professional focus, has effectually swept me up in the world of the entrepreneur. The LLC is the most amazing vehicle within which to build a business. Building a businesses, whether mine or other peoples' is the most amazing experience of my least it is a close second to the business of building a family.

I have basically done three different types of work, and these three types of work seem to compliment my two different types of education. My three different types of work are:1) Project Management: 2) Business Development:3) Marketing:

I have found that you need a passion and project management has filled that void. At Western Wats and Trinacle LC I have had the wonderful experience of bringing ideas and concepts to life. Trinacle and Peak Freedom have been wonderful opportunities for me to build my business development skills where I have been able to seek partners for strategic alliances, raise capital, and manage employees. When Winsor Law Firm and Anderson Business Advisors hired Peak Freedom to market and build their firms, I was horrified. Both situations seemed monumental. Looking back, the successes I had were monumental. I gave over 60 speeches for Anderson Business Advisors pushing their products and services. With Winsor Law Firm, I was able to secure partnerships with two of Phoenix's largest employee associations.

All in all, it has been a great ride. The psychology and legal educations have been wonderful compliments to my professional experiences. I look forward to more business building and spending a lot of quality time with my wife Ashleigh and two boys!

Work experience

Project Manager / Client Liaison

Developed and implemented market research projects. Coordinated and managed phone center and web administrator tasks to meet client expectations.

  • IVR & Web Design:  Helped develop IVR and Web survey projects.  This was very new technology and novel approaches to market research.  First learned to code while to maintain IVR project.
  • Project Management:Managed survey implementation and data collection coordinating phone centers and web survey administrators to ensure client expectations were met.
  • Project Relay: Interpolated data and created reports for easier understanding of meaning of data
  • Project Retention:  Guided large IVR project through primary vendor change while overhauling code to match new vendor needs.  

Owner / President

Trinacle LC

Designed, developed and implemented the sophisticated web application STARTright in under one year. STARTright will be released in June of 2008 to help business owners understand and create limited liability companies. The application uses .net 3.0 and WPF technologies to create a highly interactive wizard with 3D modeled performance support videos.

  • Architectural Design:  Project architectural development through UML modeling at ever-increasing levels of specificity including database modeling and layout, class and API design. 
  • Graphic & UI Design:  Designed all product concepts including the form and flow between the Start-To Purchase web design, customer portal and the application UI.  Coded the HTML for the site.
  • Development Team Management:  Balanced programmers skill levels and strengths to synthesize team effort and provide solutions during entire project life cycle.   Continually found solutions to adjust product to meet technology demands and programming parameters keeping product robust and on schedule.
  • Quality & Assurance:  Executed a robust and circular Q&A process through development, alpha stages and eventually focus group-tested Beta stages.  
  • Media Production: Wrote the scripts and story-boarded all 10 videos with simulated graphical content and movement.  Guided 3D contractor through precise implementation.   Recorded, edited and polished audio of the hired voice.  Converted .mov files into FlashVideo files designing the over all look and feel for the .swf files.  
  • Administrative Tasks:  Performed all bookkeeping, payroll (monthly, quarterly and annual filings), and tax tasks using Quickbooks Pro 2007.   Hired and released programmers, designers, independent contractors and partnering directors to maintain a steady flow of production without wasting resources.
  • Business Development:Developed business and marketing plan with strategy for Trinacle LC,  securing just under $100,000 of investment money from angel investors.
  • SEO & Web 2.0 Optimization: Creating a network of Web 2.0 content to optimize  Currently creating and implementing other SEO concepts.  The project was just finished.
Nov 2005Jul 2007

Owner & Lead Consultant

Peak Freedom LLC

Promoted the products services and developed business partnerships for two law firms as an independent marketing contractor and legal consultant.  Sat for and passed both the North Carolina and Arizona legal bars. 

  • Marketing: Developed and implemented a large scale marketing plan for the large Mesa based firm including sitting as the chairman of the marketing committee. 
  • Business Development:  Secured partnerships with multiple organizations, including two of the largest employer associations in Phoenix for the Mesa firm.  
  • Public Speaking:  Gave over 60 speeches in 18 different states as a legal consultant to promote and sell the products and services of the Anderson Business Advisors, a business law firm in Washington state.


Sep 2002May 2005

Juris Doctorate

Boston University
Sep 1999Dec 2001